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What is it?

A Pit Bull photography project created by NJ Photographer, Jill Caren, to help educate and convince the skeptics that Pit Bull breeds can be good pets! I hope to try and dispel the myths that have been created, mostly by the media that they are born killers and fighters through a variety of stories and images.

“Pitbullography” will be a collection of real life stories, true facts and wonderful imagery about pit bull breed dogs that will be profiled here on Goodpit, online in various outlets and some stories/images will also become part of a published coffee table book, educational book for children and other products in the future.

How will the project help the breed?

The main purpose of the project is to bring awareness to the general public using beautiful imagery and heart warming stories to engage the reader. The hope is that the positive stories and interactions will help the general public start to understand the stigma that the media and hate mongers have unfairly placed on the breed.  With the help of a public relations person we look forward to getting the project out to the public so we hope for some great press coverage and more importantly widespread education!

How can I support the project?
If you want to help make Pitbullography a true success story, here are some ways you can help!

  • tell your friends (especially those that are afraid of pit bulls!)
  • fan Goodpit on Facebook – then tell more friends
  • contact your local pit bull rescue to have them reach out to us so we can work with them
  • apply for one of our local photography sessions in your area to be a part of the project
  • get a group of pit bulls together and contact me and we will see about scheduling a special session in your area!

The 2014 Pitbullography Sessions will be announced soon!

Join Us!

Do you have a great story for our project? Do you have a pittie that has beat the odds and is a remarkable pet? We want to hear from you! We may contact you to have a session or we may use your story online, but either way – you will be helping us spread the “Goodpit Word”!

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please enter details about your pittie - age(s), names, where adopted from and any details about their past that you think makes them an exceptional story for our project!

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