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The Pit Bull Blues

Nothing to say other than this may very well be the best damn video I have ever seen on Youtube! Thank you to John Shipe!

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Thank you Kaley Cuoco!

WONDERFUlL video of Kaley Cuoco’s pitbull breed dog enjoying a dip in the jacuzzi. This is part of a wonderful interview that was done by Ellen Degeneres. Kaley is the wonderful owner of 3 rescued pit bulls and I think

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A Post Where No Words Are Needed!

The video says it all! Thanks to the Animal Farm Foundation.

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Nala – For Adoption With A Video of Her Rescue

So who is the vicious one? The pitbull sitting in that ditch scared of human touch – or the person who made her that way. This is clearly not an animal that is aggressive by nature! Nala is looking for

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A Video Of The TRUE Pitbull Spirit

I absolutely positively LOVE this. This is how a pitbull is when raised in a LOVING and CARING home. This will bring a smile to your face!

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