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Pit Bulls As Nanny Dogs? Surprise! Surprise!

Well, this is no surprise to those of us that love and know the breed, of course. But to those that have been tainted by the media I am sure you will be surprised to know that for a long time our bully breed buddies were used as “nanny dogs” because they are just that great with children! Pitbulls and kids are a great combination!


The same dogs who are now labeled as aggressive, mean and killers were once highly respected family members that were used as babysitters. Why do they make such great Nanny’s you wonder? Because they are loyal, compassionate, gentle (yes, really they are) and are great protectors and companions.


YES! Pit bulls are good with children! The media may have you believe otherwise, but the history of this breed proves that in a loving, caring home – they will be your best friend. Of course – as with ANY dog around children you should use caution. Pit bulls are an exuberant and energetic breed who sometimes forget how strong they are and have been known to knock down a child or two during play.


They think they are lap dogs and I would be lying if I say the tail wag doesn’t hurt sometimes! But a happy waggy butt is what out pit bull friends are all about. Remember, any dog should be supervised with children – dogs have no way to tell us when they have had enough except for a growl or a gentle bite…and most children will not understand those cues – it is up to the adult to keep the home safe!


I know this first hand as my daughter arrived when my pittie sisters were one year old. Two pit bulls, one baby and never a problem.  Ten years later – they are all like sisters, truly a beautiful relationship.


Hellen Keller and Laura Ingalls Wilder owned pit bulls and Petey from the Little Rascals was a pit bull (who knew?).


Here are a few great images from days gone by!


History of the Pit BullPit Bull as a Nanny DogPitbull and kids

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