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Finally! A real article on the thoughts of “dangerous dogs”.


Finally a great article that clarifies the number of dog bites versus the population of the breed! An article that seems to be unbiased and accurately reported – that is quite a change!

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Mixed Breed or Pit Bull? Take The Test!


Do you think you can tell a pit bull from other breeds? Take this fun test to see what you know! You may be surprised!

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The Pit Bull Blues

Nothing to say other than this may very well be the best damn video I have ever seen on Youtube! Thank you to John Shipe!

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Beyond the Myth – now on Netflix

I am so excited that they have finally added this film to the Netflix website! I am watching it right now and am so excited!!!  You do need a subscription to Netflix, but you can sign up for a free

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Ending Breed Discrimination Presentation – Cathy Rosenthal

A great read! For tips on how to speak to the media about Pit Bulls and prevent them from getting bad press, check out Cathy Rosenthal’s PowerPoint presentation Ending Breed Discrimination Against Pit Bull Terrier Type Dogs from last year’s

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Thank you Kaley Cuoco!

WONDERFUlL video of Kaley Cuoco’s pitbull breed dog enjoying a dip in the jacuzzi. This is part of a wonderful interview that was done by Ellen Degeneres. Kaley is the wonderful owner of 3 rescued pit bulls and I think

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National Pit Bull Awareness Day!


If you have ever wondered why Pit Bull owners so immensely defend their breed or if you have been curious what a Pit Bull can really be like outside of what you hear in the newspaper – then you must

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Best Pit Bull Facts & Myths Visual EVER!


This image represents the truth behind the Pit Bull myths and lies that exist in the world. Those of us who are around pit bulls, work with pit bulls and advocate for them know with all certainty how wonderful these

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No Words Needed!

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Reading A Dog’s Body Language

Reading Dogs Body Language

This is why there are so many dog bites – by dogs of ALL breeds, because we humans can be pretty dumb in reading a dogs mood. Just like humans, dogs give off signs that they want to be left

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