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Jake and Kane

My name is Kane – and I am going to share my story with you! I am about 3 years old and came to live with my mom and dad as a foster doggie after a legal battle about who can have me. Not too much later they introduced another dog into MY HOME – its name was Jake – I didn’t like him and I made sure my mom and dad knew it. They told me to be nice, that Jake, who is about my age was found on the side road with a horrible leg injury and had to have part of his hip bone removed, but I did not care.

These were my parents and I wasn’t sharing with “it”, I was going to make “it” leave – or so I thought. There was already 2 other dogs in the house, I was the baby and it was staying that way. Yep, I would make him go away.Mom and dad spent a lot of time with me. They kept me and Jake apart a lot and only let us be together in short spurts. Finally I just came to realize if I wanted to stay and not be looked up all the time I had to be nice – so nice I was. It wasn’t easy – I hated having other dogs around, after all I am top dog. It took a long time – but I think I have taught Jake who is boss and now we live together and I make believe I really like him and I know he loves me.

Mom and dad also have 4 year old Lola who is something called an English Mastiff – I don’t mess with her too much because she is a lot bigger than me, but Jake likes to tease her. Then there is also my best buddy – Spencer. He is 15 years old and an Italian Greyhound (I asked our Pitbullographer Jill to put him first in the slideshow gallery to show how much I love him!) – I respect and care for him because he is my elder. I am a lucky dog with a great family. I know they love me because they took the time to help me see what being a loving dog is like.

Licks and Waggy Butts to Mom and Dad!

Love, Kane