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Max (AKA Midnight)

Max (AKA as Midnight)

Unfortunately, the shelter that took me in does not know much about me. The shelter heard about me from a rescue group that likes to help pitbulls and they said they would take me in. I was supposed to be on my way to animal control in NYC and I heard lots of whispers that that would be a bad place for me and that bad things happen there so the nice people at the shelter in NJ said they would take me so nothing bad would happen.

I was scared – very scared. I did not like anybody and was very very mean to them. They did not know my background so they did not know why I was so mean, but I started scaring everyone away until they put me in a room where I was by myself a lot because so many people were afraid of me. I barked, I growled and I was mad at everyone and did not trust anybody or anything. I was a sad, angry, lonely puppy. I stayed at the shelter a really long time because they did not know what to do with me. They could not help me find a new home because I was not nice. They did not want to put me to sleep because then they would be sad.

One day – after a whole year in the shelter a big scary man came up to my cage – his name was Mike. I did not like him, but he did not care. He spent a lot of time with me at the shelter – and I started to like him. He treated me good. He showed me what it was like to get good attention. He taught me new things. I was starting to feel better. I think Mike fell in love with me because the next thing I know after a few months of him spending time with me at the shelter – he came in his car and took me for a long ride – to his HOUSE. I had my own house – and my own person!!!!!! And he changed my name to Max, he thought a new start needed a new name, I liked that.

It was a cool pad he created in his garage – it was just for me since he did not think I was ready to hang with the rest of his pack yet.

He worked with me a LOT more and I loved every minute of it. He petted me, played with me and taught me some really great manners. Slowly he let me begin to play with his pack. They were nice dogs and now I love them. I have been at Mike’s almost 3 months now and feel like a whole new dog. I trust people – I learned I love to swim – I like meeting new people and I do not growl or get angry anymore – and I love playing with my furry family. Mike told me my digs were only temporary and that someday he would find me my forever home with a family as great as his – and I trust him, so I know I will get a great home.

My old life seems like a life time ago and I have tried to forget my past. I am a lucky dog. I had a lot of great friends rooting for me and I did not want to let them down. A lot of people thought I would never be a nice dog – I proved them wrong. I hear lots of people say I am a good pittie role model since I went from being so mean to being so nice.

I will be ready for my new home soon – so if you think I am handsome and want to meet me you can leave a message here and the folks at Goodpit will get in touch with you. (I like the girl at Goodpit – she took my pictures, and I think she was afraid of me at first (I did growl at her a few weeks before, so I can see why she was afraid), but by the time we were done, she was my best buddy, I did not want her to leave and I think she loves me know!).

Oh, and because I am proud of my water abilities and love to show off – here is a video of my showing off – I really hope I get a family who loves the water like I do!

Love, Max  (the black pittie in all the pictures in the gallery…but I wanted to show off my whole family!)
Goodpit owner, Jill Carens notes:

Mike is the owner of Bullys Behaven - dog training for more difficult dog problems. He is located in NJ, and I can HIGHLY recommend him. The transformation he has made with Max has been amazing. I had met Max previously, and even I was a little intimidated by him – OK a lot intimidated… our session, I felt 100% comfortable with Max – it was BEAUTIFUL to see him happy and having fun with people and animals….if you are in NJ and are having problems, Mike is the man!