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Helping The Pit Bull Breed Through Advocacy & Education is an advocacy project dedicated to educating people about the lies and truths about pit bull breed dogs. This project was started by NJ Photographer Jill Caren in 2011 and works on bringing the true stories of pit bulls and their families to the world.

As the mom of (2) adopted pit bulls I know first hand how wonderful they are, their disposition with both adults and children, their unique personalities and what truly makes them special.

Through education and stories that tug at the heart strings I  hope to make you see why I have fallen in love with this special but most misrepresented breed of dog.  Real stories and real images from real families with pit bulls as pets are the in the Stories area. Read stories of mean dogs gone good and pitties who have overcome brutality at the hands of people to become loving and adoring family pets. You will also find a Resources section which will help you find pit bull related services and products – from insurance providers to specialty items like clothes and collars.

I have loved animals since I was a little girl – my passion for photography came not too much later, combining the two I have filled a need to not only make people smile but to create a way I can give back through education, donations and charitable work.

Pitbullography is the name I have given to this photo journalistic project. It will entail a variety of aspects in the future including an educational book for children, a coffee table book, photo cards and more. Pitbullography is a biography of pit bulls throughout the country and my goal is to immerse the stories  throughout the mainstream so we can work on changing perceptions.

Pitbullography sessions will take place throughout the year – you can learn more about the project and get information about the dates and requirements at