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National Pit Bull Awareness Day!

If you have ever wondered why Pit Bull owners so immensely defend their breed or if you have been curious what a Pit Bull can really be like outside of what you hear in the newspaper – then you must come out an d participate in National Pit Bull Awareness day!

October 27, 2012 is a day that will celebrate, educate and inspire change about our bully breed friends. All over the country there will be groups coming together to help elicit positive communication about our bullies and show people the love, loyalty and plain old goofiness that this loveable breed can offer any family.

National Pit Bull Awareness Day offers a full list of all the great events that will be taking place all over the US – all are listed by state. I hope you will take the time and visit one of these fun events to learn more and possibly fall in love with your new best friends.

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