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Top Ten Reasons Why You Can’t Trust Pit Bulls

Top Ten Reasons Why You Can’t Trust Pit BullsPit Bull As A Pet

10. They will steal your spot on the couch while you are up getting a soda.
9. They will take the treat you give them and bury in the back yard… like they’re paranoid about something!
8. They will jump on your bed with muddy feet. Making you do the laundry… again!
7. They will lick visitors with an uncontrolled passion only they understand.
6. They will cause children to SMILE.
5. They will make you feel horrible for not walking them by looking at you with deep sad eyes.
4. They will look at you like you committed a crime against them if you don’t let them lick your ice cream bowl.
3. They will cause wide spread happiness in large group settings.
2. They will crack you up by shaking their butts so hard you think they are going to snap in half.
1. They will steal your heart like a thief in the night, showing you complete and pure love that only a Pit Bull can show.

If you know or own a pit bull – we know you can relate to this list prepared by – Jason Mann! To know a pit bull is to love a pit bull!

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706 comments on “Top Ten Reasons Why You Can’t Trust Pit Bulls
  1. adventck says:

    11. they’re always sleep so close to you, or flat out steal your bed

    • mouse says:

      Our Pitt bull is 4 years old we had 2 old English sheepdogs but our pit bull is awesome. She the best birth control we ever had….she sleeps between us every night ..most kind and gentle dog we ever had…

    • gdiamond says:

      That is my girl…a king size bed and she manages to leave me less than half

      • kelly says:

        This is my Rickee to a tee! I also have a king size bed and i sleep on about 1 foot of it!! Also i thought she was the only dog that wiggles her butt so hard its gonna break off?

    • marisajune says:

      I was attack by one when I was young and yet its the only dog I have ever own. Their awesome . Any dog can attack someone, saying thats why you hate them is basically saying you think humans are disgusting and all that nonsense. Close minded human beings are the ones causing more drama then the actual “pit bulls”

      • jordanbosh says:

        You have an amazing quality of forgiveness not a lot of ppl have any more. I truly admire you for that and I know your dog is blessed to have someone who can love them unconditionaly

      • coudricka says:


      • Shonna says:

        I’m sorry I disagree with you on the last comment that you made. If any dog attacks and mauls or kills someone they need to be put down. That is a behavior that is beyond just a bite. But I agree with all your other comments. A bite could just be accidental or out of fear and in that case you must work hard with a dog that bites out of fear. However I believe as I said earlier that any breed can do the same damage. Pitts are not the only breed. Any animal is like humans they can be born crazy. But for the most part they are more like children, they learn what they live. I don’t believe that any breed is bad I just think that some dogs can be bad seeds or be taught incorrect behavior. I was mauled by a lab but I don’t fear dogs or labs. I love dogs. When training to become a vet tech I took animal behavioral classes. Last point…. I think that attacks by Pitts are more widely acknowledged and put in the media.

    • Jessie says:

      I was recently bitten for the first time in 35 years.(I am 40),and was raised with GSDs,that’s what I was bitten by(not one of mine).I’ve also owned Staffies and never have I been bitten or in fear for my children’s safety with either breed.People told me the dog that bit me should be destroyed,I have to needs to be properly trained and socialized.Both breeds are working dogs,they need jobs!Just like people.I feel for the victims of maulings and attacks but think the owners of these dogs need to be punished more harshly notthe dogs.It is of no fault of their own that their owners didn’t educate them better!

      • Dan B says:

        Dogs don’t go to school to be educated. You train them best that you can which falls on human consistency. What you can’t protect against is instinct and what these dogs were created and bred for… Mostly protection and to guard property. NEVER leave any of these breeds alone with anyone younger or smaller that doesn’t fully understand this instinct. Nothing to do with the dog just common sense humans who do not understand can trigger instinct that can be harmful or deadly. Kinda like politics – don’t waste time trying to convince because it’s not education \ training that triggers this instinct. It’s in their blood and can happen !

    • bob vela says:

      100% about stealing whole bed lol

    • Don't_Trust_These_dogs says:

      I’m a dog lover, and I’m almost always loved by dogs. The only exception in my life has been with pit bulls. I have been attacked three times in my life by a dog …. And every time it was a pit bull. Nite, before all you pit apologists busy out with that tired old mantra “Owner’s fault” … I have dealt with MANY dogs with crappy owners (some neglected, or abused, often left unsupervised, and etc.), and never once was I attacked! This strikes me as a remarkable coincidence, especially since out of all my dog encounters throughout my 45 years, only a small fraction have been with pit bulls, and yet, this is the breed that has attacked me THREE TIMES!! The only reason I’m still alive is due to my quick reflexes (bit on the face my first attack …. The pit was going for my throat, but I jumped back just in time and got away with just a split lip), and the fact that, when inspired, I can run pretty damned fast! So if what so many pit apologists say is true, then I must be the unluckiest SON in town! So no, I believe these are dangerous animals, regardless who owns them. They are also ugly (and not in a cute, pug dog sort of way), and mean looking …. Almost any other breed looks better than these animals! Like all dog breeds, pits are a creation of breeding …. In this case, we created an ugly creature with a much higher level of lethal danger than other breeds … It is time to bed them out of existence. I’m not saying we should destroy the existing pits …. But they should all be spayed and neutered … Within fifteen years or so the problem will be gone, then you pit lovers can start owning normal dogs that don’t scare most normal people around you (news flash, most of the people you know who don’t act scared are doing just that … acting!)

    • Chamaine says:

      my babies are thieves..absolutely stole my heart!!!

    • lisa reynolds says:

      I am the proud parent of a bull mastiff, a pit, 2 dauschunds, a pekingnese and a maltipoo. My 2 biggies, as I call them, are the gentle giants of the house. My 2 daushunds are aggressors and run things around here. I feel for anyone who has ever been attacked by a pit, but it is so close-minded to hate the breed because of bad owners. Humans kill people… are all humans to be classified as a menace because of a few? Ignorance is contagious…. educate yourselves people!!

    • Andrea says:

      This is so accurate!

    • jimmy says:

      I have an Akita. The best breed in the world. My girl loves a just about everybody. I don’t mind pit bulls even after my girl was attacked by one. My Akita, Zoe, pinned the pit bull until it submitted. After that, the pit bull was fine.

    • joseph lafrance says:

      Mine does all the time

    • john says:

      My Ruby is an adopted chocolate lab and red pit mix,as a puppy she looked like a lab and as she matures she favors pit,she does everything on the list but add, drives my wife crazy then climbs in my lap to hide! They are great dogs to know one is to love one!

    • kelly says:

      Yes every time I move she moves! Flat against my back!

  2. yeahnoIdontthinkso says:

    My brother lost a part of his ear to a pit bull, when he was 6.  We were walking to school and the owner didn’t have the damn thing on a leach.  It darted out into the road and tackled him to the ground.  I can’t stand pit bulls, not to mention they are disgusting looking dogs.

    • Jill says:

      I am so sorry to hear about your brother, but as you noted it was clearly an owner issue and not the dog’s issue. Clearly the owner was not a responsible owner and we can only imagine what type of life this dog had to do that kind of damage. While I understand the dislike of pit bulls when things like this happen, I wish people could be more open minded and reach out to the breed that are well trained and loved – then you can see what we see in them. And while there are breeds I am not fond of, I would never say any breed of dog is “disgusting looking” – would you say that about a person? I appreciate your views but hope in the future you can be more open minded. There is a good reason there are millions of pit bull lovers out there.

      • ginny says:

        We got our first pit bull in Jan. She is loving and everyone of that list is true about her. Agree with Jill re: bad owners and that can be true of almost any dog.

        • Chris says:

          the dog should not be uatntended no matter what. even if the dog is not a puppy, it can still get into trouble. u can watch the dog from, a nearby window. the time u leave the dog outside {supervised} should depend on the weather {if its cold have him out for a short time maybe 10-20 min u dont want him to suffer from frost-bite, if its warm have him out a medium time maybe 30-40 min, if its hot have him out for about 10-20 min u dont want him to suffer from a heat stroke}

          • Rhoda says:

            At Chris You’re an idiot and UNEDUCATED… I got bit in the face by a Rottweiler and had to have 14 inches put in. Don’t come on this thread if you if you don’t have LOVE for the breed like we do. Do us all a favor & Educate yourself before bashing this breed!!

          • Rhoda says:

            I apologize Chris this comment was meant for yeahidontthinkso

        • Jessica averett says:

          My dog is a absolute baby

          • Jessica averett says:

            Hes a pitbull and A boxer mix

          • Liz D says:

            I too have a pit/boxer mix. He is the sweetest most lovable dog there is. He also takes the time to thank me for his food every time I set it down. He waits until I am done, then instead of digging in, he first taps my arm with either his paw or his nose and looks at me like I am the love of his life. Then he eats with gusto. Wonderful dog!

      • I agree with Jill. Few years ago a couple of drug addicts had left their 6 year old daughter with their pit bull in closed room. Now I have to mention that the poor dog was raised and trained to fight in the dog fights. I don’t know what did the little girl to enrage the dog but I do know from the words of another neighbor that when the girl started to shout her mother didn’t move a finger. “She’s playing”, – she said. Yes, the dog had killed the girl and after this case the “Dangerous Breeds Ban” was accepted in our country causing a lot of grief and suffering to the innocent dogs who were abandoned by their coward owners. But who is to blame? The dog or his owners who drove him crazy because they needed money to buy drugs? I think that the only thing the dogs are really guilty of is that they are too much dependable on us humans and trust us too much.
        BTW, I was a cat lover before I’ve met Justina (our pit bull that my wife found dying on the street and brought home) and she had captured my heart in no time.

        • Dena says:

          I have a Pitt Corgi/mix 2 shih-tzu and a pomchi. The Pomchi and Pitt are besties, The pit is scared of the Corgi mix and the Shih-tzu make him mind. I have been bitten once when I was 8 by a german shepherd and my youngest shihtzu has gotten me 2 twice really bad. My pit manages to sleep with me eat my food follow me to the bathroom waits for me to get out of the shower cries when I leave jumps when I get home and farts when he wants me to move. He is a huge baby. ITS HOW YOU RAISE THEM. I had a house full at Christmas and he was the life of the party. Snuggles grandkids.NOW if your now welcome in my house or any of my dogs feel like I’m in danger THEY WILL TEAM UP TOGETHER AND EAT YOU ALIVE or you will get shot. I thinking maybe the bullet feeling better,

      • octoberrust says:

        This. Any dog really can be violent if raised wrong. My cousin was bit by a golden retriever once, despite the breed’s reputation for friendliness. It can happen to anyone, and I honestly feel for the poor dogs who have had bad lives, as well as for their human or even canine/feline victims. It’s sad.

        • Ken Gocha says:

          I agree. I’ve been attacked by more “toy” dogs than bully breed dogs. I owned a 120 lb pit, and he was the best dog I ever owned.

          • Kenyyaaa says:

            I was once brutally attacked by a West Highland White Terrier.. I was 6 years old & I used to walk him for a neighbor. I was sitting with him in a field & had him in my lap, just petting him. All of a sudden he turned around & latched onto my face. The entire left side of my face was in shreds to a point where doctors thought my eye would fall out. He tore my upper lip in half & put a hole in the top of my mouth. Mind you this was so brutal that his tooth became lodged into my mouth & was removed 2 years later.. We took no action against the dog.
            I’ve never had a pitbull, but no breed deserves to be judged. No dog is born aggressive.

          • Otis says:

            You do not have a pit bull!! You probably have an American bully that you wrongly label as an APBT!! Learn the difference…..

        • Bree says:

          My sister has a yellow lab, a breed known for being ridiculously loving. However, I’ve completely refused to dogsit her, due to bad experiences. I was forced to wear my regular winter coat & my father’s oversized carhart in fall because she would physically bite my arm. I had more scratches on my legs then any cat has ever given me.
          Honestly, it’s all about the training for a dog. I’ve seen well known “family” breeds attack kids. My little cousin has a fear of all dogs except one, which is a sheltie that my uncle’s had since before she was born and trained the dog to perfection.

      • Carla loving says:

        I love them I was forced into getting one due to the owner being neglectful. Guys u fell in love with him. He is so loyal and obedient. He doesn’t like confrontation. He is so effing smart, when he senses bullshit oh he alerts me and baby its time to walk another way. I love my baby boy. I wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world. He us my heart.

      • tyffany says:

        It has nothing to do with the breed of the dog! I’m sorry but it depends on how the dog was raised!half my moms face almost got ripped off by a golden retriever! I have met many pit bulls and they were friendlier than the retriever!

      • Eddie says:

        I had a pit with a little Mississippi leg hound in him. He was a sweet dog, but if the moon caught him right he’d tear you a knew ass. Once he got a hold of you, it was best to just let him finish. Dinkims was a great dog.

      • Chelsea says:

        I got attacked twice when I was young, once by a cocker spaniel and another by a springer spaniel, the cocker spaniel left a scar on my face for life…but because these dogs ARENT tough looking (even though their breed is known for NOT being good with children) no one is lining up to train these dogs to fight, therefore no ones lighting torches and grabbing pitchforks to go after all spaniels or any other breed that’s bitten a child. Dogs wouldn’t know how to be aggressive or mean if they weren’t taught how to be.

        • hall says:

          Yea but pit bulls were originally bred and trained to fight and kill and seeing as how the breed originated in the 19th century (not that long ago in terms of evolution) some of these traits probably remain however dormant. Seeing as how COCKER SPANIELS were trained to hunt small birds and weigh maximum 35 lbs. OF COURSE NOBODY IS LINING UP TO FIGHT THESE TINY HUNTING DOGS. What an absurd thing to say. Comparing pit bulls and cocker spaniels. “Watch out for that 19 pound dog there” God almighty

      • Robbie says:

        Wow, blame it on the owner? OMG! A pit bull is NOT an inanimate object, so indeed the dogs is to blame.

        • Halie says:

          No a pit bull is not an inanimate object. Neither is a golden retriever, or a lab, or a german shepard, or a child. Now you tell me how if a kid misbehaves and hits or bites another kid then the parents aren’t teaching that child right but if a dog does it then its all the dogs fault? They have to be taught just like children. No matter what thier breed is.

        • anonymous says:

          But if the dog was better trained BY THE OWNER the “dog” would probably never even thought about harming anyone

        • pit lover says:

          Yes, blame the owner! although a dog is not an inanimate object, their behavior is very much determined by their human(s). they look to us for guidance and if the dog is trained correctly they will not be a threat. I speak from 25+ years of experience living with and rescuing pits, while raising 3 children. and the only dog I’ve had bite anyone is a 5lb Chihuahua, before he was trained.

        • Kaylee says:

          You must be a bad owner lol

        • Tiff says:

          It is not the dog it is the environment in which it’s raised and how they are expected to behave same as a kid if they get live and attention in a good way they will give u love and loyalty. But if they are beaten abused and neglected they will act out and bee aggressive. My pit is a big baby acts like my 3 year old lol and. Is very gentle. However my aunt’s golden retriever truest to kill me the first time I met him.If u were beaten and abused wouldn’t u act out to someone that resembles the person that done it to u for years. Imagine b n locked in a cage or on a leash starved and beaten what would u do…

        • Brittnie says:

          It is the owners fault. Dogs are like children… They will behave the way they are raised. A dog that is mistreated will lash out. Plus how the dogs are bred has a lot to do with its temperament. Dogs that are products of inbreeding have serious brain development issues.

        • Bob says:

          Sorry Robbie but you are an idiot. A dog only knows what it is taught. You will occasionally have a bad dog just like you have bad humans… but it is not a breed. Just like it’s not a race of humans.

        • christina says:

          Let’s not blame the dog a dog acts how its raised…. If your mean and aggressive around it guess what its going to be mean…. Have ever has a pit bull? If not than stfu… my 4year oLD can sit there and pull on my pit named (haddie) and she just lays there she has never bit anyone

        • TJ says:

          Of course the dog is to blame. Because dogs should know every aspect of human life, and every aspect of what is “right” and “wrong” to us as humans. And they should know all this right from the get go, without having to be trained. And when a dog has the misfortune of having an owner who raises mean dogs, well they should know better as a dog. When you blame something like a tendency to be mean on the dog’s breed, you sound like the biggest moron here. How a dog treats other animals and how they treat people BOTH depend heavily on how the dog was raised. These are simple facts, like it or not.

        • Rachael says:

          Uhh no. The OWNER is to blame. If a dog pees in the house it’s because he doesn’t know any better why? Because the OWNER didn’t train him to go outside. Dog jumps on people because he doesn’t know any better, why? Because the OWNER didn’t train him not to. If a dog grows up fighting that’s what he thinks is right, why because the OWNER trained him to do so.

        • Jesse says:

          Dang right blame the owner! A dog is going to do what it’s taught. You get out of a dog what you put into it, if you treat it with hate and negligence, that’s all it will ever know. If you treat it with love and respect, it will love and respect. Do you honestly think a dog wakes up in the morning and thinks, “hey I’m gunna kill someone today.” Sure the dog did the act, but that’s what it was taught and has never known anything different!

        • Sampson says:

          How are you going to blame a dog? They have to be trained without training and socializing any breed of dog will be corrupted. So yes it would be the owners fault. However every dog has primal instinct but with the owner being responsible that instinct can be controlled. I have had three partial breed wolves one was a wolf pit mix and she was one of the cutest loving and nurturing animals I have ever met. As a cub/pup she was crazy but with time and treats and punishment she became the most wonderful pet. And very protective over children

        • joseph lafrance says:

          your a fool, yes its the owner not the breed, do you own or have you ever owned a pit? if not you have no clue idiot.

        • Dylan Gosa says:

          Yes blame the owner! A dog no matter the breed needs to be taught how to act. How and when to be defensive, and when to be playful and with who. A puppy is like a human baby. As each of the two grow they have to be taught or trained. Humans are the same way. Otherwise we’d all go around like cave men. Its all in the training. From ages 8-17 my dad and I raised pit bulls. We did it right! To the point that my personal pit puppy I got at Christmas when I was 11 I could lay in the floor and play with him. After he got older and was outside I’d go out and play football and soccer with the dog. Laying in the grass and never had a bad experience. Sometimes things happen and there is that one bad egg. But its that way with humans and other dog breeds. The blame isn’t entirely on the dog. Bad owners/trainers play a pivitol role.

        • Jake says:

          ok it is the owners fault if they don’t thane them right dogs act how there owners act if there owners are nice and show love the dog will do the same if the owner hits the dog and shows no love the dog won’t have compation to show and that is for all dogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • ccwhite says:

          Really so children who miss behaving by acting out or fight due to the parents teaching them or them watching the parent are to blame its the same as this breed dip shit they leave to please people are 10 times most destructive and dangerous than any pit grow up and learn the breed!

        • christian says:

          @robbie, sorry but you clearly know nothing about animals in general and dogs in particular. Dogs don’t just exhibit violent behavior innately. They are either trained to be that way or are abused/neglected into an aggressive posture. Dogs in general are loyal creatures and protective but experiences in their lives determine much of their behavior. Yes, it most certainly is the owner at fault in the majority of dog violence episodes. While you are correct in that a dog is not an inanimate object, neither do they posses any critical thinking skills, the simple truth is, irresponsible dog owners cause bad things to haooen.

      • Nicole says:

        Well said.. We love our Rocky and he is our gentle giant ????

      • Concerned says:

        My best friend had a pit bull for over 3 years. It was literally the most kind, gentle, and loving dog I had ever met. More of a lap dog than anything. He had his girlfriend move in with him after they had been dating for over a year. She knew the dog very well and had basically been living with him the past 3 months before she “actually moved in.” On the 4th of July after she had been living there for close to 6 months my friend had a party for family and friends. After the party was over they had been drinking that night and got into an argument.. My friends pit bull attacked his girlfriend, he tried to throw him off her and in return attacked my friend his owner and almost ripped his arm off from the elbow. He threw the dog through his front window. Have you ever heard the term “degloved”? if you haven’t look it up. He basically lost all use of wrist and hand movement and still has trouble to this day 3 years later. Pit bulls are very loving dogs, but if they ever snap or have a bad day like what happened to my friend on the 4th, they can easily kill a full grown man.

        • pitsaver says:

          What you are talking about is known as the retriever gene cause more golden retrievers n yellow labs have the gene n snap on anything that moves it can be scientifically proven thru autopsy so if we’re gonna blame the breed let’s get the right breed to blame cause it sure isn’t called the pit bull gene now is it?!? If anyone out there can show me scientific proof that pit bulls are more prone to attack than other breeds I’ll listen to itn I’m talking like law enforcement statistics aspca statistics or proof thru autopsy that pits are known to carry the gene more often than not like retrievers n labs do anyone? Anyone? There also isn’t a movie made about a pit bull snapping on its owners n trapping them in their home that was a golden retriever in cujo why cause they have a history of snapping on people not pit bulls

      • Shane Graham says:

        Don’t worry with defending comments like that. I have noticed there is always at least one of the individuals that make ridiculous statements like that probably just to get some one to respond. I’m not a pit owner nor a huge pit lover. I have many friends that do and have been around them most of my life. I truly believe any gentle breed of animal can turn aggressive and mean. Pit’s get a bad rap because when raised the wrong way and given a reason their physique allows them to exaggerate scenarios. Most are unaware but one of the most aggressive dogs alive is a poodle. I know it sounds crazy but it’s true. In my experience, Pits raised by people that take time to teach and discipline them, are respectful and fun loving dogs that pose no danger to anyone. But when they are left to their own vices, fend for themselves or mistreated are like any other large, smart and extremely strong animal and should be feared the same.

      • Nancy says:

        If the link doesn’t work, Google “pit bull attack Greensburg Indiana”. Don’t get me wrong…I love all animals, especially dogs but I still have reservations about pit bulls.

      • zach deville says:

        How own minded are you to criticize one for a belief?if he thinks they look disgusting that’s ok. Who are you to say you can have an opinion as long as it compliments mine? I do not mind the breed. There are bad eggs in every basket. But should one not be allowed to express emotion and feelings in this country of liberty like so many of you left wingers sing of? But that ain’t America. America is have my believe or none at all. Now they are for the most part aggressive creatures and loyal to only one. Does that mean destroy them? No. But don’t open a forum if you don’t want everyone’s opinion

      • Brad says:

        I agree completely!!!

      • hall says:

        My dogs aren’t on leashes and they don’t bite people’s ears off. I love pit bulls I’m just saying that doesn’t make any sense

    • laura says:

      Your brother endured an awful event. I agree with Jill that this has a lot more to do with the owner than the dog. Pits are powerful dogs and it is important that they are trained correctly. I have a staffordshire bull terrier – related to a pit. He is the most affectionate dog in the world and I think he’s beautiful. I understand your feelings, but you might be surprised by what you find if you try to keep an open mind.

      • melinda says:

        You apparently are ignorant..everyone knows it is how the dog is raised not the breed…any dog is prone to attack. Get educated before you spout off at the mouth about pit bulls

        • Sikntyrd2011 says:

          There is no need to attack commenters on this thread. Especially if they are trying to impart an important message or sharing something that happened to them or a friend. If you do not like any negative comments like those that have been made against the breed, then maybe it should be set up to be private instead of public.

      • shawn says:

        Just to let you know the Stafford shire bull terrier IS a pitt bull…that akc changed the name so they can be registered through them. Do some research and you will see it’s true. Nothing bad intended I just wanted you to know they are the same breed.

        • jimbo says:

          The only true pit bull is the American Pit bull Terrier. The term pit bull is not a breed. The term is used to describe a general breed of dogs that have a portion of the breed in them such as am staffs bull terrier am bulldogs etc…

        • Linnea says:

          Actually, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and the American Pit Bull Terrier ARE all separate breeds. Pits tend to be smaller, running 35-60 lbs, and Staffie Bull Terriers are smaller, at 28-40lbs. AmStafs run larger, at 55-70 lbs. We have a female AmStaffie mutt who weighs 88lbs, and she’s all muscle. I’ve had a Pit in the past who was about 40lbs. Perhaps you should check the places where you are getting your information – they are obviously incorrect.

 (click on ‘Terriers’ and you will find both Pit and Staffie breeds, separately registered.)

        • Cassandra says:

          Are you sure? I have an am staff and when I took him to get his rabies 12 of the rabies people said that technically am staffs are not exactly Pitts. They are only registered under Pitts because they have a common ground(their beastliness). And let me tell you I have been around sooo many dogs in my lifetime Rhodesian ridgebacks, beagles, huskies, malamutes, German Shepard’s, great Danes, Collie’s, spaniels, blue ticks, redbone coonhounds. And I have never met a dog more loyal than my am staff. Maybe I’m wrong but they are the dumbest most lovable dogs I have ever had the pleasure of training and adopting.

        • Have4Paws says:

          Just wanted to further add that “pitbull” is NOT a breed. It is a group of breeds that are similar in many ways. It includes the American Pit Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier and the American & English Bulldog as well as many dogs mixed with one of these.

          • Donna Zirkle says:

            You are correct. I have a brindle, as does my daughter. Brindles are generally list a a crossbreed between a Presa Canario and an AmStaff . The white pits are derived from the Doggio/Argentino. I’m not sure about the blues or red nose. The name pit bull came from Great Britain, as the used them in an actual pit to fight bears or bulls.Helen Keller’s service dog was a pit bull. For older people, Buster Brown shoes have a pit bull inprinted on the inside of the shoes. Petey of little Rascals was a pit bull. The RCA Victor dog sitting in front of a record player was a pit. The Target dog is a pit. Some information is just interesting trivia about the breed/or the class of bully breeds. Mastiffs, boxers, bull dogs Rhodesion Ridgebacks, are all bully breeds.

        • pit mom says:

          Very true. A pit is a pit is a pit. Weather a Staffordshire= 2 types *AST & *SBT., red nose, blue nose, Gator pits,
          American Pit Bull Terrier, *Americian Staffordshire Terrier, *Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Razor Edge Pit Bull, Gotti Pit Bull. ALL pitbull types arw a result of cross breeding so razor edge pit bulls arw just another evolution of the mixing process. EDUCATION IS KEY TO ANY THING YOU WANT TO REALLY KNOW ABOUT!
          Check out
          Very helpful in learning this breed. A pit is a pit is a pit! Love all my pittie babies! Pits are like chips can’t have just one ??????????????????????

        • Otis says:

          No the SBT is a bull breed not a “pit bull.” There is only one pit bull and that is the APBT. Educate yourself!!!

    • jaycee says:

      I have a dachshund who would not hesitate to run up to a kid who showed fear and bite them. dachshunds are known for not being kid friendly and being loyal to only one or two people. so its all dogs who have the capacity to attack.

      • Sarah says:

        Funny you say that. My uncle has 4 dachshunds that stare and growl and snarl at my younger kids if we visit. Needless to say, I’ve only been there a couple times in the last few years. The oldest male stands ready to pounce and doesn’t listen to them when they tell him to relax. However, I have a pit bull that is much more calm and attentive and that listens to us no matter what. I’ll take my one pit over a few dachshunds any day, lol.

        • Andy says:

          The wiener dogs won’t kill you. Yes they are aggressive. But haven’t heard of too many wiener dog mailings.

          • Karl says:

            Only dog that ever attacked me was a boxer. Took a nice chomp to the face. Those dogs can do just as much damage as a Pitt, just as a Shepard can, a retriever, lab, ridgeback, giant poodle, mastiff etc. Every dog regardless of breed is capable of biting, not saying they will but capable. The moment you realize that it’s possible is the moment that you start to deminish the chances of an incident.

          • Donna Zirkle says:

            True Alan, I have a pit bull and a doxy. He, Sam, is more likely to bite me than the pit, Holley, The share the same house and both sleep with me. Their terroritory is staked out. The only thing I must supervise is feeding time, Holley is food aggressive and has been. She is otherwise a dog without issues. She was raised by an older woman, whose health was failing. She was going to take her to the pound.

        • mags says:

          My beautiful blue nose pitbull actually got in front of a dachshund that was growling at my 4 year old daughter. The dog lunged and my pit bull put his mouth on him, pinning him to the ground. No teeth. No claws. The dog was covered in slobber, but put in its place. That blue would have done anything to protect his girl!

          • Adrienne says:

            Most of the bully breeds, american staffordshires, staffordshires, bull terriers Rottweilers and similar breeds were bred as nanny dogs, meaning it is in their nature to be protective over the young. And then cruel humans got involved and bred anger and meaness into the breed to fight more rapidly. I have owned four pits in my life and only one of them ever tried to harm anyone and that’s because he contracted rabies. I have three younger sibling and my sisters father bred american put bull terriers as family pets. He had raised around twenty and to this day none of the owners he sold the pups to has ever had an issue with them, meanwhile that same sister got bit in the face by a highwestland white terrier twice. They are supposedly family dogs and good with children. I also worked at a boarding kennel where I received canine training certification and the issue dogs were the chihuahuas Yorkshire terriers and dachshunds. The reputation bully breeds have is completely the result of malignant human intervention.

      • floyd504 says:

        Thanks for the reminder. Was visiting my youngest son and was bitten by his girlfriends mothers dog 4 times just trying to get in the house. Actually as many dogs as I have been around, the ones that have bitten me were the “ankle biters”, small,quick and mostly annoying. They have 2 dogs and were “sitting” for 3 others.

        • mavis says:

          Even chihuahuas are not by nature mean dogs. All dogs need is a loving home and lots of socializing. I have several chi’s and not one is a biter or aggressive. They dont know they are small…. they originate from terrier breeds so as all terriers have the “make my day” attitude. Part of the breed…
          no fear. Very loyal,loving,great dogs

      • Dan says:

        In 51 years of being around dogs, the only one that has bitten me was a dachshund when I was about 10 years old. It wasn’t the dog’s fault. The owners kids got the dog so wound up that when they pushed me, the dog reacted. It was an inept owner’s poor control and training of the dog and his kids. Pretty much the same problem with any dog bite incident unless dealing with a truly brain damaged animal.

      • Tamar says:

        Dachshunds are terrible dogs & total a-holes. No one should have one. They are #2 on the list of dogs most likely to bite. They pee all over the house, bark at strangers, try to attack other dogs and chew up the house.

        So why do I have six of them?????????

        • Danielle says:

          I have 2 dachshunds, you’re right, they’re jerks. Nearly impossible to potty train, picky eaters, chew everything they can fit into their gator jaws etc. They’re also very loving to my kids and rarely aggressive. I would recommend someone with a limited amount of time at home to get a different breed. Pit bulls on the other hand are a little lower maintenance

          • JameB says:

            I had the most amazing dachshund a couple of years ago who never bit, didn’t bark at other people, didn’t chew anything ate any type of food I fed him and never left my side. The only reason I gave him away was because my first born was a lot more expensive than my pup and I couldn’t afford both at the time. He was the most amazing dog I ever owned and I’ve been around a lot of dogs in my lifetime. Never heard anything bad about the bread…

        • Tom says:

          My sister has a miniature schnauzer that’s is aggressive to our kids where my pit is so friendly and calm.

      • Donna says:

        True. I was 5 when I was bit on the face by my aunts dachshund. He could be very loving but when she was holding him no one could go near her.

    • Abby says:

      Just wanted to add there are a lot of dogs that look like pit bulls, but are not pit bulls at all, i.e. Presa Canario. And I am sorry about your brother. But I agree with Jill. It was the owner. I heard on the news not to long ago about a Golden Retriever that killed its family’s baby. All dogs are animals and not one breed is better than the other. Like people, some can snap and can kill. Some get freaked and will try and protect themselves. Every dogs have a different personality, it’s up to the owner to make sure they understand their dog.

    • Charie says:

      I am sorry for your experience as well but I think perhaps you are blaming the wrong end of the leash. There are no bad dogs only bad owners. Statistically, chihuahuas bite more people every year and account for more dog related E.R. visits every year than any other dog in the U.S. but no one holds grudges or protests over them.

      • Sandra says:

        Chihuahuas are so angry because they’re actually Great Danes in tight clothing. Just kidding, I love my little dogs but yes they forget they are small or perhaps because they are small they feel insecure and feel the need to be ferocious. I keep them on a leash when walking and I put them in another room when small children are around. Any responsible owner should understand their pet’s natures.

        • Mary says:

          I agree, Sandra – My house contains a rat terrier and a Chihuahua/pug mix. They are wonderful little dogs, but get very anxious when people come to the house (especially small children). So when we have guests, the dogs are gated in a room where they can see what’s going on, but aren’t in the middle of any confusion. I’ve had people say that it “isn’t necessary”, but it’s the right thing for MY dogs. On the other hand, my son’s two pit bull mixes are wonderful with people – loving and very affectionate – and comfortable around all humans…. go figure…

      • rgholms says:

        I do.
        I hate chihuahuas.

    • Sara Ithinkso says:

      you come onto a Pit Bull enthusiast site, and then criticize the dogs they are creating an entire website for, and you feel this comment was IMPERATIVE to share?


      • Kiki says:

        Personally, I don’t think you can teach your dogs the difference betewen baby and dog toys because to him, toys are toys and they look the same. I would just keep the baby toys in one area and the dog toys in another. It may settle a little confusion. Sooner or later the dog will catch on: my toys are over here and the baby is over there playing with hers . Any time you see him trying to play with the baby’s toys, correct him. Hope i helped atleast a little. Also, you may want to let the dog/baby play at the same time but in different areas. This way the dog won’t take the baby’s toys and vise versa.

        • Tom says:

          My it was hard to get my dog to not chew the kids toys. You have to be vigilant at keeping an eye and after a week or so he won’t even think twice about them. Same with the cat food we can leave the cat fish filled and on the floor and Cooper won’t even touch it. He is 8 months old. ????

    • Dez says:

      The only people who think pit bulls are dangerous are the ones who have been brainwashed to believe a domesticated dog can have anger issues bred into it. You could use that same opinion to be racist, too.
      Just because a dog was raised by an idiot doesn’t mean the whole breed deserves to be treated like shit.

      =/ You should educate yourself.

      • rue rue says:

        I’m sorry to the guy who got his ear bit off by a pit I cn feel for you .. my cousin was attack by 6 pits walking home from school, we live in a place dogs get out you call the neighbor and let him know .. my cousins dogs (4 pits ) were wondering the home streets and saw my cousin getting malled … long story short those pits died by the grasps of his own pits and saved one little boy and he lost one pit from bleeding to much … we still to this day have “oso,tank,and nelli” old pits that my cousin a Marine loves to death we all love them

        • Skip says:

          All pit bulls should be euthanized.

          • Adrienne says:

            Should all humans be shot for the wrong doings of a few?

          • Thoracias says:

            You should be euthanized…or at the very least, sterilized, so you don’t go breeding your ignorance.

          • Jim Izzo says:

            Skip! It’s people like you that should be euthanized.

          • pitbull lover says:


            You should be euthanized you uneducated loser. Pitbulls are amazing dogs. I’ve been around my entire life and never had a bad experience with one.

          • Melissa says:

            More children are killed by abuse from people than any breed of dog perhaps we should Euthanize humans. Pit bull is not a breed it is a term used to describe a variety of dogs with bully characteristics, There is a breed called the American pit bull terrier they are in the top three for temperament and obedience trials according to results from the AKC. A “pitbull” type dog if raised with proper socialization and training and also raised in the household as part of the family is actually less likely to bite than a golden Retriever. Ufortunately due to the scumbag dipshit axis associated with them most pits are forced into constant and close proximity to either a scumbag or a dipshit who leaves them chained in a yard untrained neglected and often abuse and voila the dog becomes aggressive. Euthanize all the scumbags and dipshits and this problem would clear rigt up.

      • mavis says:

        You are so right …its just not fair that a breed is so mistreated because bad people so missuse them.

        • Mandy says:

          Mavis is our pit’s name :D

        • Paige says:

          You should be euthanized for being ignorant, closed-minded, and only believing what you see and hear besides the hard facts. I’m sorry you have never experienced the unconditional love that a pit bull truly has to offer. Any dog has the potential to bite, ANY DOG. There is no breed of dog is existence that has never bitten anyone. Shame on you, you might as well say “all jews should be euthanized” or “all white people should be euthanized” or “all black people should be euthanized”. Dogs and pit bulls feel pain just as we do. My mom had a Great Dane that ran up and attacked and pinned a man to the ground just before he was going to beat her with an umbrella! But she never even broke the skin. She also had a wolf mix who put 36 stitches in my head. But my Newfoundland, my German Shepherd, and my Pit Bull/Catahoula go in mix NEVER bit anyone. But my Corgie mutt mix did. Maybe you should open your mind and get your facts straight before throwing statements like that out into the public.

      • Veronica says:

        ????lol! Thank You for making me laugh. It’s especially funny because u were just stating how uneducated THEY were! LOL! I really needed that! Lol! Ah but let’s be serious now. No one is going to take your comments serious if your going to personally show them how ignorant and uneducated YOU are by responding to their posts angrily with trashy language. I understand it is frustrating to come across someone with different views, however the behavior u responded with was unnecessary and helped nothing. Let’s be mature adults here please.

      • hall says:

        Considering they were originally bred for fighting so probably the first 10 generations of this bred were all bred because they were good at fighting. A good fighter is a probably an angrier dog. Angry dogs were bred to angry dogs. Makes sense really. Just like in the Thoroughbred horse business fast horses are bred to fast horses to make fast horses. Usually high strung thoroughbreds are faster than calmer ones. Not always but usually. So even if a thoroughbred without a great bloodline races a quarter horse it would stand to reason that it would win because for generations it has been bred to do that. Just like it would be logical to think that a pit bull even generations removed from fighting would be more likely to attack somebody or another dog unprovoked than say a Newfoundland which for generations has been bred to be a water dog and working dog. I promise I’m not a pit hater I know people with pit bulls and honestly I love them in just saying your argument is very flawed and frankly makes no sense. Also don’t compare somebody not liking a breed of dogs because somebody they know was attacked by one to some idiot being racist.

    • Graw-_@ says:

      The only problem with pitpulls, are the people who own pitbulls. Unfortunately, because of the way they look and their reputation, it tends to be the kind of people who shouldn’t own dogs in the first place. They’re the kind of people who have them as status symbols or guard dogs and train them to be vicious. I knew a fellow once who owned a rottweiller (another breed that gets a bad rep) who would walk his dog offleash and encourage it to attack other dogs. That poor dog was the sweetest thing you could possibly imagine before he began to mistreat it.

      It’s people like that that give pitbulls and other dog breeds a bad name. Any dog can be vicous. I’ve been attacked twice by German shepherds and know at least 2 others who have also. I have no extra trepidation around German shepherds. In all of these cases the dogs were owned by people who did not train or treat their dogs properly and that was the result.

      Every pitbull I’ve ever met, on the other hand, has been sweet and gentle and usually wanted nothing more than to play or have someone pet them.

      • Flor says:

        Dogs have an emotional need to see a human and icnreatt with them on a daily basis. I hire a professional dog sitter who comes by, cleans the kennel, freshens food water and then walks the dog or plays with him. She gives us an hour for $ 16/day.I wouldn’t leave your dog alone for mroe than 24 hours.TX Mom

    • Maria says:

      So what?? Just because your brother was bitten by ONE Pit Bull you hate them all? That’s ridiculous. I was attacked by a Doberman when I was a teenager, but even though I was young I wasn’t dumb enough to think all Dobes are bad. Today I own, and have owned many, Dobermans and I thank doG that I wasn’t small minded and cowardly enough to hate them because of ONE lousy incident!!
      I also have 2 Pit Bulls and I love them to pieces! <3

      • Zman says:

        I think you’re being a little harsh on him. That had to be a scary traumatic experience for him and his brother. He’s entitled to his opinion without being labeled as an idiot.

    • Valerie says:

      My sisters dog ripped a guys ear off too! He tripped and fell startling the dog andover so fast my sister couldn’t stop the dog fast enough. The do was NOT a pit bull though. That is a dog thing. Has nothing to do with breed. I would be looking to the owner.

      • Adriana says:

        Depends on the dog and the actual coidntions being left in. What time of year and the region of the country should be taken into consideration. If it is during the cool or wet season be sure there is a place the dog can go to stay dry and warm like a dog house. For winter it would first depend on the breed of dog and if the dog has been spending hours outside already. Many breeds develope a winter coat naturally, just get your dog use to extended time alone. Look at it this way, how long can you stay out in the same whether with a light jacket, and use that as a gage

    • DAn says:

      Hey sorry bout your brothers ear, I was in a similar situation as a kid, I was helping my friend on his paper route and as he walked past a particular house a pit bull was in his yard and not on a leash and the dog charged and my friend ran newspapers flying, he did not get bit the dog backed down after several shouts. I own a pitbull i have 2 small children, the dog is a fixed female veyr well mannered and protective of the children I could not spank my children with the dog in the room. I have been bitten three times in my life german shepard, pomeranian, cockerspanial. I would trust my dog with my children also with protection of my home. I feel safe in my home without a gun. My dog knows who belongs and who does not. Moral of the story is I feel pitbulls just like any other breed must be socialized properly with children and other animals and strange people. They must be respected and kept away from agression and never praised for it. AND SPAY AND NEUTER creates a much more docile animal

    • Melissa says:

      I’m so sorry about what happened to your brother and I’m sure that was traumatizing!

      BUT, when I was very young also I was attacked by a poodle mix TWICE and it was very traumatizing as well. Now, little dogs scare me a bit.

      My very OWN dog growing up was a Shepherd/Husky mix that attacked my brother’s friend… TWICE!! That was very bad as well.

      My point is that just because your brother was bitten by a pit bull, it does not mean that all pit bulls will do this. More often than not a pit bull, like any other dog, will not do that. You only hear of the cases in the media more because of the stereotyping.

      I suggest you go and meet some.

      • James says:

        I understand what you mean,but truthfully you only hear about the bad pits because a 24/7 news cycle wouldn’t be able to cover anything else…Ever if it reported on the good pits

    • Leila says:

      A Golden Retriever attacked my sister on her 8th birthday. It ripped off chunks of her face and lip which required plastic surgery to somewhat repair. She still has scars… I still love ALL dogs.

    • Tomiko Race says:

      Okay here goes was that dog a rescue? was that dog “if a rescue” abused in any way, or even maybe rescued from a fighting ring “in which someone was trying to train him”, did it come to the conclusion that they owner didn’t properly get his dog out or was the dog used as home security. Now here is other questions have you seen the statistics that their are more dog bites caused by dalmations, or chihuahuas. You need to realize to stop judging animals, I was bit by a dog before, but I don’t hate that breed. Remember dogs are more afraid of your and being that they are defenseless, they have to protect themselves. I am sorry for your brother but it is time to forgive and forget, if you don’t like the breed then don’t, but keep your comments about not liking them and again maybe you need to do some research and learn alittle bit more, instead of being so naive. BTW, I have never owned a Pit bull but I would in a flat second, I however do have two English Bulldogs and mind that they are loving and cute and goofy looking at times, they also bite so are you going to start hating English Bulldogs. Maybe you need to open your eyes and stop blaiming a majority for a minority,

    • yvonne says:

      I have a beautiful pitt and she always cheers me up, they have lost of love to give, unfortunately its human error, no animal is born bad.

    • BJ says:

      My daughter had her nose ripped off by a pitbull! Trust me… wasn’t the dogs fault! That dog was abused from a puppy and the owner was always kicking him around! I now own a pitbull of my own and I raised her from the time she hit the floor during birth! My daughter also loves her to death and we wouldn’t trade her for the world!! If they are raised right and treated with the respect that any living being is supposed to be, they are your best friends! They are more than lovable and give respect back! I’m sorry you and your sister had a bad experience, but that was just one dog and any breed can be that way, it all depends on the owner and how the dog is treated. You give respect and love, you will receive respect and love. You give mean and intolerable abuse and you will receive the same! Karma not only goes for humans, it goes for animals as well!

    • Jenn G. says:

      You’re naïve & misinformed if you think for a second that it couldn’t have just as easily been a lab or even a Chihuahua.

    • Ampitk9 says:

      Your ignorance does not warrant a response from informed educated K9 trainers and/or owners. Enough said!

    • sherry says:

      You need to blame the owner, not the dog for biting your brother. You are one of the people who perpetuate hatred and distrust in one of the most beautiful, loyal dogs around. I will be the first to admit there are bad dogs out there of all breeds but 99% of the reason for a bad dog is its owner. Dogs do not have the mentality to think, I am going to run out there and bite that human, place the blame where it really belongs…..on the owner.

    • Carly says:

      That Pitt bull probably just did that because of its owner don’t blame the breed for what one dog did would u blame the human race for just what one person did?

    • Craig Berry says:

      Direct your anger towards the owner. Educate yourself about different breeds.

    • Eva Nagy says:

      U r disgusting they r beautiful_u can’t judge all pits from one experience with a bad dog with an idiotic owner_and can’t even spell leash lol
      I am sorry for your brother tho, this shouldn’t have happened.
      We are responsible pit bull owners refuse to be put into the same category with some idiot with an agressive pit, but I don’t believe in BSL and other predudice against pits..
      it could have been easily a german sheppard or any other big dog with a bad owner…. Just sAying :)

    • nakia says:

      Its not the dog that you should be angry with, Its the owner! ! Pitbulls are the most loyal of all breeds. I am sorry your family came across people who abused theirs.

    • Dennis Williams says:

      A chihuahua would’ve done the same thing to your bro. Take your biest opinion and look up which dogs are dangerous. When I was a kid I was walking from my moms room to my bedroom and our (very tame and sweet) cat jumped on me and clawed my face and eyes. Now, did that happen because she was a certain breed? NO you simpleton! And I sure as hell don’t blame the cat! There animals with instincts, train em right and there better (more upstandind) than most people. But treat them like shit or don’t train them at all then any dog (small or large), cat, iguanna, hampster, rat, squirrel, or ANY OTHER ANIMAL, will use the instincts that god or whoever gave them. So stop being simple by blaming the dog who bit your brother and blame the owner for having a pet and not training it. That dog (weather he ate your bros ear or not) did nothing wrong! He’s an untrained dog! You don’t hate babies for puking and shitting on the carpet or squeezing the hampster so hard that it died, or being to rough with other babies. NO BECAUSE THEY DONT KNOW ANY BETTER BECAUSE NO ONE TAUGHT THEM YET!!!!!!! YOU ARE SIMPLE. Have a nice simple day. P.S. (no I don’t own a pit bull, or anything else, I’m just intelligent, and use COMMON SENSE)

    • Kaitlin says:

      don’t let ONE dog ruin it, Any dog that is NOT trained properly or raised by loving owners can and or will attack and not listen. Any dog is capable of hurting a human being even children, it has nothing to do with the type of dog, its all based on the owners.

    • YoureDisgustingLooking says:

      its spelled LEASH**

    • hannah says:

      I don’t know what you mean by the are disgusting looking dogs.. They are gorgeous creatures!! I have never met a mean pitbull!! I have had several and they all have done great with my kids!

    • Shayla LaPoint says:

      I got 8 stitches at 1 years old from a yorkie! I was minding my business and sitted on the floor in someones house and the dog who apparantly hated everyone but its owner, came and bit me on my leg. Its not the breed of dog, its the nature of which it is raised.

    • Julie Wright says:

      my step son lost part of his ear to a Dalmatian. I never once thought… OH, we should put down every Dalmatian and all Dalmatians are bad. Every animal is unique just like every person is unique and they are product of their environment. What this world and this country is doing to pit bulls is very sad but probably very reflected of our declining culture and intelligence. There’s dog attacks every year by different breeds. The absurdity of creating a prejudice against a breed because of the media’s selected coverage and because certain people choose to use a breed for despicable things is simply a display of sheer ignorance. It’s no different than a prejudice against people and it should cease. Too bad we can’t get a “hate” crime bill for pit bulls in place :-)

    • shelby says:

      Have you ever had one of your own? Have you since then looked into how those dogs are treated and how disgusting and sicking people are to pick one breed and fight them not feed them chain them to live in fear and poop never to be feed or loved! But they get bad name! No they dont ask to be breed over and over and fought to survive they dont ask to be beat and left for dead or be thrown in a pile of skeltons and other dead pits bc they werent good enough. Think and look into things further. Its never a dogs fault but the people around them and how that dog is raised and treated. The dog that attacked your brother could have been a german sheapard as well but those dont make the news. That dog could been beat everyday or trained that way! Those dogs get treated the worst and still get the worst rep its not right think if that was yur child. If your child was a murder youd still love them and defend them but you raised that child. Well dogs are exactly like kids!!!!!!

    • Ren says:

      It could have just as easily been a german shepherd, a lab, or any other breed. Other breeds bite and attack also. Quit being such a hater.

    • tamilyn2 says:

      ive always been a pit owner till i got alot older now i have a min pin he is way more aggressive than any pit ive ever owned…. thats a fact

    • Mercedes says:

      Too the people who think that pit bulls are vicious and aggressive and ugly ! You something you are totally mistaken . People have too look at the other end of the Leash I work with pit bulls and so do a lot of my friends across the states . You people are are so misinformed of the the true pit bull or bully breeds! Do your homework before you judge and discriminate the bully breeds. A lot of the reasons people are discouraged by the pit bulls and the bully breeds is this. 1: they are trained for guarding purpose like a Drug House . 2: they are breeding pit bulls too make money because these types of people can’t get a real Job so they breed them goes for any animal out there or for extra money and hold regular jobs. Not all people are like that. 3:They make these animals for the intent purpose of Fighting and fighting rings for extra $ in their pockets. 5: how they make them fight is by getting other animals known as Bait dogs These people will steal from your back yard too get at your innocent pets. 6: MEDIA gives them a bad them a huge bad Rap in the News industry so when you hear of a pit bull in the Media it ‘s hardly any good at all and people make their own decisions on these breeds. 7: WORD OF MOUTH is a huge one and what i mean by that is all the bad things no one hardly brings up the Good things about the pit bulls or the bully breeds. 8: They the owners did not do their homework when getting these animals and goes for all animals . You have too work together as a team and get the right Education and training for you and your family and your pit bull and bully breeds period . 9: The ones who leave their children alone or baby sitters who leave the children alone with the dog is responsible for their own actions . What i mean by that is this the parents or baby sitters or whoever is watching the children and the dog they leave them alone in the room and that’s when it happens . The child or children get bit or mauled by the dog Now mind you these two or how many children is in the room. You don’t know what happened the blame goes directly too the dog All because the parents or baby sitter was NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT WAS GOING ON AND HOW IT HAPPENED. When a child or children is left in the room with a dog of any kind that child or children will start pulling on the animals tail, ears, poking in the eye or whatever a child or children do too them and this also goes for adults too no matter the age .This goes for all animals ALL ANIMALS BITE WHEN PREVOKED it is their SELF DEFENSE ! HELL YOU WOULD BITE TOO IN SELF DEFENSE RIGHT ! So with this being said as my advise too people who hate pit bulls and the bull breeds do yourself a huge favor before you judge and discriminate these breeds get Educated and and keep quite and keep your mouth shut first before you go against these Breeds you don’t know til you get know the TRUTH ABOUT PIT BULLS AND THE BULLY BREEDS ! There is a lot of people i know personally that would agree with me on this .

    • tan pit bull says:

      AM truly sorry that your brother was injured due to the fact of an irresponsible owner as you clearly stated it is not the breed itself it is the owner of the dogs. these poor dogs has been brutally beaten and mistreated and put into the wrong hands of the wrong people I truly hope one day you can see that it is not the breed of the dog it is the owner’s responsibility

    • Keslie says:

      Thats the owners fault, its the way they are bred, i have 5 pitbulls and not one of them are aggressive, yeah they might have loud intimidating barls but they will lick you death, even if they just met you. So please don’t call out the whole breed of pits. Any dog could attack a prrson ITS NOT JUST A PITBULL!!!

    • Sierra says:

      So you’ve had a bad experience with ONE pitbull so they’re all bad? I was attacked in the face by a beagle and have scaring on my left side of my face. Should I assume all beagles are nasty dogs? No. Just like some people do bad thungs but that doesn’t mean all humans are bad

    • Connie says:

      Sorry to hear about your brother but it is comments like yours that continue to give this beautiful breed a bad reputation. Bad owners = bad dogs which come in every breed not only in Pit bulls. You don’t have to love pit bulls but unless you have been a Pit owner you will never know how sweet and kind these dogs can be in the hands of a responsible owner.

    • slimjim says:

      The owner didn’t have him an a LEASH and it was the owners fault and you also don’t say what your brother was doing to the dog either no dog attacks unprovoked

    • sweet angel says:

      Its all based on how u raise the animal. Any dog can harm u. Just raise them correct and they wont. I have a pit bull who is amazing with my kids who r six and ten months old but he will also protect my family from anyone trying to harm us.

    • Reggie Monypenny says:

      You are only here to spread negative be. Maybe you should have gotten bit.

    • Jung bunny says:

      Any dog can be aggressive. This could have happened with any breed, so you shouldn’t trust any dogs then! As for their look, that’s your preference (which you are allowed to have). My baby is adorable no matter what you say. Lol

    • Karren says:

      I have had my pit bull for two years now and seriously don’t know what life would be like without him. He is the best companion ever, fun to be with, smart, protective but not dangerous. I, too, am sorry to hear about your brother’s attack. All dogs should be confined to an owner’s yard or leashed when out, not just pit bulls. There are dangerous dogs in every breed; I don’t believe any specific breed is dangerous. As far as being “disgusting looking”, today and every day I receive compliments on how beautiful my dog is. He is jet black with a beautiful shining coat. He has a big head, beautiful eyes. And a great disposition. People (including children) come up to me and ask if they can pet him. I have my dog sit first, and then allow him to be petted. Otherwise, he is so big, so loving that he can knock a small child over in his haste to love and be loved. I agree with Jill, who also posted that yes, there is good reason there are millions of pit bull lovers out there.

    • amy says:

      Pit bulls are beautiful animals. I have several family members that have them but I won’t have one in our home. My nephew has his lips and nose torn off when he was attacked by his uncle’s pit. Yes it was his uncle’s fault and not the fault of the dog. His uncle was teasing the dog with a hot dog. How stupid could he be! This happened 2 years ago on Christmas day. My nephew will live with the scars on his face for the rest of his life but the poor dog had to be put down for the owners stupidity. Sad

    • Sam says:

      So I own a pit that was fought for 2 years he is still not fixed and is 8 now in the 6 years my husband and I have owned him with attention and at home training he is a therapy dog that gets let out off leash but with my supervision is the biggest baby ever. We have several friends children here that he and one other pit love to death his favorite is the 7 year old autistic girl. So yes it’s all about training, even abused killers like my big boy can be turned into lovers it’s all about what you as the owner is willing to do. We work 5 days a week opposite shifts so that they can have attention at all times. Let’s put the effort forth to our fur babies!!!!!

    • Kiersten says:

      Very sorry to hear about your brother. When I was 7, I had to have facial surgery on the right side of my face with skin graphing because a golden retriever grabbed me by my face. I don’t blame the breed, I’d hope you wouldn’t either. P.s. pit bulls are beautiful, intelligent, wonderful dogs.

    • myesha says:

      My pitbull took two 9mm bullets protecting me and my unborn child

    • Ilovemypitties says:

      I have 4 extremely well socialized, well balanced, well behaved and GORGEOUS pit bulls. IM VERY SORRY ABOUT YOUR BROTHER but you are blaming the wrong end of the leash.

    • Ria says:

      I was bitten and injured badly by a Beagle as a young child and it was frightening and painful. I have no ore juice against Beagles because of one incident and it would be ignorant of me to rope an entire breed into an experience with one dog. I own a rescue Pit w/ obvious injuries that have healed that was found homeless and pregnant…She is the sweetest, gentle snuggle bug in the world…I can’t imagine anyone thinking she posed and danger knowing she does not. Go visit a shelter.

    • erin says:

      Your an idiot, just because of one incident doesn’t make the breed bad. if you look at statistics Chihuahuas bite more often than most breeds, it all depends on how they were raised and who the owners are. It’s ignorant people that make the breed bad

    • Kelly says:

      I have 2 pit bulls and they are the sweetest dogs! The worst thing they will do is lick you to death. They love to play and they will never hurt a fly. Yes if you don’t train a dog right it will be mean but that is any dog not just pit bulls. Everyone hates on pit bulls cause of stories they have told. When I was younger I got bit by a golden retriever does that make them bad dogs? No they just don’t have a good owner to train them right. You should feel bad for the dog not treat it like a monster.

    • ShaiB says:

      I’m sorry about your bad experience but it was not because of the breed it was poor training by the owner

    • cameron27 says:

      I have been attacked by a dog 3 times in my life, all by German sheaperds, one bit a hole I’m my ear, one left a permanent scar on my upper lip, one tore skin off my arm, but I still don’t blame the fact that they were German sheaperds, I blame the fact that they all had careless owners. I feel very comftorble being face to face with any breed of dog, some dogs are unfriendly but no breed as a whole is

    • Kristin says:

      If you don’t like the breed why would you even read this post. Did you know that in the last year golden retrievers attacked more people than pit bills did? Probably not, because you’re part of the population that is uneducated when it comes to this breed. Maybe you should do some homework!

    • Turd Furgeson says:

      This one time a Malaysian cat scratched my sister. I now can’t stand Malaysian cats. No wait I take it back because hating an entire breed for an action of one is completely stupid.

    • Madison says:

      The only reason the dog acted like that was because of the owner. Dogs are not aggressive unless they are TRAINED to be aggressive. Just like a gun doesn’t kill you the person holding it does. and I’m sure you look more disgusting than a dog. Your mind obviously is.

    • kassie says:

      That could have been any dog it’s not the breed it’s the owner! And statistics show you are more likely to be bitten by Any other breed rather than a Pitt. I have a Pitt and a 4 month old daughter and he is great with her. It’s all about how they’re raised.

    • adam says:

      how do you know it was an actual American Pitbull terrier? Just because it has some APBT features? you have no idea if it was improperly inbred. you have no idea if it was cross bred with another breed. the FACT is that the APBT is NOT a people bighter. Have you noticed that they are NOT used by the military or police? that is because they are to friendly to humans.

    • Andrew says:

      My mom was attacked by a police dog on duty while she was reporting a story about a homicide. The dog was sketchy because the officer yelled at and hit the dog constantly. This was a German Shepard. It’s the handlers fault bro not the breed, I understand a lot of trailer trash get this breed to have as a potential weapon increasing the amount of attacks, but pound for pound a chihuahua is more aggressive.

    • Wisegirl83 says:

      My heart goes out to you and your bother for what he went thru… I can imagine that he was terrified of probably most all dogs after his encounter with that pit bull..
      It really does frustrate me for so many different reasons when I hear about all these unprovoked attacks by none other than the infamous pitbull! It is really a shame that this particular breed of dog has the reputation of a Cold Blooded Killer! This is America, not some 3 world country! The fact is, so many people are so uneducated that they are more likely to believe some half baked pansy with a microphone and camera over a well known and highly educated individual! Why do you think that is? Reason is this. Over half of the United States has became lazy, they have become so dependent On all this easy access technology! It’s easier to sit and watch the news talk about,” Another vicious attack 6 year old mauled to death by Pitbull… Owner,under investigation while thought to be the “TOP DOG” head of state wide dog fighting ring”!
      Of course it’s nice to sit and watch the news but really, what did we really hear and absorb from that?! ANOTHER PERSON/CHILD KILLED BY THEM vicious cutthroat PITBULLS!

    • Wisegirl83 says:

      My heart goes out to you and your bother for what he went thru. I can imagine that he was terrified of probably most all dogs after his encounter with that pit bull..
      It really does frustrate me for so many different reasons when I hear about all these unprovoked attacks by none other than the infamous pitbull! It is really a shame that this particular breed of dog has the reputation of a Cold Blooded Killer! This is America, not some 3 world country! The fact is, so many people are so uneducated that they are more likely to believe some half baked pansy with a microphone and camera over a well known and highly educated individual! Why do you think that is? Reason is this. Over half of the United States has became lazy, they have become so dependent On all this easy access technology! It’s easier to sit and watch the news talk about,” Another vicious attack 6 year old mauled to death by Pitbull… Owner,under investigation while thought to be the “TOP DOG” head of state wide dog fighting ring”!
      Of course it’s nice to sit and watch the news but really, what did we really hear and absorb from that?! ANOTHER PERSON/CHILD KILLED BY THEM vicious cutthroat PITBULLS!
      For the people who decided to pick up a book or a few classes to gain more knowledge and insight Into the history/Background of all DOGS. The origin, the use of the breed(certain qualities and skills), and of course the behavior.
      To make a long story short, all DOGS originated from the same place(the wolf). All breeds have the same capabilities! That can all be trained to be a cutthroat killer! It is not the dog, it’s the owner that makes and moldes the dog to act and behave the way they desire!
      All dogs,( including the number one hated dog, pitbulls) are naturally loving and obedient to their owners! They only want to make their owners happy and to be loved!
      So, if you want to hate that’s fine.
      But hate where hate is deserved!!!
      Pitbulls like all other dogs just want to please. It’s not the fault of the dog if the owner is a Crazy, heartless, sadistic, psychopathic murderer! Unfortunately this poor breed of dog has certain distinctive qualities that are what these terrible ppl look for when used for fighting!
      Any dog can be trained, abused and beaten to make sure they do what is asked if them!
      I know of more anklebiters that are more vicious and more willing to bit at someone for no real reason at all, then any pit I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know!
      Pitbulls are beautiful loving dogs and don’t deserve the life that most have to go threw! people, remember knowledge is power!!!

    • kayla says:

      Ur an idiot dude… not all pitbulls r bad… they only attack when they feel threatened… pitbulls r the best looking dogs them and huskys!!! I have owned nothing but pitbulls and they r the best dogs ever I have never had any problems the worst dogs r Chihuahuas hows that for mean

    • d says:

      Had it been a Lab, a Rottweiler, a Great Dane, a Husky, a Beagle, or a Chihuahua… you would say the same thing, it’s sad to have the mind set “OH, that ONE dog who happen to be a Pit Bull bit my brother, they are all mean and UGLY dogs” SO if that is your thinking, if a black or white, or blue person for all I care, broke into your house, would you say “OH, that ONE black/white person just broke into my house, they are all MEAN AND UGLY!!!!” That’s just insane thinking!!!! My mom use to rescue Pit Bulls out of the city of Miami, (no pit bulls allowed there, so maybe you should look in to moving with the rest of the dog racist) we always had more than 1 around. There were sweet ones and there were by your definition “mean” ones and I assure you, they had EVERY right to want to rip a humans face off. Out of the 100 + pit bulls that came through my door as a child, it was a Maltese that required me to have 6 stitches! And my mom has a picture of me sitting with that dog the very next day.. I have never been bitten again, and crazy enough that dog still spends his Christmas at my house.

    • yourenottosmart says:

      Maybe they think your pretty disgusting looking too. Pit bulls are awesome dogs as long as they are raised up right. One bad apple doesn’t mean all apples are bad. I hope you hate people as well because they hurt other people every day

    • Preston says:

      Yea and i was attacked by a damn tea cup chiwawa when i was 8 lots of stiches to my face and i cant stand them things they are little a$*holes.. I got my full blooded pit and the most hes done to a little kid is get over excited and push them down AND LICK the living crap out of them… so before you judge a great breed.. how about you take into account the owner and the life that dog lives that causes it to act like that… that dog was trained from the start to be a mean dog.. as can any dog be..

    • d hill says:

      ur lookin at the wrong part of the leash it’s the owner not the dog I had a loving caring pit bull for 13 years and I messed with tht thing a lot but he knew what was wrong and what was right

    • Ed Cousler says:

      Probably wasn’t even a Pit bull

    • Sara says:

      So you blame an entire breed because of one dog?? Ok you’re smart!! Half of my face was bitten off by a cocker spaniel when I was almost 3 years old… Do you hate cocker spaniels now? Your ignorance is amazing! Any breed can be dangerous any dog can be raised to be mean it comes back on the owner not the dog and certainly not the breed! And to say they are ugly is ridiculous… You obviously have a very spiteful and negative personality. I would love to see what YOU look like so we can judge you… Also my life has been saved by pit bulls my sisters life was also saved by a pit bull so seriously get the hell outa here with your negativity…

    • rach says:

      Your comment is so ignorant, grow up and get a life it’s not the dog it’s the owner who makes them mean.

    • Cheryl says:

      I wonder if it had been a lab, golden retriever, chihuahua, poodle, pomeranian if you’d hate those breeds as much. Most people make excuses for other breeds of dogs for attacks and injuries, but if it’s a pit bull they automatically hate. ANY dog can and do attack. Most media reports of “pit bull” attacks are not even pit bulls but it sounds better to report that they are. SMH

    • jane doe says:

      That is one dog with one owner it is not right to condemn the whole breed because of it my friend had the same thing happen to her by a golden retriever you don’t see people going around saying that they’re all awful dogs so don’t do it to pitbulls!

    • someone in iowa says:

      Clearly people seem to think pit bulls are bad animals. Um no there not. I know someone who has 3 pit bulls they are very friendly and well mannered dogs. It depends on the owner n how they treat them. If the pit is mean it’s cuz the owner made it that way.

    • someone in iowa says:

      Like I said it depends on how the owner treats them. I know 3 pitbulls and they are very friendly and well mannered. People need to stop looking at pit bulls as a bad dog. I said it once snow I’m saying it again. The way a dog is treated and trained is the way they going to be. I’m so sick of seeing people say bad things about pit bulls.

    • Katelyn says:

      Go somewhere with your ignorant negativity.

    • gail magnon says:

      I was bitten by a Bichon (cute little white fuzzy thing) and spent 3 days in the hospital. I suppose using that kind of logic I should hate all Bichons.if an unleashed dog bites you it is the OWNER’S fault – not the dogs.

    • dan says:

      any breed can become visious or violent when not treated right and the owner beats on it in fact only dog ive ever met that bites when unprovoked or even if there treated right is a chiuauwa but no one gets in arms about those stupid little ankle biters !! you need to look at the owner and not the breed !!.I have an American bully thats a combination of pitty, american staff and bullmastiff and ive never seen a dog interact better with kids because she is showed love I hate narrow mindedness when it comes to pittys its so stereotypical!

    • jerii says:

      It. Wasn’t the pit bulls fault it’s no dogs fault it’s the owner and how good or bad they treat their dog every thinks pit bulls are the most viscous bods just cuz they have strong jaws and stuff but pit bulls are a beautiful dog a pitbull is probably the most reliable dog anyone could ever have they are sweet, protective, loves kids and so much more people just got to give them a chance

    • Helen says:

      We have a sheltie who is trained to believe our 4 kids are his flock. One of the things we trust him to do is choose which dogs, people, and other animals are safe for the kids to be around. In 9 years he’s never had an error in his judgement. Since we frequent dog-friendly environments, this ability of his is something we treasure. It’s not unusual for JJ to herd the kids towards a pit bull, just like it isn’t unusual for him to keep them away from other dogs. It really does come down to each dog’s prior experiences and training.

    • Abby says:

      I was attacked by a German Shepherd when I was about 10 years old. It just attacked me for no reason, biting me in my face. It was scary and awful. I now own a German Shepherd and she’s the best part of my day! She amazing and smart and loving. I’m so glad I didn’t become prejudice towards that breed based on one experience!

    • Duramaxowner says:

      Sorry about your brother but not all Pits are bad I have a gator mouth and I leave him in the room with my month old son alone and the worst he’s done is licked him. Not all pits are bad just bad owners like any other dog. I’ve seen yorkies more vicious then a pit investment owned 2 and one was deaf and he still wasn’t mean. It’s all about how you raise them. So obviously the owner is at fault not the pit

    • Raven Silverwolf says:

      You are an idiot! That could have been any breed of dog that did that to your brother and what exactly was your brother doing to the dog to cause it to attack? Was he teasing it?! And pit bulls are the most awesome dogs in the world and definitely the most beautiful!!

    • john says:

      I am very sorry there are such close minded simpletons like yourself in this world. To say all pitbulls are bad and disgusting looking is as foolish as saying all Arabs are terrorists

    • Cristi says:

      Disgusting huh?!? Just because someone gets bitten doesn’t mean its the dogs fault. Maybe the owner needs trained too!!! Wouldn’t trade my pit for the world.

    • Sonja says:

      You’re an ignorant ass! I have had many pitbulls in my life time they are the sweetest most beautiful dogs. Screw your singlemindedness, it’s people like you that breed ignorance. Congrats on being a Fucktard!

    • pitsaver says:

      Try saving one instead of blaming it here’s proof that they can be saved do something positive n make a difference instead of adding to the problem or are you just a sheep following the herd not having an opinion of your own

    • tigersmydog says:

      You must hate little kids who hit other kids before they are taught not to… same thing. The animal hasn’t been taught not to show aggression.

    • Blake stanley says:

      You are a piece of shit idiot and have no clue about pit bulls. They are the sweetest dogs in the world not to mention one of the first breeds that date back to 900AD when they were used as war dogs and that is why they have jaws like that go educate yourself fucker

    • Jamie Bissell says:

      Unfortunately it wasn’t the BREED who did that to your brother. It was one dog who was clearly not trained correctly! If someone of the same sex, race or same last name as you raped another person does that automatically make you a rapist? Should you be forced to give yourself a bad name and be listed as a sex offender?
      I am sorry that happened to your brother, but it truly is the owner. The biggest down fall of this breed is how loyal and protective they are to their family and the PERSON WHO TRAINED AND RAISED THEM. The only right and wrong they know is what they were taught by their owner and they do what they are told to do.

    • Proud Pitbull Owner says:

      You are a cold hearted person. Maybe you should be kept on a leash in the yard!! JS

    • katy says:

      Yeahnoidontthinkso a leach wouldn’t hold a pit bull. I lost half my lip to a greyhound dog but I don’t hold hate toward that breed. I think you’re an idiot. LEASH

    • Angel says:

      Going by that logic I should hate Shihtzus because one my mom had adopted attacked my sister and had also bit off part of her ear. One minute shes playing with my mom then the dog barks she bent down to pick him up and he attacked her. Yet I own a shihtzu mix and a pit and my pit has been one of the most loyal dogs I have ever owned. On two occasions she has protected me and then my daughter because of a stray do in the neighborhood came after my daughter and my dog planted herself in front of her and scared him off, then went right to my 2 year old daughter ro kiss her and make sure she was safe. And with me she has also protected me from a neighbors dog.

    • christina says:

      Sorry don’t know what to tell u they are not ugly dogs and I owner probably never raised it right… I have a pitbull and my 4year old can sit on her and ride her around the house like she is a horse and she just goes with pit bull are great dogs depends on how they are raised

    • Maybe they think your discussing to look at ever think of that. You’re probably the type of person who carries an ankle biter in there purse. Maybe spend some time with a pit some of my battle buddies from the army have pits as there service dogs they have saved our lives one bad experience shouldn’t be the bench mark.

    • Bill says:

      Just because it was trained wrong doesn’t mean you should discredit all of them. Hitler was a human. Does that, in turn, make you Hitler?

    • brittany says:

      I think you need to get off it. it was the owner for not having it on a leash and not having it trained. you can’t blame an entire breed for the act of one stupid human that should have had a dog if they were not prepared to train it.

    • Kevin Smith says:

      Pits and terriers breeds are not bad! They are known for their compassion more than any violent act that any dog, animal or human can cause. One sided and uneducated comments cause this type of fear about Pits and other Bull breeds. Know before you blow!

    • EricaLee says:

      Im sorry that happened to your brother but if u havent noticed this article is suppose to be about good things in the dog n people like you are the reason they get this name and after that have u or your brother ever been attacked again!? Probably not,it all depends on the owner of the dog and studies have shown more kids and adults have been attacked by small breeds more then bigger breeds but the news never says anything about that..Read the facts before you judge!

    • Marissa wolf says:

      I was raised with pittbulls. I love them to death. Any dog can be dangerous. Don’t blame the breed for one dog doing wrong. It’s not completely the dog’s fault. I have two pittbulls. The oldest one I have we got her when she was an adult. She was beaten and fought so whenever I take her out I take careful attention. I make sure to keep her close to me on a tight leash but I make sure the leash doesn’t choke her. Whenever someone walks past I put myself in between them and hold onto the leash tight because she will try getting to them especially other dogs. I hold on tight and I stop walking so I can hold my balance. I wait for the people to walk past. I give people who try to approach a warning look and shake my head. But with my pittbull puppy that I have I let them pet her so she knows that other dogs and people shouldn’t be attacked but they can love her. I try teaching her that it’s ok for people to approach so that she knows not to attack. But if a burglar tried breaking into my house by all means I’m letting the older pittbull loose on him/her.

    • Lor says:

      And I can’t stand closed minded people like you!! Do you know how many kids have been bitten by little dogs, labs, shepards, golden retrievers, etc… Judge the deed not the breed.

    • beccamarie says:

      My family had been traumatized many times by ruthless owners of pits. I ve been attacked my self when I was 11. No trust not today or next year or the next 10 years.

    • Calisa says:

      Im so sorry that happened to your brother, but any dog that is mistreated or taught to be like that will do it. My grandson was recently attacked by his neighbors dog, a mutt, had to get stitches in his face… I have a pit bull that is everything it says in the list above and I have 3 grandchildren that she grew up with and she loves those kids… The difference is we have loved her like one of the children and she has returned it. Its all in how you raise them… I’ve seen Dobermans and a Shepherd attack people before without warning, so its definitely an owner issue… Again I’m very sorry about your brother.

    • ken says:

      What about the people that just rendomly attack people. Does that make all people bad

    • Diana says:

      Ther is no such thing as a bad dog Only bad Owners!!!!!!!! Be more responsible!!!!!!!!

    • mac says:

      I was attacked by one cat one time. So by your standards I should hate all cats. Even though I’ve been around hundreds of other cats that never tried to harm me so, if I were small minded like you I would judge all cats harshly for the actions of one. Dogs reflect the disposition of it’s owner so if you’re going to hate, then hate on the pos that owned the dog. Truth be told the human taught the dog to be aggressive. By the way God Bless you. Do you know that God loves stupid people? It’s true, why else would he have made so many of you.

    • joseph lafrance says:

      they are not disgusting unlike you , if anyone is to blame its the owner, dogs do what they do, the owner should have had control of the dog, yea bash the breed stupid.

    • Nicole thinks ur stupid says:

      I got bit by several different chihuahuas. Hate those damn things. Totally need to be outlawed. By the way I was attacked by a white man so all of them need to be euthanized too. Wow that really does sound as stupid as I thought!

    • Beth Rook says:

      SO true!! Every night I wake up clinging to the edge of the bed with 160 pounds of pit bull love as one to me as they can get. No moving them over either!!! Thanks Tater and Dosie Doe! The bed is all yours!

    • your close minded says:

      That doesn’t mean it was the breed you retard! It was either the owner, or that specific pitbull! Not every pit just attacks. If a golden retriever Attacked you, would you say the whole breed was bad, or just that dog? I now think every human is a retard because of you… see how stupid that is? Get a brain you idiot!

    • Sylvia says:

      I am sorry to hear about your brother, but you can not hold all dogs in the breed responsible for what one dog did.

    • rickthomas says:

      Some men rape women. Does that mean all men are rapists? You can’t blame entire breed like that. I’ve been bitten 1000+ times by little dogs. The only reason they’re not put down is because they are small. Little dogs attack people waaaaay more frequently than any other breeds.

    • Michaela says:

      It’s people like you that need to be left out of this world. It is not the breed it is the owner. It’s like blaming a child for being bad. It is not their fault it is the parent. Get your facts straight. I have a boxer pit bull who is the most beautiful well behaved dog. They are not disgusting breeds. Don’t shut out the whole Breed for one owner not teaching their dog right. Labs and Shepards have a higher bite rate then a Pit. I understand that was a bad experience but don’t shut out the whole breed. Go adopt one and I guarantee you’ll fall in love.

    • Mandy says:

      So what you’re saying is you hate pit bulls because they bit your brother.?? My question to you, what if it was another breed?? Would you hate that breed as well or are you just the typical person who likes to stereotype the breed?? Trained right and loved right there is nothing wrong with the breed. I’ve had friends and family who were stereotypical just like you about the breed, met my dogs and changed there minds on them. Any dog can attack, people need to stop bashing this breed!!!

    • vincent vm says:

      How exactly are they disgusting dogs you sound like another tool right out of the shed that doesnt know what your talking about i own 4 pitbulls and their the cutest dogs ever and mostró handsome ps choke on a. Dick you prick

  3. Tricia says:

    Many pit bulls can say they have had their ears cut up by humans, there are many disgusting humans out there. The more people I meet, the more I love my dog, she’s a pit bull. <3

    • bett says:

      =) dogs are the best, cutting ears and tails is barbaric.

      • MrBlitz says:

        I had my full blooded American Staffordshire terriers ears cropped bc it is a breeding standard just like Great Danes ,boxers, dobies… What’s the difference I would never fight my dog and I am a very responsible owner who trains pits.. But my Male with his ears done looks soooooo fkn good.. I wouldn’t do it to a female I don’t think … Barbaric tho?

        • pitsaver says:

          Very barbaric have you ever grabbed n squeezed a dogs ear? If you have you know how sensitive they are unless you have multiple genital piercings I’m guessing you don’t like pain either so why would you make your dog suffer thru that? For the looks?!? I like tattoos they look bad @$$ but I’m pretty sure if I got my toddler tattooed I’d be judged n charged with a crime n so should you sir!

    • joseph lafrance says:

      amen to that

  4. jr whitlock says:

    I total am a pit lover there is one thing people need ta understand mean dogs aren’t born they r made I hav a 135 pound American red nose that thinks he’s a lap dog & me & my 3 kids love him like no other he is the sweetest most loving pit I have ever owned his only problem is when he sees him self n the mirror he runs if he knew what he was he’d b scared of him self lol point bein u treat Ur pit like he’s family instead of like a animal he will act like family instead of a animal pitty owner till the end

  5. Paul B. Paine says:

    Pitbulls used to be used as nannies for rich people’s children. The only thing wrong with some pitbulls is some of their owners!! Some owners should be put down.
    Paul B. Paine from Victoria, BC

    • ryan says:

      Pitbulls were breed for fighting

      • Ociefus Bain says:

        And again, your wrong. They were bred for initially for hunting and herding. The emphasis of the breed was placed on muscularity not for fighting other dogs but for helping hold down large animals. Similar in nature to the Labrador which was bred to retrieve game birds for the hunter. The pit bull breed was bred to assist hunters and butchers control large animals…not to kill them…to hold them. They actually have one of the best temperaments of any dog and have the patience of Job when it comes to being poked and pestered. This is the primary reason why they were used as Nanny Dogs. They had the protective instincts to keep children safe and the patience to tolerate child behavior. Again, try using facts and logic rather than idiotic assertions.

        • Chihuahuaking says:

          Pit Bull Terrier
          The Pit Bull Terrier was created by breeding Old English Terriers and Old English Bulldogs together to produce a dog that combined the gameness of the terrier with the strength and athleticism of the bulldog.[6] These dogs were bred in England, and arrived in the United States where they became the direct ancestors of the American Pitbull Terrier. In the United Kingdom pit bulls were used in bloodsports such as bull baiting, bear baiting and cock fighting.

          • Jessica says:


          • ashlee says:

            You left out the part were the settlers used them as nanny dogs, now days they are more often used as drug sniffing and service dogs. You can find this information on any breed website. Just love how a put a spin on a dog breed when you pretty much own a cat :)

        • adam says:

          actually they were used as catch dogs on farms and ranches but were and still are bred as a fighting dog. there primary breeding is to fight

      • Tyler Smart says:

        You dumbass. Do research. I hate you

      • Jessica says:

        you can’t even use the correct tense of the word in a sentence, it’s “bred” fyi. Way to make people take you seriously.

        • Shayla LaPoint says:

          You are being lazy and have been lazy, if you can not simply “google” your own source. And the mistaken use of a word does not take away from the fact he is right. The cause of your ignorance in the misjudgment of this breed is humans, which are the real monsters, who have trained these dogs, this breed, to be fighters, but other dogs are used for fighting as well. I will not entertain you with a source. Because I have provided you the tools on how to obtain one!

      • Eva Nagy says:

        If that was true why Michael Vick had0 to electricute, starve and almost drown them to make them fight?? How is possible that many of them passed the temperament test and was able to be adapted by families with children or became working dogs…

        • Abby says:

          Excellent points!!! Those dogs were trained specifically to fight and *still* were able to be adopted as family pets!
          By the way, everytime I read a story about one of those dogs in their new homes I cry! Haha!

      • Ren says:

        In the early 1900′s they were bred by the wealthy as nanny dogs. They took care of their children.

      • slimjim says:

        Wrong they where bread as a hunting dog

      • Adrienne says:

        Wrong they were used as guards for children, cart pullers, and boar hunters. Fighting was introduced later in the 1800′s after animal baiting was outlawed by the animal cruelty act that was placed in effect in the UK dog fighting was introduced as a replacement sport since the act did not cover dogs. From there humans bred the dogs to fight. That was not the original purpose for the breed.

      • pitsaver says:

        My god if you believe that you are as ignorant as your statement is they were bred for sitting with children while their parents farmed the fields they are so strong n protective cause they needed to defend the children against any wild animals that may wonder across them

  6. Paul B. Paine says:

    In the sixties German Shepards were the most evil dogs this side of hell, in the seventies dobermans were the devil dogs of choice, in the nineties it was the Rotties, you could find horror stories about every big dog breed in the world

    • ryan says:

      More deaths by pitbulls then any of those dogs combined

      • mrs.vice says:

        People like u are the reason the world is the way it is. OK dude your right and everyone is wrong. Your misinformation has you lost. How bout do a little research before commenting on something you know nothing about.

        • intrepid277 says:

          Actually.. on this point he’s right. Pitbulls ARE in fact responsible for 93% of deaths resulting from dog bites.

          Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all pits are terrible and evil, and those that are were probably made that way by people, but the fact Ryan stated is, in reality, a fact.

          • Critter70 says:

            If you are going to give numbers like that you need to tell us what study it is from. From what I have found it looks like you just pulled it out your arce.

          • Suzi Owens says:

            No it is not a fact. Those stats come from They cite numbers based on incorrect reports and media hype.

          • Suzi Owens says:

            And they are not even ‘stats.’

          • Jessica says:

            Perhaps in whatever country you may live in that could be true. But definitely not in America. No, sadly that award goes to Rottweilers, a powerful breed that too often winds up in the wrong hands

          • Jessica says:

            Source, please.

          • Eva Nagy says:


          • Jung bunny says:

            Have you actually checked into this?! Cause in school we were looking over the cases that were submitted and over half of the “Pitbulls” were in fact NOT. Some were like chihuahuas or different terriers mixes. They can say any mix is a Pitbull cause there is no real standard on the mixed breed! Then people like you believe everything they read without looking into it!!!

          • shawn says:

            93% of reported deaths by dog bites. and that does not account for abused dogs protecting them selfs or protecting their families I have been around Pit Bulls or any of the three breeds considered to be pitts 50 or 60 at a time and never met a mean one and I would get on the ground and toss them around.

          • ken says:

            Also. There are a lot of inbred pits out there. Wen you inbread any animal the mental stability is gone out the window.for example we had 3 gerbals. Within a couple weeks we had over a dozen. We only bought the 3. Within a couple days we had one and a lot of dead half eaten ones. They went crazy and ate each other instead of there food Pits are the most commonly inbred dog.

      • Critter70 says:

        Show me where you get your facts. What study? Acording to who?

      • Ociefus Bain says:

        Congratulations you have managed to use statistics to selectively prove your point. The reasons for those statistics have nothing to do with the dog being “evil” it has to do with the popularity of the breed. There are more pitbulls then all of those dogs combined. That would be as idiotic as saying most fatalities in the U.S. are White people so clearly white people must be prone to more life threatening issues. Statistics without contextual research are meaningless. Another way to look at it is this. There are liars, Damn Liars, and Statisticians.

      • alex says:

        Saying “pitbulls were bred for fighting” over and over while people present FACTS to you doesn’t make you right. It makes you look like am uneducated moron.

        • Chihuahuaking says:

          Pit Bull Terrier
          The Pit Bull Terrier was created by breeding Old English Terriers and Old English Bulldogs together to produce a dog that combined the gameness of the terrier with the strength and athleticism of the bulldog.[6] These dogs were bred in England, and arrived in the United States where they became the direct ancestors of the American Pitbull Terrier. In the United Kingdom pit bulls were used in bloodsports such as bull baiting, bear baiting and cock fighting. THERE IS SOME FACTS FOR YOU FROM WIKIPEDIA.

          • Lisa says:

            Wikipedia is your source? Wikipedia? Here is a direct “citation” from Wikipedia: Wikipedia is not considered a credible source. Wikipedia is increasingly used by people in the academic community, from freshman students to professors, as an easily accessible tertiary source for information about anything and everything. However, citation of Wikipedia in research papers may be considered unacceptable, because Wikipedia is not considered a credible or authoritative source.
            This is especially true considering anyone can edit the information given at any time:

          • hannahbobanna89 says:

            From Wikipedia? ! Anyone, including dumbasses, can post on Wikipedia. Do some real research that involves you to do more than use a Google search bar, and you may get people to listen. Until then, keep wasting your breath with opinions of what other people have posted.

      • Elaine Dean Smith says:

        Well the way I see it is more death by man than all the dogs combined…. Animals act according to the way they are taught…. That’s my story and I`m sticking to it..

      • Adrienne says:

        What that is saying is per bite there are more deaths from pit bites than anything else, which is wrong by the way the dog with the highest fatalities is the rottie according to dogpress, but that is not shocking what will do more damage a thumbtack to the chest or knife to the chest? Bully breeds have more power behind those jaws compared to chihuahuas and cocker spaniels so they will do more damage in a shorter amount of time. Another comparison what will do more damage to a house a bike crashing into it or an 18 wheeler crashing into it.

      • ken says:

        Correction u only here about pit attacks. Its all for hype. Half the attacks u hear about arnt even pits

    • Ron Martin says:

      I’ve had every breed and nonbreed known to mankind. My STAFFIE is the kindest, friendliest and most affectionate dog that I have ever had.

      To think that I hesitated to adopt her because her ears had been cropped. My best BUD!!

  7. Rachel says:

    To the folk who have some bloody sob story about ‘how I got attacked by a pit/rott/Dobie’, cry me a damn river. You want to know how often I get bit by the freaking ankle biters? I work with pits and numerous other ‘dangerous’ breeds because I’ve worked at an animal shelter for nearly 5 years. Yeah, a few of the ‘dangerous’ breeds have tried to bite too. You want to know why? Because jackasses decide to over breed them (as well as inbreeding), breed them for the aggression, or will beat them to show them ‘who’s dominant’. News flash, when you beat a dog for for that your only teaching them to stop giving warning. The only reason it’s a big damn deal that the bully breeds have bit is because it hurts, but I can garentee more Chihuahuas, yorkies, and other ankle biters have bit than the big dogs. The worst thing a pit has ever done to me was knock me on my ass because it was so happy to be let out of the kennel.

    • uoflfan says:

      I adored my Pit, Lori, who passed away a few years ago at the age of 15. She was the calmest and easiest to train of any of my many canine companions. My cousins’ damn Chihuahuas were the meanest dogs I’ve come across and bit me regularly.

  8. Jay says:

    #12. At any given point they are known, more than any other breed of dog, in spite of whether they’re bred to be mean or the sweetest dog ever, to revert to their primal instincts and rip your child apart, or tear off a body part, so much that insurance companies will cancel your policy if they find out you have one, due to an excessive amount of multi-million dollar lawsuits against property owners for owning such a dangerous animal after their pit bull injured someone…

    Oh but it’s cool, I’m sure yours won’t ever do that…I’d bet some child’s life or your entire livelihood on it…

    • Jay says:

      Oh, and I’d also create a website obviously touting the people whose lives have been affected or ruined by such a common occurrence to react, making light of a real, known issue, making fun of the people who don’t trust the breed because they lost a child, or in yeahidontthinkso’s case, whose brothers life was affected by an attack at the age of 6, and then belittle their experiences by telling them to have an open mind. I’m sure your response is going to have the guy immediately reconsider his understandable outlook and go dangle his baby in front of a pit bull.

      • And you are the type of person who raise a dog to be full of hate. Dogs can sense and will simulate their humans state. Please, never get any type of dog. You would ruin them.

        • John says:

          Please don’t start the dog vs. baby war already.You are tknailg about a DOG he has no way of knowing that toys he can get at are not for him why would he?You need to keep your baby’s toys where your dogs can’t get to them, not start a problem of dog vs. baby (one of the biggest reasons dogs get dumped when the new baby arrives).Not the dog’s responsibility, it’s yours. Please think this through and don’t make an issue where there is none just keep the baby toys out of reach, you should be monitoring the dogs with the baby at all times anyway and it’s not exactly sanitary to have the baby and his toys where the dogs can lick either.

        • liz mayard says:

          maybe thats my why bichon is so chill. i want a pitt bull so bad!

      • Ampitk9 says:

        You need to educate your dumbass on statistics and quit talking out of your ass my friend!

    • Toby says:

      That is the biggest load of crap. Everything you just said sounds like the same tired lies I’ve heard from everyone else who has zero pit bull experience or knowledge. In fact, it is the exact OPPOSITE of what you’re saying. They are well known (among those who know what they’re talking about) to have been bred for extreme obedience and loyalty to people. If they were unpredictable with people as a breed, how would the loser thugs who fight them, be able to control them?

    • Jenn says:

      Do you have some facts, please? Some links to back up your ridiculous claim that “they are known, more than any other breed of dog…revert to their primal instincts and rip your child apart”.

    • Eva Nagy says:

      Whatever_i am pretty sure you don’t even know any pit bull…
      I was as ignorant as you are before I met my daughter’s pitty and took my time to learn about the breed___not from myth& media making them out to be monters..
      We are checking facts like no locking jaw, comparing bite power, temperament test….they score about the same level as Golden Retrivers lol
      How come the breed was used as ‘nanny dogs’in the 19th century??

    • Adrienne says:

      Hey my blue nose cross submits to my eight year old cat and my parents ,now deceased, chi weenie. The only time she has ever been remotely aggressive is backing a robber out of my house when I was home alone one night. She is the sweetest dog I have ever had and loves her daddy so much she rushes outside and jumps into the car every time he comes home. Because of people like you she has to stay in a pen in our yard when we are not home for fear of some random person killing her because she is an “aggressive” dog. The only aggression she has ever shown is the robber incident and when jumping into dads car to LICK his face off.

  9. Lauren says:

    All of the pitbulls I have met in my life have always been extremely sweet. Any problems that involve pitbulls are the owners fault because they didn’t train them properly. They could own a dog that is known for having a very calm, sweet temperment, but if they don’t train them right, the same problems can happen. Don’t blame the dog.

  10. Van S says:

    I love pit bulls…They get a bad rap because of their owners. Any dog can be made into a vicious beast……

    • Nina Mullis says:

      I agree. Pits do get a bad rap. I’ve owned pit bulls since I was 9 years old. The first two pit bulls I ever had were puppies from parents who were known fighters, my family was terrified when we got our first PitBull Kira, because of the man who owned her parents fought dogs. Kira never once attacked any one or any other dog. It’s all on how they are raised. Our second PitBull Copper, we rescued, when we got him he was tore up from being fought, he was a year old. We trained him and broke him of what he was taught. He was the biggest baby in the world. With training, even while rough housing with him he never once used teeth or his nails. Again its based on how you raise him. We bred Copper and Kira and they had 7 beautiful puppies. None of them have ever been aggressive, or showed aggression. My babygirl Fonzi is one of Cooper and Kira’s puppies, she’s 4 years old now, she has never bitten, growled, or shown aggression towards anyone and anything. A pit bull or any dog’s behavior is all based on how they are raised. I’ve been bitten by a couple of Chihuahuas but never by ANY PITBULL.

  11. They will jump on the couch when you leave the house!!!

    • Werique says:

      then your dog will be fine. At this time of year just check to be sure they don’t get too cold, and a good thing to do in a run if they do get cold is to get a tunnel mtohued igloo house or make a long narrow wooden dog house and put in a thick layer of cedar shavings around the edges of the bed. This will keep them cozy even in some of the really cold weather. An adult dog will be content as long as you make sure that everyday they get plenty of exercise, mental stimulation/training, and quality time with you. Just be careful if your dog is not spayed or neutered as dogs will climb 8 foot fences and in rare cases mate through chain-link. So if your dog is not altered you would need a top and some sort of barrier around the bottom couple of feet.

  12. I love this!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  13. Jana says:

    As a huge animal advocate, I find it incredibly insensitive of people to assume that because a particular breed did something ungraceful, that the entire breed is bound to that behavior. Here’s a little story: Two years ago I was viciously mauled by a dog I was fostering. I had over 75 bites and 27 “significant” injuries. Care to know the breed? It’s everybody’s new favorite: The Labordoodle. I don’t know what horrible things happened to that animal before he came to our pack. And I was heartbroken to learn after the fact that I was not his first victim; thus, the authorities insisted he be put down. We are guardians, all of us, of our packs and as such we are solely responsible for what they learn and how they socialize. Don’t blame the breed – blame the Guardian.

    • ryan says:

      If it comes from inbreeding and an aggressive backround then sometimes u can’t train them to be trusting

      • Aileen Miles says:

        It is vanishingly rare for a dog to be born human-aggressive. It is something they learn from poor socialization.

      • Agnes says:

        There are some that have a skittish nature inherited through their mother but not all a responsible owner would find out how to deal I heard all the bad all out pitbull breed when I was younger until my ex bf brought my shadow home she is the sweetest thing you could ever meet but she does have stubborn streak that sometimes she tries to misbehave but I don’t hit her I put her in her kennel for all out bit then she figures it out on her own real fast she is smart all bound when I brought her home my dad who believed all the hype about pitbulls made all bound comment should put her down right now before she hurts someone three years later he absolutely adores her and I take her to visit all the seniors in his home the staff there give them treats to feed her I live in a small community where we don’t have a pitbull law they are considered equal to other breeds and yet there is a large population of them here as family dogs no attacks at all the only thing she has ever done is growl at my ex bf that was abusive towards me and not let him approach me she loves kids locks them all over but honestly no dog should be left alone with small children there was abusive baby killed in abusive local community by a pomeranian a small dog to judge an animal because someone trained them wrong or abused them is wrong those people should get treated the way they treat their dogs and anyone who thinks pitbulls are so horrible should watch the tv show pitbulls and parolees where the villabos rescue pitbulls you see dogs in such horrible condition yet they still love people I cry all time watching it if I ever get and other pitty I’d want to get one from Tia

    • Abby says:

      That’s horrible! I worked as a pet sitter for years and was only attacked once. It was a golden retriever! I blamed the owner. He kept leaving for week long trips and thought that 3 short visits a day was enough for this dog. The poor thing was incredibly stressed out and afraid. As usual, the cause can be traced back to the owner.

  14. Ivonne hdez says:

    My pitbull she is in the heaven….she loved to lick my soks until make a hole…she ate my food in 30 sec…i just answered the phone, i came back and no more food and she had a smile… i miss her

    • Ela says:

      I would never leave my dogs outside udttaenned. However, if you must, you need to have someone check on the dog frequently to make sure they are still in there, have not knocked over their water, have not attracted rodents with the kibble being outside, etc. I personally would never go over 8-9 hours.p.s. I am assuming this is a breed that can even be outside and enjoy it and assuming the weather is appropriate for the breed of dog that is being left outside. If the dog is an akita, then I would not call animal control as quickly as if I saw a min pin outside for more than a few min. udttaenned.

  15. hey jay,..slow ya roll!! I was bit at the age of 6 by a doberman pincher that had only 1 eye! Im a pitbull mommy and love my dog as if he was my child,..everyones experience with dogs in general are unique and not like any other, point is yes its horrible when people die or get severely hurt by a dog,..but its not only pitbulls,trust & believe that! My dog now is our 6th pitbull weve owned and he is the sweetest lil guy you wld ever meet.I was dragged and bit by tht doberman at age 6, so I know how traumatic it can be FACT! BUT i do NOT hate dogs or think dobermans are bad dogs, neighbor has one and she plays with my dog daily, both of these lrg breeds play,..they also play with a little boston terrier,..whoem is my dogs best friend!Im sorry shit happens with dogs & people get hurt or die BUT that is plain ignorance…point blank period!!! So lets say u had a friend of an ethnic background and he murdered someone,..does that mean all people of the ethnic heritage are bad & will murder people???? NO!!! it doesnt…same freaking thing for dogs! I respect everyones opinions,..this happens to be mine and u have urs..opinions are like assholes,..everyone has one!! I get it,..& to the person whos brother got part of his ear bit off by a pitbull,..sorry for ya and ya brother,..BUT fall back with all that pitbulls are ugly shit cause really they are 1 of the most beautiful animals inside and out,how wld u like someone saying ur child is disgusting looking!!?? Not so much huuh??…all im saying is dnt be a band wagon jumper and go on ur own experiences,..NOT what someone tells u or u hear,..this breed is very loving loyal and very much a family dog,..ohh and if the dog bit ur brother cause he was runnin rampid all over without a leash,..well then wht tht tells me is he obv was NOT raised right,..cause NO way in hell wld my pitbull be off a leash running rampid,..thts called a responsible parent!& clearly who evers dog tht was were clearly not,..and prolly shldnt of even had the dog to begin with! A pitbull does NOT become a beast until its “master” makes it one!…and fyi…i get snipped at growled at barked at and even bit from a neighbors dog,..idk wht kind it is but its small like a apsolapso or wht ever,..and my dog has never so much as done any of those things to any other animal or human! ok lol im done now

  16. Love this. So true. My baby girl is six years old now. She is my heart. They make great therapy dogs. Roxy can sense when I am on the verge of a panic attack and helps me through it with lots of hugs and kisses.

  17. Diana says:

    LOL Loved it .. but ya know that explains my dog too and she’s not a PB.
    All dogs can be that way if they are brought up/ or rescued (such as mine) and shown love, compassion, patience, trust and respect as they live in the moment. Not yesterday or tomorrow or even an hour from now; but they remember if they are treated with disrespect like an elephant will they remember. I see those dogs on those tv commercials and I cry, hug my dog and thank goodness I have her in my life !!

    Thanks for sharing the top 10 and the laughs !!

  18. John says:

    When you think of Pitbulls, you think of a dog that is aggressive and moody. Well, I’ve met multiple pitbulls who were not even close to it. People ostracize the breed, due to the sterotype that they will hurt and harm you and your family.. It’s not the dogs fault that they were raised poorly. For example; you can’t blame a kid who never learned against doing bad things, it’s the parents fault alone. Owners are at fault, dogs can be aggressive when threatened.

  19. AWWWWW yeah! this is SOO good!!!! I am so going to have to reference this one day!

  20. Laura says:

    I’ve been attacked by a dog once. It wasn’t too bad, I only had some bruises. But it was a Chow, which, to this day, are my favorite breed.

    In high school, my friend had a Chow. Her family had kind of a hard time controlling him, though he was generally a good dog, and gentle around younger kids. The first time I went over to her house to hang out, he postured and refused to let me into the house (understandable, I was a stranger, after all), even after his family told him to back down. I stood my ground (I owned a pack of 8 mutts at that time in my life), and when he advanced, I tackled him, threw him onto his back and bit his throat. Like, literally, I put my teeth to his skin. He cowered away from me after that and I was the only one who could get him to do certain things, even though they’d owned him for at least a decade by that point. I told them that the reason he misbehaved so much is that they were subconsciously afraid of him, and I wasn’t.

    I might be leery of dogs, but I am never afraid of them.

    That said, I have never met a mean Pit Bull.

  21. nemefeme says:

    Most loyal dog in the world. That’s why their rep is so bad. They’re tirelessly loyal to their human; and that can be a good or bad thing depending on what human owns them. But no dog will love you like a pit bull.

  22. Brian says:

    I disagree with this, yes alot has to do with the owner……..BUT a PIT BULL was bread for one thing, fighting and killing!!!! It is in the name PEOPLE!!!! Stop trying to protect these dogs with pitty parties. Also yes many dogs bite but these dogs tear maim and dont listen to commands to stop or release their victims. Even beating it with a stick or bat wont get it off its intended victim. Im sure there are some good pits out there but most are unstable. My friend had a pitbull treated it great and trained as a family dog, one day it decided to attack the owners wife and himself so he himself had to slice the dogs throat in his home. These dogs are cross bread over and over and over with its brothers or sisters etc to get the ultimate fighting strong ruthless pitbull. It is unfortunate this has become like this and you can thank all those dog fighting people and stupid gangster owners for ruining this dog. It is also unfortunate that the bad apples from these dogs end up in public hands to unknowing owners. Instead of getting a pitbull get the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Its time to phase out Pitbulls for good

    • Jenn says:

      A Staffordshire Bull Terrier IS a ‘pit bull’.

    • Kim says:

      Alright so, Brian, I’d like to start off with this…

      Bread: a kind of food made of flour or meal that has been mixed with milk or water, made into a dough or batter, with or without yeast or other leavening agent, and baked.

      Bred: the past-tense of breed.

      I’d also like to say that the term “pitbull” refers to many different dogs (as does the term retriever), but I believe you’re speaking about the American Pit Bull Terrier or the American Staffordshire Terrier. With that being said, the “Pit Bull Terrier” wasn’t actually “bred” for fighting and killing. The first fighting breed was actually the beloved Bull Terrier (ya know, Spudz McKenzie? You mention a Staffordshire Bull Terrier in your post, is that what you’re attempting to refer to? The Spudz dog? Because the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is, in fact, classified as a Pit Bull). American Pit Bull Terriers were actually known as the first nanny dogs, used by families to keep their children safe. They were also used to lure bulls away from fighters. They were actually bred as farm-hands, and great farm-hands they were, seeing as they’re very obedient (so much so that DBs can easily USE them for fighting), and truly love to work for their owners. Where you’re correct is that Pitbulls are in fact cross-bred, although I believe the term you mean is inbred (not bread, as cross-bread may be something like pumpernickel, which I believe is some type of rye mix), as are way too many of the dogs in today’s world, due to irresponsible breeders, and by no fault of the dogs’. I mean, hell, the rescue I volunteer with recently adopted out a group of “Morkies” who were the result of an intact father with an intact daughter. In conclusion, I’d like to say that any breed can attack, at any time. Not sure if you saw the recent article about the collie that has permanently disfigured a small child, the grandson of the collie’s owners. Don’t be so quick to judge a certain breed – as a trainer I try to think of them just as dogs, not as breeds.

    • Rose says:

      You are very misinformed brian, pitbulls were not bred for fighting, they were bred as working dogs and nanny dogs, I too at 1 time would not think of ever owning a pitbull or rot, but a mixed pit/rot changed my mind and I now own 2 pure bred ,pits and I wouldn’t change them for anything in the world, they love my children and my grandchildren, they protect my grandchildren all the time, so why don’t you get educated about them instead of believing all the bad things you hear, because any dog can bite someone

    • Nichole says:

      Before you JUDGE the breed for that attack, look at your bloodlines….the dog was probably inbred somewhere down the line, hence causing the brain to “snap” in this instance….Its still not the dogs fault…These dogs were NOT ” BREAD” as you so illiterately put it! Do your research! They were bred to be family protecting, children loving family dogs back in the day, presidents and heads of state have owned them and they were put in charge helping keep an eye on the children and their safety as well as protection! They were Nanny dogs. Leave it up to Ignorant wanna be thugs to tarnish their reputation. Blame them and the millions of Backyard breeders who dont care that their dam n sire are RELATED!!! Inbreeding causes instability in genetics!

    • Michelle Beasley Dunbar says:

      Brian you are an idiot for All dogs you have to look at the breeding as well as the training inbreeding can cause problems like you stated above BUT THAT IS ANY DOG I dont care if its a Chihuahua or a Great Dane or a Pit Bull. I have a Pit and a Chihuahua and I tell people be more leary of the dern Chihuahua cause he is the one thats gonna bite and he has nipped at people and we have had both of them since pups and they were raised the same the Chihuahua tried to bite my Pit tried to give them kisses

      • LOL! Chihuahas are one dog I am personally afraid of! :-) Curious, we have had an awful lot of visitors to today — where did you see this posted — we can tell it was from Facebook, but would like to personally thank the person that shared our link! THANK YOU for your comment and love of the pitties!

    • Musked says:

      Plus they’re bloodless money grubbing freaks that own all the banks! Sieg Heil!

    • Joseph Michaud says:

      I can’t believe such an ignorant response. Obviously you did no research whatsoever on the breed. Dachshunds bite more people per year than any other breed. It’s just that people don’t usually report bites from small dogs. Especially their own dogs. Of course, Pits, Rotties, Dobermans, Mastiffs, etc. have a higher bite fatality rate! They are dogs bred for strength & guardianship. However, you are wrong about them being bred for killing. Only ignorant, cruel people who have no hearts do that. They were originally bred to herd cattle. Google something. It doesn’t take long. I am the proud owner of a 7 month old, 70 lb, male Pit Bull, named Zeus. He’s the best dog I’ve ever owned, & doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He let’s the cat & the Pomeranian put him in his place. All he wants is loving, & to love, & he’s great around kids. Judge the deed, not the breed. ANY dog can be mean, if trained to be. It’s all in how you raise them. By the way, MY Pit Bull, Zeus, is a registered therapy dog in the state of Vermont.

    • bran says:

      actually do some more research the term “pit bull” was originally coined when people brought the Stafforshire terrier here from england and put them in rings or “pits” to chase and fight rodents originally. People then realized how they could change the dogs behavior to fight other dogs. And your friend obviously didn’t do something right, I have personally rehabilitated hundreds of dogs in my long career in the shelters and vet offices and as a dog trainer. The term “pit bull” also encompasses a number of different breeds including the Staffordshire terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier, as well as most Mastiffs. More Chihuahuas, Rat terriers, Yorkies, Pomeranians, etc little dogs, have attacked people, but b/c the “Pit bull” can do more damage they are more commenly in the news. Just 2 years ago, in our community there was a Jack Russell Terrier that attacked and killed a 6 DAY OLD baby, and for some odd reason that wasn’t plastered all over the news like a “pit bull” attack would have been. The name doesn’t mean a thing. The dogs are wonderful and can be rehibilated if you have the time and patience to work through their problems.

    • Ociefus Bain says:

      Any attempt to “phase out” my pitbull will uncover the truth about the breed. There is FAR more to fear from the owner then the dog.

    • Tiff says:

      They we’re not bread for fighting and killing they were bread as baby sitters look it up Nanny dogs ignorebt humans decided they would fight them this is we’re owner stupidity comes in

  23. KMAC says:

    I have known a few really nice pit bulls, and I was always the first to stick up for them. I have never lived in a City with a lot of pits before now, but in the past two years my dog and I have been attacked by several pits completely unprovoked. My little mini pinscher ( very well socialized and not aggressive at all) was attacked a couple times at the dog park while sniffing unleashed pits (off leash is supposed to mean friendly), and two time in one day he was sound asleep in the sunshine in the doorway at my work and a leased pit bull broke away from its owners and attacked him, chasing him into my store. I had to go into the middle of them to grab my dog and hide in the dressing room. If min-pins weren’t such quick little guys who knows what would have happened. Both times the owners were nice normal people who couldn’t understand what happened because there dog is always gentle and had never done something like that before. I grew up with German Shepard, and I am not afraid of big dogs, but after my experiences I just don’t trust any pits. If I see one, I immediately pick up my dog and move to the other side of the street. I’m sure they aren’t all bad, but too many of them are for my comfort.

  24. ElBie says:

    It is a COMPLETE misconception that pitbulls were bred for fighting. As stated above, they were bred as working dogs, and largely nanny dogs- i.e.) to watch over and protect their families. Just because people started using the bully breeds for dog fighting- which is a disgusting abomination, by the way- doesn’t mean that they were “bred” for it.

    I was attacked by a german shepherd when I was young. I was bitten in the face and left with permanent scarring, although thanks to an amazing doctor it’s not easily visible. I would never in a million years assume that ALL german shepherds are bad because of my incident. If anything, it’s made me even more passionate in my belief that, in general, the OWNER is the problem. NOT the dog.

    It never ceases to break my heart when I see people being so hateful towards a living creature for how they were born, be it a dog or a human or a cockatiel.

    • Helene Shepsky says:

      Pitts are the most gentle, mind, loving and loyal dogs I have ever had. Hate that because some really evil, greedy men have taken thes dogs and tortured them and made them fight to the death. They weeren’t given a choice. Men like Michael Vick who admitted to torturing, electrocuting, hanging and drowning 64 dogs because they didn’t fight hard enough for him. He didn’t spend a single day in jail for that horrific act. His money and noteriety got him a plea deal. Now he has a new sportswear line coming out called “V7″. Please boycott the stores who sell this line of clothing. Maybe through his pocket we can make him pay for what he did to those beautiful loving animals.

      • Will Bredlau says:

        He spent 2 years in federal prison he was found guilty. The men that where apart of the ring took plea deals for house arrest. He was wrong and has admitted being wrong and now works with the ASPCA to raise awareness with inner city youth to help prevent it from happening in the future

        • Carl P. says:

          That doesn’t bring the dogs back.

        • Cheri Dixie Chieffo says:

          No….he only spent a year in prison and due to a plea deal he spent no time for the crime of dog fighting. His sentence was for federal tax evasion. He did One small deal with the aspca as a part if the plea deal. He has shown no recourse for what he did and attempted to get out of paying the miniscule amount he did for the care of the dogs he tried to destroy.

          • Critter70 says:

            No…. He spent 21 months in prison and 2 months house arrest. Don’t kid your self he went to jail for dog fighting, they can call it what they want, no dog fighting no jail.

          • maxiemom says:

            He went to jail on RICO charges for setting up and running an interstate gambling ring involving thousands of dollars per, multiple states, and many people – he didn’t do a single day for dog fighting, nor did he pay one single dime for it.

            He was let off COMPLETELY on dog fighting charges, which were state charges then, only doing federal time per a plea deal or he would have been in jail for YEARS where he belonged, unable to play football. The only people who paid anything for dogfighting were his co-conspirators and, in reality, the dogs he killed.

            Stop kidding yourself. He did no time for the dogs– RICO charges are not the same thing.


          • Deven Johnston says:

            Of course he went to jail on Rico charges, what he was doing qualified as an ongoing criminal enterprise. However, you don’t just charge someone with Rico. There has to be a crime, such as dog fighting

          • maxiemom says:

            Wow, how dense are you? The criminal enterprise they charged him with was setting up a GAMBLING ENTERPRISE THAT EXTENDED OVER INTERSTATE LINES INVOLVING THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, ,which is a RICO charge.

            They did NOT charge him with dogfighting. He did not serve one single day for ANYTHING connected to what he did to those dogs, only for SETTING UP A COMPLICATED, ILLEGAL GAMBLING ENTERPRISE.

          • WFU86 says:

            Gambling on what? Dog fighting!

          • maxiemom says:

            Wow, genius! That isn’t the same thing as paying one day in the slammer for what he did to the dogs! All he did was pay for setting up a gambling enterprise on watching dogs tear each other apart at his command— would you rather someone put it that way?

            The dogs were his VICTIMS and had no choice in the matter. THEY paid for his crimes and what he did to them. He certainly didn’t.

          • WFU86 says:

            You’re missing my point. Generally when Feds prosecute RICO cases it’s because they’re either more likely to get a conviction or the punishment is more severe. Perhaps it was easier to prove that he was part of the ring, than any specific act he might have committed. Vick spent ~18 months in prison and most any objective observer would say that it was for dog fighting.

            Was Al Capone a murdering gangster? Of course, but yet he went to jail for tax evasion. Because they knew they could convict.

          • maxiemom says:

            If he’d been prosecuted for dogfighting in this state he would have gone to jail for several years even in that part of the state with the evidence they had on him, which is why they DIDN’T prosecute him once he got out of federal prison. A lot of people, including me, think it wasn’t just that the prosecutor knew him, but that the NFL commissioner had something to do with it as well. By the laws of this state he should have been prosecuted once he got out of federal prison and it’s despicable that he didn’t spend a single day for what he did to those dogs because NO, being convicted on RICO statutes nowhere good enough. The RICO charges allowed idiots to walk around defending this scumbag pretending that he made ‘a mistake’ or that what he did wasn’t really all that bad. Most of them prefer to shut their eyes to the horrors that vermin committed. It’s sickening. He’s hidden behind that RICO shield just like he’s hidden behind their ignorance.

          • Shawn Blagg says:

            Just shut up, already. You suck.

          • maxiemom says:

            Wow. You’re obviously an idiot.

          • Guest says:

            You’re an idiot, cat lady maxi mom, justice was not served. The man should have been tortured the same way he did those animals with self awareness. That would be justice a learning experience and a warning of prevention.

          • maxiemom says:

            Excuse me, you DOLT, where did I say ‘justice was served’ for that scumbag? Where could you possibly have read me saying that ANYWHERE? Can you read at all, or are you simply unable to follow the thread of who is arguing with whom?

            Just to be clear, I’m the one who thinks Vick (and every other dogfighter) should have been hanged, whereas gary and his ilk think the man ‘served his time’ etc.

            Apologize and go after THEM- they’re the idiots, not me.

          • rhonda says:

            I guess it is because the plays football that makes him above the law of beating and starving then killing dogs….no YOU SUCK….and you are heartless also

          • John Masina says:

            LoL! Exactly! She don’t get it.

          • gary says:

            Do you not understand the justice system? He took the deal for the ring for a lesser jail sentence! ! He served under different terms but his sentences was for the dog fighting….. if he didnt have the dog fighting charge all those other chargers would have been dismissed with home detention and fines, but he had to serve time under one of the charges. He chose to serve the time under that because it was the smallest amount of jail time. He was serving time for all of it but only uses one charge on the deal if he was sentenced for all the charges he would still be in jail. Again if he didn’t get caught fighting dogs and killing them he wouldn’t have done a single day in jail.

          • maxiemom says:

            OMG— Yes, you IDIOT, I understand the ‘justice’ system. What YOU fail to understand is that he didn’t serve one day in this state because Virginia failed to prosecute him because the commonwealth attorney who should have done so KNEW him and CHOSE not to. They CLAIMED it would cost too much money to do so and even to extradite him from federal hands (Virginia courts are notoriously corrupt for those of us who understand the system, especially in that part of the state).

            In other words, they let him off the hook.

          • gary says:

            Wrong! You obviously don’t understand because you would know that he served time for one thing that he wouldn’t have if not for all his charges. Might not say he served for dog fighting or animal cruelty but he paid for it with out it actually being the cause.

          • maxiemom says:

            No, you’re wrong. You don’t know any of the facts here, so AGAIN, I suggest you learn them along with this language. The commonwealth attorney in his case (AGAIN– you obviously can’t read) CHOSE not to prosecute the dogfighting charges because he knew him. He was LET OFF. Had he been prosecuted as he should have been, he would have served several more years in a Virgina prison, as he should have done.

            Look it up. I am not going to argue with an ignorant fool who cannot write this language and who FAILS to read the articles dealing with this subject as well..

          • Shawn Blagg says:

            Are you this shrill in real life?

          • maxiemom says:

            Only when dealing with dolts: however, we don’t need to ask if you’re this stupid in real life because you’ve already answered that one.

          • Joshua Albert says:

            You go girl! I would almost guarantee that anyone arguments against these claims are from football fanatics. Vick commited an unspeakable act that hasn’t been punished on the same level that one of us commoners would have experienced. Ones status or job shouldn’t sway the justice system because it’s suppose to be a blind and unbiased process. In my opinion he should been dropped by the NFL as well as served the same time as us. Guys a fucking dirt bag and belongs in the dirt.

          • Jpap967 says:

            LMAO great ending to this convo Maxiemom

          • Kirk welch says:

            Are you the only one blessed or is the whole family cursed? Being an EX LEO I understand the difference between Municipal, County, State and Federal statutes. All she is saying is that if he had been charged under State instead of Fed. Statute he would have served more prison time. She is most likely right about the Prosecutor knowing him personally and not wanting to charge him under State Statue so he would serve a much shorter prison sentence. My guess is she knows the sys. better than you do as it appears she lives in WV. but really it’s the same sh*t anywhere. Money talks and BS walks.

          • L Sims says:

            Amen Maxiemom! People that think like that is why our society is the way it is!

          • Benjamin Bowen says:

            “The average is six months, but if you look at those numbers, you’ll see it’s hard for me to even get two months,” said Welch, a special prosecutor for animal fighting and cruelty cases in Virginia and a national expert on animal cruelty laws


            Under Rico charges you can get up to 20 years and it’s a Federal offense.


            Y’all need to do your hw..

          • maxiemom says:

            Under Virginia law, Vick should have been prosecuted for both dog fighting in Virginia and on RICO charges in federal court.

            It wasn’t an ‘either or’ proposition nor a choice of which one to prosecute: it was a FAILURE of the prosecutor to follow through because Vick was an acquaintance, friend, or whatever you want to call him, and they CHOSE not to get another prosecutor because they claimed it would cost too much despite the fact that it’s done all the time in this state.

            YOU’RE the one who needs to do his homework.

          • Benjamin Bowen says:

            Your missing the point. Dog fighters don’t do much time. Rico charges have a much harsher punishment.
            So he’d still get the same jail time as he did plus a couple months… You realize how irrelevant your argument is?

          • maxiemom says:

            No, yours is absolutely ridiculous and irrelevant when he should have served time for both, which is the point.

            And no, he would have served more than a couple of months in jail for dogfighting, considering all of the evidence they’d gathered against him which they normally don’t have against the average person.

          • Benjamin Bowen says:

            Lol I can’t tell if your trolling or if your just a hate filled person..
            I’m just giving you the facts. Find a case where any dogfighter has ever served 2 years.. then get back to me.

          • maxiemom says:

            I’m not a troll, but I’m firmly convinced you are, just as I’m equally convinced you don’t have the sense to do a quick google search to answer an easy question.

            If you actually knew what you were talking about, which you DON’T, you’d know that yes, people do spend serious jail time for dog fighting.

            The excuse your friend gave was a cop out. Since you were nice enough to call me hate filled, which was rather vile of you, let me tell you that it takes a really gullible person not only to fall for that BS and swallow it, but to fail to look into it as well.

            Some of us actually follow these subjects since we are involved in animal issues, which you clearly are NOT. You calling me a troll is laughable, since you fit the definition to a tee.

            Virginia, by the way, has some of the toughest animal cruelty laws on the books, which was true when that scum was indicted. Had he been tried, he would have done real time.






          • Benjamin Bowen says:

            He was a first time offender..
            And my Google search didn’t come up with any of those results. the only lengthy sentence I found also had the guy being convicted of distributing crack. I can see that you will argue this until your fingers bleed. A sentence of 20 years for fighting dogs sounds absurd and fake. When you Get 25+ for murder.. I appreciate that you actually took the time to look it up and link it. If you woupdve done so earlier I wouldn’t have even posted at all.
            This was the longest sentence I found for 20 years

          • Benjamin Bowen says:

            Actually.. all of your references have guys serving time for multiple felonies.. not just dogfighting..
            Dogfighting is just a small part of what they were convicted of.
            One of em had 17 felonies and served a 1/3 of his 100 year sentence..
            The others were all also drug dealers..
            So no. People don’t serve too much time for just dogfighting. It’s a heinous crime. But the sentencing isn’t that harsh.
            And don’t post from doglover sites it’s biased. If someone gets a big sentence it’ll be on a news site.
            I love dogs btw. Would never hurt one that’s not harming me or another person.
            How do you feel about dog and horse racing, bull fighting and cock fights?

          • maxiemom says:

            Too bad you’re obviously not bright enough to figure out that Vick was guilty of more than one felony.

            Doglover sights are just as good at posting how much time someone is given in jail as another site is: in fact, other sites are LESS LIKELY to post a story about it at all.

            Your questions about the other blood sports is STUPID to say the least. How do you think someone who feels this way about dogfighting would feel about bull fighting and cock fights?

            You really have to be ignorant to even ask that one: however, your entire set of posts have been just so.

          • Benjamin Bowen says:

            Whatever lady/dude/basement troll. Lol opinions are opinions. I happen to not care about yours. A slew of condescending remarks isn’t going to change anybody/anything.

          • Romeo Cologne says:

            Don’t feed the trolls. Everyone should ask themselves why a MV idolizer would come here to a Pitbull lover’s website to pick fights with commenters. TROLL ALERT. DONT FEED THE TROLLS!

          • jlb123 says:

            *you’re* a troll. Please, continue to destroy *your* argument with horrible grammar.
            It’s quite entertaining.

          • phranchise says:

            Michael Vick grew up in a family and a neighborhood and a community where dog fighting was common. His “friends” set up and ran the operation while he was playing professional football. If course he took part in it, but keep in mind this was part of how he was raised. At the time, he was THE face of the NFL, he was a player like no one had ever seen. He was also a huge endorsee of NIKE, there were NIKE ads constantly featuring Mike Vick. Not only was he in prison for almost two years, he lost all of that. He probably lost fifty million dollars because his partners turned on him. He DEFINITELY is sorry. Be a good Christian and take the man at his word and be forgiving.

          • maxiemom says:

            “He was THE face of the NFL, he was a player like no one had ever seen.’

            Not only have you drank the Kool-Aid, I see you manufacture it, too.

            Good grief, there were BETTER players than him long before he was born and scrambling quarterbacks BEFORE he ever played. There were also better quarterbacks WHILE HE WAS PLAYING, and certainly more popular and people who were more “the face of the NFL” than him. You’re way off the mark here as any sane person would tell you.

            As for the rest, I’ve gone into his not being sorry ad nauseum: it’s not my fault you’re too lazy to look up that interview to see just how he truly feels about this. You’re really gullible if you think he feels one ounce of guilt about any of it: the ONLY thing he’s sorry about is getting caught, which he made abundantly clear in that interview. LOOK IT UP, and while you’re at it, read not only his confession, but the indictment and other documents against him. Unless you’re heartless they should make you sick.

            Take him at his word? YOU do it and listen to that interview. Oh, and watch his reaction, too when one of the owners of one of the Vick dogs tells him he has one of his dogs, and the reactions is “he doesn’t care about your dog”…… Stop making excuses for this creep.

          • Julie Neff says:

            No he should of been charged and sentenced for the dog crimes. In your eyes and others he may have served for dog fighting but he did not in actuality. He served time for the RICO act and the other charges dropped. Are you all not listening or reading what maxiemom is saying? he DID NOT serve time for dog fighting when he should of after his federal charges of the rico act was finished. But he did not. Have you not watched some of the tv videos on him not caring what he did to the dogs? He shouldn’t even be allowed to play foorball in my eyes it’s like he is being rewarded. He should give a minimum of half his salary for the pitbull rescues in the US to make some kind of amends for what he did. Better if he was totured and treated the way he did them poor dogs. I am done and Maxiemom I so hear you but I would waste your time and breath on people who are not getting it. Just saying

          • John Masina says:

            LoL you and others had put it in the most simplest way and she still did not get it. SMH. I even pulled up records just to show her that he did do time and paid for it. What a tool…

          • Shawn Blagg says:

            What do you want? that they take him out back and shoot him?… The man is trying his best to make amends… You should too. Forgiveness is such a better trait than spite…

          • maxiemom says:

            Too bad you haven’t REALLY been paying attention, otherwise you’d know how ignorant that one is.

            When asked only a year and a half ago by an African American journalist if he were sorry for ANYTHING he’s done, his response was “No”.

            The journalist was shocked and silent for a moment. Then he said “Nothing?”

            Vick’s response? “I should have spent less time in prison, but you know, those people had to have their pound of flesh.”

            He STILL doesn’t get it and NO, he STILL isn’t sorry for one single thing he’s done! What makes it even worse is the idiots like you who defend and enable him to go along with this farce as if he were in earnest because it’s nauseating to people who actually pay attention.

          • jlb123 says:

            Dude, that guy never gave one shit about those dogs.

          • Romeo Cologne says:

            Shawn, the dogs he tortured and mutilated are still struggling day-to-day with what he did to them. He deserves no forgiveness. Where in your bible does God forgive Satan? Vick is a smug monster who blames animal activists for his problems.

          • Josh Pattison says:

            So put them down… if they’re suffering, end their pain…I’m sure you have done a thing or two in your past that you had to ask forgiveness for, no? And if you wanna bring up the bible you should probably get your facts straight. God forgives everyone. And no one sin is greater than any other. He fought some dogs, got punished for it and doesn’t do it anymore. It’s done and over and really fuckin old news. Maybe we all need to get a life and quit getting worked up over nothing

          • Anonymous D says:

            You are an ignorant twat. You are what is wrong with the world.

          • John Masina says:

            No you don’t understand… Seriously lady you don’t.

          • L Sims says:

            You’re sick!

          • gary says:

            EXACTLY! ! THANK YOU

          • Elle Douglas says:

            But the gambling existed BECAUSE of the dogfighting. Look, I’m no Michael Vick fan but he served time because of the dog rings. I’m not sure if he shows remorse or not. I don’t think he did a lot of the hands work (NOT THAT THAT EXCUSES HIM AT ALL) but I do know he donates $$ to animal causes and has done some PSAs about them.

          • Justin Braider says:


          • John Masina says:

            (Federal) 23 months in prison, three years probation following release; (State) fine and three-year suspended prison sentence upon condition of good behavior for 4 years beginning November 2008
            Criminal status Released on July 20, 2009 after servicing federal sentence, currently on probation (slated to expire in November 2012)
            Parents Michael Boddie, Brenda Vick
            Conviction(s) (Federal) Felony conspiracy in interstate commerce/aid of unlawful animal fighting venture (Title 18, USC, Section 371); (State) Felony dogfighting… Your the one dense here. This is proof. Case close…

          • maxiemom says:

            You JUST posted this, but had the absolute nerve to include the sentence “Released on July 20, 2009 after servicing federal sentence, currently on probation (slated to expire in November 2012)”

            YOU are the one who’s clueless here.

          • gary says:

            Wrong. He admitted to doing time for his involvement and openly said no dog fighting no jail.

          • maxiemom says:

            I’m not wrong about any of this. You know nothing, which you’ve proven already..

          • maxiemom says:

            Admitting to doing time for his involvement is NOT the same as saying he shouldn’t have done the time.

            Go to youtube and look for the video. It isn’t hard to find: look for it with a title like ‘Vick says he’s not sorry for ANYTHING’ and see what you get. I’ve pulled it up that way. If you can’t, you’re not trying.

            You just don’t get it because you don’t want to.

          • Nicole Shouse says:

            I think.this whole stupid.. But think of if your son or daughter had multiply charges against them… If they plead guilty to the one the courts want them to they will get less Time. What he did was wrong but it’s also our justice system who failed us.

          • disqus_rp567EqAAb says:

            A football player beats his wife in a public place and gets a forced suspension from the game , but a dog murderer, torture and abuser gets to play ball and make millions.That sound equitable to me…..NOT!!!!!!!!

          • August Zigmond says:

            21 months or more is irrelevant, he was and is a despicable human being

          • Nolen Kiehl says:

            They sent al capone to jail for tax evasion becauae they couldnt pin him to anything else. He went for the same thing. Not dogfighting or animal abuse.

          • gary says:


          • dre says:

            If he got caught dog fighting for sport, and there was no betting involved, there would be no jail time. Just some fines. Technically these could have been chickens and he could have got in the same amnt of trouble.

          • nunya says:

            Make no mistake, Vick is just some low level punk who killed dogs because those dogs didn’t fight. If he was any type of real dog man he would have done his research. A dog bred for fighting comes from a long line of fighting dogs not from these back yard wanna be breeders. Just because it’s called a pit bull it doesn’t mean it will fight. So no not all pit bull are fighting dogs and anyone that has been in the game will tell you that they were still good family dogs but could not be together with other dogs. It’s like saying an MMA fighter can’t be around his kids because he will beat them up and kill them.

          • Blake N Chrissy Palmer says:

            If his entetprize wants based on dog fighting no one would have came forawrd his charges are that of what you said but they would have never came about if it didnt have abything to do with the animal cruelty thats why someonecame forward basically ifuare fighing dogs youll get yours because their are still some good people i believe you are both correct

          • petnut2 says:

            Yes, thank you Cheri.

          • John Masina says:

            (Federal) 23 months in prison, three years probation following release; (State) fine and three-year suspended prison sentence upon condition of good behavior for 4 years beginning November 2008
            Criminal status Released on July 20, 2009 after servicing federal sentence, currently on probation (slated to expire in November 2012)
            Parents Michael Boddie, Brenda Vick
            Conviction(s) (Federal) Felony conspiracy in interstate commerce/aid of unlawful animal fighting venture (Title 18, USC, Section 371); (State) Felony dogfighting…

        • jj says:

          He can never pay enough for what he did.

          • D Tension says:

            Vick pleaded guilty to “Conspiracy to Travel in Interstate Commerce in Aid of Unlawful Activities and to Sponsor a Dog in an Animal Fighting Venture”. He admitted to providing most of the financing for the operation and to participating directly in several dog fights in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and South Carolina. He admitted to sharing in the proceeds from these dog fights. He further admitted that he knew his colleagues killed several dogs who did not perform well. He admitted to being involved in the destruction of 6–8 dogs, by hanging or drowning. The “victimization and killing of pit bulls” was considered an aggravating circumstance, allowing prosecutors to exceed the federal sentencing guidelines for the charge. Vick denied placing any side bets on the dogfights.[87] On August 27, U.S. District JudgeHenry E. Hudson accepted Vick’s guilty plea, but reminded Vick that he (Hudson) was under no obligation to accept the prosecution’s recommendation of a reduced sentence.

        • rovers14 says:

          People don’t kill animals like that for years and all the sudden turn a new leaf because they got caught, if it was legal he would still do it. I can almost guarantee you the ASPCA thing was for publicity, and he probably hated every minute he was doing it.

        • Cari Marie says:

          Um … Pretty sure he doesn’t work with ASPCA nor does he give two shits about it. He’s openly admitted that had he not been caught fighting that he would still be doing what he was doing to the dogs before. So bullshit he changed.

          • kwprthd says:

            He comes from a family that fought dogs for generations no excuse…. he should have been made to endure the same pain and death he was responsible for….

        • L Sims says:

          He was punished for gambling, not for killing and torturing all the poor animals! He has never shown any remorse…he only participates in those programs because he has to

        • Erik Smeltekop says:

          So all that justifies what he did? I think not. They were HELPLESS ANIMALS!!!! We should do the same things to that evil bastard that he did to the helpless dogs.

        • Miranda Krukowski says:

          Pretty sure he still does it under the table

        • Romeo Cologne says:

          Will, I find your defense of Vick dispicable. He served time for racketeering not abusing and killing dogs. This site is for dog lovers, so take your lies and apologies for this monster somewhere else.

        • Sabrina says:

          He was found guilty and served time for Racketeering NOT Animal Cruelty

        • Tennessee says:

          Maybe people should start looking into PETA a little harder and find out how many Pits they actually put down as well as some of their other practices.

        • Dave Daines says:

          He has also admitted if he wasn’t busted hed still be killing and torturing dogs!! He deserves no pity and no forgiveness!!

      • blutopluto says:

        Vick spent years in prison

      • Cincy_Herd says:

        Not to defend Mike Vick’s actions, but when you grow up in urban Newport News, VA and witness dog fighting at a young age as an acceptable and “fun” activity such as Mike Vick did, that has an impact on your life and opinions of said activity. It is no doubt unfortunate these precious animals perished, but understand the person first. After serving 21 months in federal prison and another 2 months of house arrest, coupled with the subsequent release from the Atlanta Falcons and suspension without pay from the NFL, there is no doubt in my mind that Vick has learned his lesson. The man committed the crime, did his time, and had to file bankruptcy because of it, let him be. Boycott his sponsors if you must, but Vick has done everything asked of him and then some.

        • maxiemom says:

          Do you know anything about Newport News or the surrounding area? Are you familiar with Virginia or that part of Virginia in ANY way? It doesn’t sound like it.

          Are you even aware that Newport News is part of the Newport News / Virginia Beach / Norfolk area of our state, dominated by the US Navy, beach, etc? Give me a break! Vick enablers and excusers would have you believe it’s the ghetto and a hell on earth, but look it up. The reality is very different.

          Vick also had opportunities others didn’t in ‘urban Newport News, VA’ even if he came from the wrong side of the tracks. I worked with someone who went to high school with him. Because he had such great talent as a football player, he was accepted by everyone, including those on the ‘right’ side of the tracks, money and all. He was invited everywhere and had opportunities others in his neighborhood didn’t. He CHOSE his path.

          Same thing in college. He bought his first pit bull while in college. He didn’t fight her, but he bred her REPEATEDLY and created fighting stock from her (she was rescued). How many dogfighters do you think he ran across at Virginia Tech? Don’t you think he had an opportunity to turn his life around then? What about seeing the right and wrong of it? He, once again, CHOSE evil: no one forced him. He didn’t care. He’s a sociopath. He could have changed his way while away in college: I saw many people do just that while I was in college. Not him.

          As for his paying for what he did: RICO charges, or federal charges for setting up an interstate gambling enterprise, does NOT equal justice for what he did to those dogs. The DOGS paid with their lives. Going in front of an audience and saying ‘don’t do it, you’ll get caught and go to jail like I did’, especially after he’s ADMITTED that the only thing he’s sorry for is getting caught and doing time in jail, is NOT, again, justice, nor is it “everything asked of him and more”.

          Now, I’m going to give you a link to an article from The Smoking Gun (yes, I know, but it’s the only place I could get the links). The article is not important. What IS important is that it has photostats (or links to the photostats) of the legal documents including Vick’s indictment, his plea deal, and, most importantly, the link to the Department of Agriculture’s investigation into Bad Newz Kennels (don’t forget, kennels are under the purview of the agriculture department).

          This is the one that every single Vick defender and apologizer should read:

          Just read the links to the documents. Then tell us how he paid the proper penalty for his vile deeds, ESPECIALLY after you read the investigation’s report and his confession.

          • Anita says:

            Your hatred for Mike Vick is beyond rational thinking. Examine yourself, it appears you are hating a stereotype and have anassumption because of his notoriety that he was given preferential treatment. There are men who kill teenage boys and don’t spend a day in prison

          • maxiemom says:

            “Beyond rational thinking”?

            That’s your own way of saying that YOU have no concept of the area he lived in, either, nor do you have any intention of reading the evidence against him, the indictment, his confession, nor the plea bargain. It isn’t hatred, you dolt, it’s the fact that Vick wasn’t convicted for what amounts to many violent crimes too numerous and heinous to name, and idiots like you whitewash them with a flick of the wrist. BTW— just what do you think Vick did? He killed HUNDREDS of innocent dogs who couldn’t fight back, and demanded that even the ones his fellow co-conspirators wanted to sell or adopt be killed rather than go to homes. They STOLE family pets to use as bait, and Vick even watched, and enjoyed, pets of people he KNEW torn apart as bait. He paid for white collar crime, not violent felonies. There is a HUGE difference. It’s not hate: those dogs have not had once ounce of justice, and it’s disgusting..

          • Dog trainer says:

            you are starting to sound more like someone who is worse than Vick. So shut your trap and get a life!!!!!!!!

          • maxiemom says:

            Really? You are sounding like someone who refuses to read and learn a few facts.

            Ah,,, that makes perfect sense. Look what you’re defending, a****t. And YOU have the nerve to tell me to get a life. At least I not only have a life, but I actually care about the lives of others, which is more than I can say about the likes of you.

          • Blake Pit Harr says:

            Amen. I’m a Bully advocate as much as the next person. How about you ( maxiemom) stop watching the HNL network and focus all that time (or get a job?) or better yet focus all your energy into the problem (society) rather than the example(Vick)……. ???

          • gary says:

            Ummm newport news Virginia has urban areas the no one wants to step in buddy. Itheir are part’s that are equally as bad as any area in the united states. If those areas were larger it would have as much crime and murder as anywhere in the united states. If you haven’t been their please be quite.

          • maxiemom says:

            Hmm… did you graduate from fourth grade yet?

            Please get back to us when you have and can actually write a valid English sentence. Until then, pipe down because your badly poor command of the language shows your ignorance as if defending that scumbag doesn’t speak volumes in itself.

            I’m from Virginia, you dolt, and am familiar with Newport News. That’s no excuse for ANYTHING that trash did. He had more opportunities than most people did from early on to stop being a thug and he CHOSE his life: I also know someone who went to high school with him.

          • Krista Wooten says:

            Don’t waste your breath on the uneducated backward inbred trash Vick fans on here maxiemom….those of us who actually ARE educated and know how to read, plus watch, the news, on a regular basis, know what really happened.

          • Blerp_a_derp says:

            Some people think dog fighting is fun? Why would that seem so weird, it’s a sport. Why do you think arenas were so big way back? Cause watching people fight lions and beat the shit out of each other was entertaining.

          • Blerp_a_derp says:

            Same with some hockey fans. How many people do you know only like to watch the fights? Or UFC? People just like watching things beat the shit out of each other

          • maxiemom says:

            It’s not a sport:it’s FEDERAL CRIME, just as it’s a federal crime to attend one.

            With any luck you’ll be nabbed with all your other scumbag friends if you’re serious about being this sick.

        • PinkCamo says:

          Wow…that’s laughable…by your reasoning if a person grows up being abused or molested and commits the same crimes we should be understanding and accept that he did it. And…he did all that was asked of him… Please….you mean what he was court ordered to do!

        • ka says:

          People dont fight dogs for FUN. They fight dogs for money, which Mike Vick had plenty of. Dog fighting is only for profit not fun. Mike Vic was earning millions and still fighting dogs. He wasnt fighting dogs to support his family and get out of the ghetto. Dog fighting and animal abuse is brutal and disgusting. Anyone who can actually watch a dog fight and

      • Shaun VP says:

        you’re still mad and mike vick but wont say a thing to a neighbor or stranger you suspect of doing this in your own town. you’re still mad at mike vick but would gladly take your kids to a seaworld park in florida whom has done 20x worse over decades of animal cruelty and captivity … but i guess you hypocrites like when orcas wave and walruses do push up. smfh

      • Cindy_L_Z says:

        Tell that to the parents of a child who was killed by a Pitbull with their large jaws….

        • steiney says:

          I’d be happy to!

        • Jessica says:

          There has never been a documented case of a verified Pet pitbull killing anyone. the only pitbulls that have ever killed children are “yard dogs” left chained outside for most of their lives with little to no human interaction. Any breed would act the same if treated similarly, the sad fact is, that pit bulls are the most popular breed to be treated thusly.

        • Kaitlyn Mosebar says:

          Pitbulls, rottweilers, German shepards, st bernards, golden retrievers, dobermans… All attack, all have killed. Doesn’t mean they are bad animals. Most of those animals stated above have bad reps. Almost all those animals have been rehabilitated to work with military, swat, cops, firefighters, medics, search and f rescue. It’s about how you train them.

      • Deven Johnston says:

        64? He admitted to killing 6-8. Obviously that’s still terrible but you’re playing fast and loose with facts

      • gary says:

        He went to jail for two years. Do some research before speaking. Shows that you are just commenting on a subject you know nothing about and obviously do not own a bully.

      • Michelle Wilkins says:

        They should shoot him

      • will says:

        He did go to jail served his time

      • JulieMortlock says:

        I will never buy or support anything that Vick the Pr*ck profits from. If you read the book ‘Lost Dogs’ you would know of the torture the animals suffered at his hands personally esp. ‘little red’. Anyone who could do what he did to innocent animals is sad excuse for a human being. His lame ass apology and activity for the ASPCA was nothing more than a feeble attempt to redeem his image, gain back NFL support and line his pockets. I’ve had 4 pitties and not one would hurt a soul, the same cannot be said for V the P.

      • Jennifer Pendarvis says:

        WHY ON EARTH did a perfectly good and wonderful post get filled with arguments over whether a person who did a horrible thing got justice or not? Stop fighting people! My smile over this adorable post was tainted by your name calling and arguments. If we are in agreement to the original post, which I hope we all are, then enjoy the post and make positive comments. Screw the asshole football star and every other asshole who harms any animal for greed and entertainment or any other reason for that matter.

      • Julie Neff says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more

      • Justin Braider says:

        Uh, he spent 2 years in prison…

      • Tennessee says:

        Mike Vick took a plea deal on his attorneys advice. The other men in the case, when all questioned, said to a man, that he had nothing to do with it. There was never any actual evidence against him for dog fighting, contrary to what they wanted you to believe. He spent 2.5 years in prison for other charges, but it was in fact the dog fighting case that initiated the entire process. While I love dogs and am vehemently against dog fighting, it’s very interesting to me how women have come down so hard on Vick, but have given a pass to Ben Rothelsberger, a serial sexual assaulter. The argument that he was never found guilty is weak at best when you consider that he was accused 3 separate times, in 3 separate places, by 3 separate women, all of whom received a monetary settlement out of court to “make it go away”. This leads me to believe that a dog’s life, even in women’s eyes, are more valuable than their own, much less other human lives. Let’s put this same passion into the evil that is the “Big Blue Gang” killing innocent people on camera and getting away with it. Something that’s been going on way before any cases of dog fighting were brought up.

      • John Masina says:

        You need to get your facts right about Michael Vick you moron…

    • ryan says:

      Actually they were 100 percent breed for fighting do more research

      • bran says:

        I think maybe you should do some more research, “pit bulls” are a mix of several different breeds and the top 2 breeds of “pit bulls”, the staffordshire terrier and the american staffordshire terrier were in fact originally bread to be nanny dogs. People only started fighting them in the 20th century and more so in the 1980s-through today.

      • Ociefus Bain says:

        Actually…you’re wrong. They were originally bred in england as part of the buldog line for controling large game and livestock…..i.e. WORKING DOGS! The fact that they were so muscular led them to be misused for the purpose of blood sport. The breed is extremely loyal and fiercely protective. These traits led them to be used as nanny dogs meant to protect the children of affluent families particularly from pests such as rats. Any jackass can make an assertion, perhaps you should try gathering facts with your imagined research.

      • justin says:

        pitts were bred for hunting

      • Mike Perez says:

        You should do more research my friend. The dogs were bred to catch cattle (bulls) by the nose hence the name , “bulldog”……aka a working dog.

        • Chihuahuaking says:

          Ding ding we have a winner ^^^

          • Chihuahuaking says:

            This is the argument of every single pit owner. “It’s how you raise them” like no one knows how to treat a animal but some special breed of people lol. Listen the facts are they not only lead America in most attacks against humans but also lead Canada. You can say I am wrong all you want but the proof is there just google it. They were breed to bring down BULLS. Google it you have no excuse for making up the nanny claim. Only people who are in denial keep saying that. GOOGLE is your friend.

          • Sandy says:

            Do you believe everything on the internet? They were nanny dog’s. Bad people plus the media has given them a bad name.

          • Kylie S says:

            Lol actually Golden Retrievers and German shepherds lead the US in dog bites per capita.

          • Jake Butler says:

            My ferocious

          • GabrielandValli Lane Garza says:

            So precious!

          • ka says:

            Golden retrievers dont go for your throat nor do they have the bite capacity of a pit.

          • Debbie Handley says:

            no but they could still kill a child. have you seen the scars they can leave on a childs face when they have been bitten? i have and it makes no difference whether its a pit or a jack russell, but it doesn’t mean the whole breed should be blamed

          • Robert E. says:

            And you learned this where? Study animal behavior r learn from
            someone who has. Any dog that is capable, and in defense or attack mode
            naturally will go for the throat , same a sa puma, a lion, wolves
            (ancestors of ALL dogs).

            This is common knowledge for most anyone who knows dogs or animal behavior.

            There are also more attacks on humans by Dalmations (another high strung breed unlike pits) than pits.

            They also go for the throat same as ANY dog in the world naturally would
            do if under the right circumstances. The propaganda on this site
            sickens me.

            My mother is missing much of her upper lip from a Dalmation.

            Your bite capacity statement has downs syndrome to say the least;

            do you also believe that a 38 special is a much safer gun to be shot
            in the throat with than a 44 magnum? Same brainwashed logic…

            If you get bitten in the throat by any canine of a decent size, good luck with your beliefs.

            And I;d love to see anyone disprove actual written records of breeding
            for fighting that date clear back to the 1800s n the U.S. alone.

            That’s one of the things that made them the nanny dog to begin with, as
            in their loyalty to him,ans and not attacking the handlers even when
            they were fighting.

            Had pits for years, been around well over a half century myself, and
            love them, and to see ne being fought or taght to be aggressive towards
            humans, or other dogs is just sick.

            And as well, I don’t care who;’s died this goes to or is for, I;m
            against dog fighting and ca’t say what I;lve done to someone I;ve
            caught… and took their dog, but, it is true that kids ( at least some
            my age grew up in cities , (not the ghettos either) and it was very
            common in the 60′s and early 70′s in some ares and many won’t admit it,
            but it was common to fight their dogs for “fun”, when the neighborhoods
            grew up with it and everyone knew who had the most animalistic dogs in
            the neighborhood.

            many pits are naturally animal aggressve, and peple who always claim
            they are not are brainwashhed or plain ignorant or too lazy to go learn
            about them.

            It depends on the individual dog. People, stupidly make them people
            aggressive, and the ones that are aloready animal aggressive they make
            even worse.

            Some are born animal aggressive, as our current one. Loves every himan i
            the world and wouldn’t be any good to guard anythig unless we were
            maybe physically attacked, but still pretty sure they’d get licked and
            invited right in if there were an intruder.

            But another dogm cat , rabbit, you name it and she wants to hunt/kill / eat them all.

            I was a non beliver in this for some years (stupidly) after rescuing a
            red pit from certai deah in the fight scenes. She had injuries and
            scares etc. Horrible treatment, never saw the ground , lived in a cage,
            would only ride on the floor of a car for years due to traveling the
            fight circuit, scared to death of scissors due to cropping ove and over
            almost gone , the ears after fights that damaged them.

            That dog the fightig killing machine she was, would tear through a door
            to get at another animal, and within 6 months became what she was born
            as; a dog that would and did lay down within inches of wild rabbitts
            here , every summer and cats and other dogs, and never was aggressive
            towards any living thing ever again until the day she died.

            “Other one raised from a pup , but with Colby bloodlines , dating to pre
            1890 or so, can;’t be near another animal in any way at all, and she’s
            never been abused or trained to do anything aggressive, in fact exactly
            the opposite for years, and as I learned the hard way as many other pit
            owners waiting for an accident to happen with another animal that is,
            (not a human unless an idiot owns and trains one wrong same as with a
            Dalmatian, Shepard, Doberman, Rottie , etc., etc.).

            If you don’t really learn the truth about pits enough to be responsible
            for a dog that is a working dog , that WAS bred to fight et. (hence it
            is the only breed of a dog alive other than a wolf to my knowledge that
            is smart enough to literally fake submission to another canine, by
            owning it’s head as if submitting and then launch an attack on the other

            They are a dog that requires knowledge and responsibility to learn how
            animal aggressive of a pit you may have, before you own one.

            Most peple just like us, don’t believe that natural aggression thing towards animals until we learn the hard way.

            I was warned by experienced pit owners for years befoe we got our last
            one and she was that one in a hundred or whatever the number is that was
            just born to be naturally animal aggressive.

            Seen other breeds like this once in awhile as well, like high strung
            Dalmatians for example, Yorkshre Terriors wil attack anythig , anyone
            any size. Our pit naled two of them that charged her in our own yard.
            Neighbors (one local drunk anyway) insists it’s the pits fault because
            she is a pit, but any breed unless it is small, scared etc., is going to
            fight back when charged by another animal in their own yard /territory.

            Both times it was Yorkies that charged our dog (as well as us several
            times), now although small, an hosest person will admit that they are
            naturally much more aggressive than any pit and will go after basically
            anything, if they feel like it.

            I can admit and back up my knwoldge and research.

            And s I said the false hoods and propaganda and misinformation by word of mouth / grapevine is sickening.

            It’s everywhere ad anyone who’s worked with animals knows what we do here.

            You don’t find that many people knowledgable enough to own a pit based
            on the lack of research one does before obtaining one, and so when one
            coes along that is naturally animal aggressive but still the most
            lovable family dog, licks everyone to death, and another dog comes along
            that pushes the wrong button, the pit gets the blame for not putting up
            with it or naturally being a “gamey” dog.

            You do research before you handl a snake , a saw, a hammer , a gun , unless you like surprises, why not your animals?

            The misinformation is almost as bad as the brainwashing against pits
            here. I don’t know which is worse , but I certainly dslike the false
            propaganda about them being the only ones to go for the throat as any
            animal has programmed in them that is a carnivore to begin with in do r
            die situations (or what they think is do or die).

            We could have bred and sold tons of pure red pits , same as the one we
            have now of the Colby line, but spayed both of those females the rescued
            fighter turned docile enough to lay with rabbits dogs , babies etc, and
            the one born animal aggressive as well.

            At 55 years I still know only about 5 peple responsible and intelligent
            enough to do the rsearch and , work involved in ownng a pit, (due to the
            chance of it being animal aggressive and how to handle ones in the
            middle etc. and how to keep them from eating your neighbor’s dog when
            that neighbors dog comes chargng at your pit (or Rot, or Shepard, Dobie,
            Dalmation, etc., etc., etc. All capable of animal aggression every one,
            pits are just known to be that way every so many you come across any
            trainer knows this fact. Ask around and you will learn, if you toss away
            what you WANT to belive, aand think, for what you need to learn to
            believe and know as facts, hat can and evetually will be proven to many
            more to come..

            I would love to still believe it;s all the owners and how they are
            raised as I use to argue for years, due to our converted Red pit, for so
            many years, but there are always gong to be some that are just animal
            aggressive. Some have been known to be so animalistic they couldn’t keep
            a litter of pups due to eatig them. It’s really rare but some ,
            probably lived on a chain I;d wager, but just still most won’t kll their
            pups and to be fair manyother breeds also have these occasional

            Do WAY MORE research EVERYONE, PLEASE !!!

          • Jessica says:

            I guess my agility Pit Bull who is around large groups of other dogs often and is just fine, maybe you should tell her she should be more dog aggressive. Or maybe the little vole that she chased down, and then just nosed it and walked away, jeez, I better go tell her she should have killed that thing. Damn, I better tell her she should stop sleeping with the cats, or she might go schizo and shake them to death. She’s going to be pretty disappointed after 4 years of sleeping with them to find out that she should be killing them.

          • Jessica says:

            Pit Bulls do not go for the throat, and I’m fairly certain many Golden Retrievers bite people/children in the face, which if I’m not mistaken, is quite close to the throat area.

          • Angela says:

            I was bitten by a golden retriever when I was 6- I walked past his enclosure and he leaped the fence and went for my face. I had to receive over 50 stitches, he tore open my cheek, nose and under my eye. I almost went blind! Of course I don’t blame the breed in the slightest, no dog is naturally agressive in that way. I currently have a shepherd/husky mix and while she may look a little scary to some- she’s a giant baby!

          • Kaitlyn Mosebar says:

            No, but German shepards, rotts, dobermans. All carry the same brutal force, and attack as often if nor more.

          • Blake Pit Harr says:

            But Shepard actually stronger than pits, as far as bit force

          • Terry Shapiro says:

            actually, if you look at more recent statistics, pitbulls are only one of the breeds in that category. and german shepherds are actually the leading biter in the US, not the pitbull. I DO stand by the reasoning that it IS the owner- when improperly trained, any dog, but especially the bigger breeds, can be unpredictable and dangerous. every dog needs to be trained and socialized, and if they are not, it is the owner’s fault. just like parent who raise asshole kids.

          • Suzi Owens says:

            I have been attacked by two different German Shephards, but never a Pitbull. I have also been a rescue volunteer for two decades and have worked with and owned pitbulls. Never met a mean one. And even though I was viciously attacked by those two GSDs, I don’t stereotype and hate them.

          • Cindy_L_Z says:

            Thank God you were not attacked by a Pitbull. Tell that to the numerous parents of kids that were killed by Pitbulls with their large jaws.

          • Suzi Owens says:

            Large jaws? As in Alligator jaws? As in jaws of steel? All of that crap is myth based.

          • steiney says:


          • Robert E. says:

            First provide your sources please by all means. Wpuld love tp see where your info came from so I can prove some things to you and put yu in touch with some pope that have worked with animals all of their lives, from wolves to chimpanzees (And what do you suggest we tell the parents of kids killed by St. Bernards, Rotties, Shepherds, Dalmatians, Dobermans, and yes even Golden retrievers on occsasion??
            large jaws my ass. How old are yu anyway?
            Ther is no sense in that statement period.
            If there is more damage it;s from the psi of the bite and the manner in which they bite. Do your research and stop chanting the moronic propaganda.
            Can you comprehend misguided propaganda of any kind yet?
            If I can be honest abut all i have said , you could be honest and learn the actual facts before spreading lies s you literally are.

          • Cindy_L_Z says:

            I don’t have to provide you with anything, you are blind to the facts.

          • Jessica says:

            Dear God, please tell me you have a handler for everyday life.

          • Aileen Miles says:

            The “nanny dog” thing is a myth, though they were in fact popular family dogs (as evidenced by the number of pictures of them with families/children) in the 19th and early 20th century, and used as guard dogs. They were first bred as herding dogs.

            Also a myth: Exceptional jaw strength. The average pit bull exerts 235 psi with its bite, which is lower than the average for all dogs (320 psi).


          • Jessica says:

            Again, you repost with made up facts. Many suppossed “Pit Bull” attacks on children, were actually proven and verified to be Retriever or more commonly, hound mixes. But that was of course, only after the media spread the word around that they were “Pit Bulls”

          • ka says:

            A dog is a dog. Just because you kiss it and let it sleep in your bed does not mean you can ignore its instinct.

          • hannahbobanna89 says:

            ThE fact that you’re treating Google as law shows your lack of knowledge. They were in fact bred as nannies. Also, the stats on dog bites are skewed. People don’t report your obviously preferred breed (chihuahua) bites because they are smaller and do less damage. Which proves nothing on the subject of them being more aggressive or being responsible for more actual bites. They may be responsible for more damaging bites but not overall bites.

          • Jessica says:

            Actually, they test higher than the Golden Retriever, and most definately higher than the Chihuahua on the American Temperament test. I would wager Chihuahuas bite 10 times more people, they probably don’t get reported because of no media hype.

          • Kaitlyn Mosebar says:

            Actually sir, your beloved namesake actually holds the record for most attacks. However for it’s size, most go unreported or are downplayed because the marks are mostly insignificant.

          • jlb123 says:

            Hate to break it to ya, sir, but the number one aggressive dog in the U.S. is…
            …Wait for it….
            … Chihuahuas. Mr. Chihuahua king.

            The More You Know…

          • reiface says:

            they were actually bred to be ridden like horses by pygmies.

      • Nick says:

        Stop feeding the troll

      • jj says:

        Actually, you’re 100% wrong.

      • Pamela Antrup-Compton says:

        Nothing or no one is BRED for fighting! Pit are working dogs. Fighting is something that is taught. They learn it just like humans learn . YOU need to do the research as I have and learn the breed. After owning one I will probably not have another breed. She passed in January at the age of six from kidney disease and tried to the very end not to go but the disease took it’s course. I miss her and shame on you!

      • Lee Marie says:

        Omg you are so completely ignorant it makes me sick! They were NOT bred for fighting, it is people who make them this way! If they we r bred or fight, then there would not be any pit bulls with a sweet demeanor like my Allie, they would naturally be aggressive. It is purely and solely the fault of the individuals who own these dogs because THEY TRAIN them to fight! It is sick and disgusting and the people who are involved need to have the same thing happen to them… they need to know what it feels like to fight for your food, your shelter, and your life, and then maybe the pain from that fight will make people think twice before they do that to their dogs.

        • Gaye Durst says:

          Omg who cares?
          We know they are capable of both actions. I think you may all be right to a degree so there is no reason to be snarky with ach other.

          • Terry Shapiro says:

            i care, and so do the thousands and thousands of people who work tirelessly everyday through rescue and adoption to show how sweet, loving and wonderful pitties are. and no, people who say they were bred for fighting are not right ‘to a degree’, they are completely wrong and so are you. they were bred as working dogs and as guard dogs. dogs actions are a direct result of their owner training or not training them- blame the owner, not the dog. you obviously think it doesn’t matter so do pitties and their supporters a favor- stay out of a conversation if you don’t care. be part of the solution, or don’t take part at all.

        • ka says:

          They are working dogs which need exercise that most people do not give them.. They are territorial and you cant trust them with outsiders. You have to work a working dog or they get aggressive. Pits dont attack their family members. It’s other people and other dogs.

          • Jessica says:

            Really? maybe you should inform my certified therapy dog Pit Bull who works at a childrens hospital that she should be “not trusted with outsiders”

      • Terry Shapiro says:

        they were not. but you, apparently, were bred to be 100% moron.

        • Michelle Cofg says:

          I heard they were once know as the “Nanny” dog. Often the children would be outside playing and they would protect them from any wild animals that may want to make an easy dinner out of one of the kids while their parents were working the fields and taking care of the homestead.

          Oh I see Sandy above said the same thing.

          I had two pit bulls and they are naturally aggressive toward animals… not people.

      • maxiemom says:

        No, they weren’t.

        You’re the one who needs to do the research because you obviously know nothing, as proven by your ridiculous statement.

      • Kaitlyn Mosebar says:

        Pit bulls are terriers. Terriers were originally bred as Hunters of small game. Pest removers if you will. That dates back to the 1700s. Mind you, I had to research this in school. For veterinary.

    • Kevin says:

      I agree with you! It’s not the breed, it’s the way they’re raised. My brother has 3 pit bulls that are the calmest dogs I think I have ever seen. Furthermore, I was attacked by a bloodhound hunting dog when I was 2 years old. Apparently, I tried to pet it when it was eating and it attacked me. I received over 100 stiches in my face from that attack.

      • s dubbya says:

        Yes, dogs behave how they are taught to behave.

      • Schari Tice says:

        I once agreed with that statement that it was how they were raised. That is until my son was mauled by my in-laws “gentle” pit bull. I don’t think the breed is vicious, they just don’t know their own strength. They were playing together as they had since she was a puppy. My son grabbed her toy and was playing tug of war with her. She then, I assume, treated him as one of the pack and bit and scratched him to get to the toy he had rolled over on. I don’t hate them, but i don’t trust them.

        • Jessica says:

          I’m sorry that happened, but from the situation, your son sounds like he was not old enough to be playing tug of war with a dog, let alone a large one. Everything about the situation sounds like parental error (as is the case with most children-dog bite interactions) I could see any large breed dog acting the same way. Nevertheless, you are correct to be cautious with small children and dogs.

      • Jessica says:

        Yea, Bloodhounds were actually bred to be seriously people aggressive, they were bred to hunt down escaped criminals. They are generally much nicer now, but I have met some mean ones, and boy, are they terrifying.

    • Obama Zombie Killer says:

      Sorry EIBie but you’re incorrect that APBT weren’t bred or used for fighting. Its simply a fact that bully breed have been bred and used for dog fighting for centuries. I’ve owned and bred many over the years, and the certainly an entire breed is not deserving of condemnation, but it irresponsibly naive to pretend that APBT aren’t being bred to fight (now and in the past).

    • Jay Twist says:

      The pit has never been known as the Nanny breed, that honour is held by the English Staffordshire Bull terrier.

      • Blake Pit Harr says:

        Haha. English and American staffy, are from the same lines. Sa me breeding, just further down the lines. If you believe the Bible, we alook decended from 2 people. All dogs came from the first ones. This entire argument has no bearing on vick, or myths. It was to rejoice in our love of the breed.

    • Kaitlyn Mosebar says:

      Actually, they are terriers. They were bred to destroy small game. Rodents, etc.

    • John Pierce says:

      You believe the same way I do. I’ve had many dog breeds in my short life on earth & I have seen nothing but love from several pitts I have owned (be them full blood or mix). ANY dog can become vicious, from the tiny Teacup Poodle to a Great Dane. Its all how a person trains, respects & treats the animals that either make them great compainions or vicious attack dogs.

    • August Zigmond says:

      Ditto on being attacked by a German Shepherd, I was 6 or 7, we must have had the same Doc

    • Kimberly A Peet Gage says:

      YES!!! They were called “The Nanny Dogs” in England!!!

    • Michelle Wilkins says:

      I was bit by a damn German Shepard too! Dalmatians and Shepards are the breeds that scare the crap out of me. I had a pit growing up. I loved him more than anything I have ever loved before. He died on his walk, toughing it out for me, just to make me happy. I then had a lab/pit mix. Again, loved her more than life itself. Now I have a rescue pit that everyone in the neighborhood loves and a boxer who is also a neighborhood favorite. They are best friends. I just wished they lived longer than 13 years. No mom should out live such loving babies.

    • brad says:

      actually they WERE bred for fighting, bull and bear baiting, BUT the traits that are responsible for these behaviors are the extreme loyalty to their handelers, they just want to please the ones they love. to say they werent bred for the baiting is wrong.but to think they are vicious animals with deep seeded agression is mis-guided

    • Desiree Lee Henry says:

      I’ve always said there are no bad dogs, only bad owners.

    • Richard M says:

      I was bitten on the cheek once by one of the most brutal breeds around, a little 12lb Golden Cocker Spaniel. I was about 12 y/o and brutally attacked because I had the nerve to stick my face down by her food bowl while she was eating. It was horrible.

      And yeah, there was a bunch of sarcasm in there. Dogs defend by nature, it’s not there fault. You gotta know what not to do. Some dogs are more laid back than others of the same breed, just like people. You gotta know your dog.

    • FredC1968 says:

      I live in a lower than average income neighborhood in the near Southside Tucson. I’ve seen too many dog bleeding operations. Typically these “people” crank out Pit-types. The problems are not the dogs’ fault. However, the problem is on both ends of the leash. Bad breeders combined with bad or just irresponsible owners have created the problem with pit bulls.

      Where I live pit bulls get loose. Some of these dogs have killed other animals. A few months ago a woman was seriously wounded by someone’s sweet loving pit bull. However, these dogs mostly wind up run over, or the die as a result of not being cared for. Frankly, these disgusting excuses for humanity that just love their poorly bred and kept dogs are worse for their favorite breed type than any breed specific legislation advocate could ever be.

    • jeay4nz says:

      Yes, Like you Said, It’s The Owner Who is the Problem, Not the Dog. !!! :-)

    • john says:

      You are wrong on what they were originally bred for. The main purpose they were bred for was dog fighting. As a fighting dog they needed to be human friendly as the dogs had to handled by multiple people who were not it’s owner. These dogs were bred to fight other dogs. Of course now that isn’t the case. They have always been bred to be great with people. I have owned many American Pit Bull Terriers and love them. They are one of the best breeds with kids and are not very good watch dogs, but you have to watch as they can be animal aggressive (which is what they were originally bred to be). They were not bred to be “working dogs” they were bred to be fight other dogs. Now in today’s world they are bred for things like weight pulling, but not when the bred was developed. .Get your facts straight, it’s a black eye for the bred, but that’s what they were bred to originally do. They were never developed to be aggressive towards humans. Their best trait can also be their worst, they will do whatever they are taught to do by their owner and do what their taught till they can’t do it anymore.

  25. Jaime McCord says:

    my cousin had a cocker spaniel when I was a kid that was the meanest damn thing you ever saw but even then I could go inside the kennel with him and he never offered to bite me but if you were outside the kennel and stuck your hand in there it may very well get bit. DOGS are territorial animals anyway you look at it and are very good judges of character so if you’re a shady person or you show that animal that you’re afraid of them then they may show aggression to prove they’re the one in control. I own 2 pitbull dogs one is male and the other a female they’re brother and sister from different litters and they play with numerous foods of allbbreeds and sizes and very seldom do they ever try to harm each other or anyone unless a random dog comes into the yard and tries to show aggression towards them. I love my pits to death and they love me even more so before you judge a breed of animal try getting to know one.

  26. Robert Fischer says:

    FREAKING THIEFS!!! thats why i hate this breed with everything i love…

    its horrible…

  27. Sawyer says:

    I have four pits of my own. I grew up with them, & I can say the ten reasons you can’t trust them, to me, are the only reasons you can’t trust them. They’re cuddly, loving, loyal, and just big sweethearts. I couldn’t picture myself with any other breed, love pits with all my heart <3!!

  28. Terri Lynn Wright says:

    They are what you make them if you love them they are the best caring,loving companion you can have.

  29. phreaktor says:

    I’ll stick to a breed that doesn’t require so much special attention to be trustworthy. Stereotypes are based in truth and if you ignore the propensities of the breed, you could be in big trouble one day.

  30. Nick Helsel says:

    Triggers triggers triggers. It’s the same as a beagle that is triggered to chase after a squirrel when it sees one, there are things that triggers a pit bull to attack. Not saying it happens to all of them.

  31. Itsallaboutthedog says:

    Ugh, I’m sooooooooo tired of the foamers ranting about how dangerous pitties are! First of all, as some of you pointed out, the Pit Bull is NOT an actual breed but rather a name for a group of dogs that have certain characteristics. Secondly, for all of you that believe the pit bull is an inherently dangerous dog, I say BULLSHIT! As a long time volunteer for a shelter and life long owner of various dog breeds, I feel that I’m qualified to tell you that ANY breed of dog can bite. The difference in the findings is that the pit bull type dogs can do more damage because of their size. I will continue to state that if ALL dog bites, regardless of breed, were actually reported, the statistics would greatly differ on what breed of dog is more dangerous based on fact. The worst part is ANY dog getting a bad rap because of their IRRESPONSIBLE owners! Unfortunately, there will ALWAYS be abusers, dog fighters and uneducated morons out there who will continue to perpetuate the sad misconception that any type of dog is “dangerous”. Before you bring home any animal, please do your research and make sure you make an educated choice as to what type of dog is best suited to your lifestyle! ADOPT, DON’T SHOP

    • Well said — and being someone who works in the rescue world, I can attest to just how many dog bites occur that are NEVER reported. A Jack Russell who caused a child to require over 20 stitches in his face, a husky that killed a 2 year old…those are just 2 off the top of my head. Never went viral like the pitties do… is disheartening and frustrating.

  32. AwfulAlyssa says:

    My boyfriend was attacked by a lab. We have both been around plenty of pits in our life and never have felt un-safe. We have a black mouth cur and she’s the sweetest most gentle dog ever (She’s actually licking my face as I type!) However, I brought home another cur mix a month back and within the first 24 hours it viciously attacked and killed my 11 year old cat. Therefore I am positive it is not the breed but the owner before me that was responsible for this incident. Also, just cause,here’s a pic of my beautiful black mouth cur making my little brother feel better after his dog accidentally clawed his face.

  33. Reno Ludeman says:

    The original Pitt bull was used to drag bulls hints the name as a work horse not fighting I have two of the smartest and will put them against any dog for intelligence

  34. says:

    Hahaha every single one of these is true especially #4,5,6. Lol I love my pit bulls and I will never own another breed. I have a 2 yo baby and these dogs are AMAZING with him, I’ve never seen any animal with the heart and soul and amazing intelligence like a pitbull. Surely a gift from God, or Buddha or whatever you preference is, they are undeniably a special gift.

  35. ZhyKitty says:

    I sometimes volunteer to work the recovery room at the local low cost spay neuter clinic….so I get to be with all kinds of doggies!
    Pitties are the sweetest babies in the world! On a day when we get in a cry baby, it’s almost always a pittie…they tend to start crying for mama or daddy the minute they’re dropped off, and then they start again as soon as they wake up after surgery. It usually doesn’t stop until mama or daddy comes back for them.
    As soon as they hear their voices though, the crying stops…
    I have never had one try to bite me or even growl at me. Not once…and when I’m dealing with them, they’re in a stressful, unfamiliar environment, and they’re in pain, since I’m getting them post op. This doesn’t bring out the best in anyone, not even humans are at their best when we have surgery…so you’d think if there was going to be aggression, it would be in that situation…but in all these years, I’ve never once had a pittie be anything other than good….and we see a lot of them.
    You know who freaks out and bites? The little bitty ladies and gentlemen…chihuahuas, especially! lol
    I’ve been nipped by more of them than I could possibly count!
    I have 6 rescue dogs myself – two of them are pit-bulls….both came from horribly abusive situations and yet they’re the sweetest and most loving, loyal girls in the world. I wouldn’t take anything for them.
    The only thing they’re guilty of is snoring like bears and taking up the whole bed…but of course…anyone would be hard pressed to have enough leg room for themselves when sleeping with 6 dogs. lol

  36. Ron Orton says:

    My pit has grown up with my grandchildren laying on her, trying to ride her, playing pull the rope or actually pull the kids that are holding the rope. She knows when I’m not well and crawls into my lap or lays beside me and becomes very still to comfort me, during this time she is not expecting petting. She loves everyone and especially smaller dogs, she is a true friend.

  37. Arzurama says:

    Love these guys! A neighbor down the hall has a giant pit named Deacon, with whom I share the elevator every morning. He kick-starts my day on just the right note with this smile and love.

  38. Mike Grenon says:

    Lol perfect

  39. Tait Torkelson says:

    I work at an upscale dog daycare. The first dog I ever had to turn away was a long haired Chihuahua who could not be handled by our staff. He was aggressive and attempted to bit myself and our manager when I had to call her in to the play park to get him out. We had not even introduced another dog because he was so unruly. We have since had to turn down several chihuahua’s, a ridgeback, and a mutt. The one pitty we disjoined was poorly adjusted at the owners fault and dog aggressive. People affect the dog more than the animals nature. Overhandling by one person is one of the leading causes of these aggressive little dogs! Just like mishandling a bully breed could lead to a bully. I have not met a mean dog who did not have an indiffrent or uneducated parent.

  40. bran says:

    I have worked with dogs and other animals my whole life. I am a Vet Tech now and I can tell you that the #1 biters are little dogs that are babied too much and cats. I love dogs and cats and have been attacked several times in different situations, but in all my years I have never been attacked by a “pit bull” type dog. And by the way there are several breeds that get labeled “pit bull” that aren’t. If you are going to come on “pit bull” fan site, (RYAN) you should do as much research as possible b/c you only make yourself look more ignorant when you try to tell people “facts” that aren’t really true. ANY dog can bite at any age, its not how you raise them, it’s how you treat them. I have an 8yr “pit bull” who was labeled cage aggressive and sometimes dog aggressive at the humane society I worked at years ago. He was 1 year old when I met him and all it took was a little time to realize he wasn’t aggressive, he was scared and once I built his trust up in people and other dogs, he loves everyone he meets. I found out he had been shot and hated guns, so I guess thats why he didnt trust people at 1st. He has been with me through marriage and now 3 pregnancies. He followed anybody that held my newborns around the house to make sure they were ok. He even sat in front of the door if somebody was walking around our house with a baby. He came running to find me everytime one of the kids were crying and continued running between us until I went to check on that child. He takes turns sleeping with my oldest kids every night and I have caught him curled up with the cat when we return home. He has been an ambassador for the breed in our community and has many Pit bull haters love the breed including my father, who told me “you better not have that dog around my baby” until he met Gremlin. Now he has a big beautiful pitty and loves the breed also. Its b/c of ignorance and misinformation that has lead to the breed being bashed so hard. In the 60′s it was Germen shephards, the 70′s dobermans and rottweilers, from the 80′s on it has unfairly been the pit bull breed. My point being ANY DOG CAN BITE! You need to inform yourself and your family how to properly meet a new dog, they give you signs to let you know how they are feeling and if you are approaching them the wrong way. LONG LIVE THE “PIT BULL”.

  41. Ashleigh says:

    I never jump into group discussions, but I feel a need to on this one. Any dog can become aggressive, abused or not… they can be triggered by things that annoy them just like us humans can. Knowing that pit bulls are extremely strong, and knowing what they are capable of I don’t have much trust having them around my small children. Is that me hating the breed? No. That’s just me having knowledge about dogs in general and knowing how several dogs are both territorial and food aggressive. Im sure if faced with the situation I wouldn’t let my kids too close to Rottweilers, Dobermans, chows, etc. It has nothing to do with hate. I love dogs and before I became a mom I rescued several pitbulls off the street, and only one was aggressive to me and almost took my hand off.

  42. Terry says:

    I have had dogs all my life and after having to put the last one down, my husband and I said we can’t take the heartache anymore of losing them. My son decided to surprise us one dog with a dog, to our surpries she is a Pit Bull. I have loved all my dogs, however this one is something else. I have never had a dog that has so much love to give, it never ends. She’s beautiful, has a personality that I can’t even begin to describe, loves everyone and thinks they should love her back!! So is so gentle with little kids and babies, gets upset when they cry. As fasr as we are concerned there is no other dog like them! It is jut so upsetting to hear people’s remarks and putting them down. The are the best by far, loving, loyal, protective of their family and property plus beautiful and smart!! Every home should have one!!

  43. greaterfiend says:

    As someone who doesn’t even like dogs, I will still call bullshit on what some are saying here about pit bulls. I have personally heard about more attacks by rottweilers and german shepards, in fact I’ve never even heard any cases with pit bulls, and in EVERY one of those cases, the owner of the dog was a MONSTER. I have personally seen a rottweiler that was in this category, who had actually killed several people. He had many scabs and scars, and part of his coat was so scarred the hair would not grow back. He was able to be rehabilitated, and his owner actually went to prison. This was almost 10 years ago, and I believe the guy is still there. Dogs are very loyal, and would do anything for those who treat them right, whether they are the owner or not. You can’t breed for fighting, that’s something you train for. What you can breed for is loyalty. No dog will ever attack anyone without a GOOD reason, usually because they feel their life is threatened. If you beat your dog incessantly, then that feeling will come a lot sooner than if they are treated with kindness and love. As I said before, I am saying this as someone who doesn’t even like dogs. (I don’t hate them either, they just lick me WAY too much, and that’s it.)

  44. yuletonya says:

    I love my pit she is the sweetest pit…pits are what u make them…she only get upset when my man an i of course she get between us an look at my man an bark at him till he shut up..gotta love her she the only one that can shut that man up…lmbo

  45. joshua says:

    Ok for one I have read to much of all of your guys argumenents about this dog if you dont own one and dont know first hand at how they are then be so nice and shut the f up ok all dogs no matter what breed os raised how the owner raises them so if you as re a piece of crap person and you raise yoir dog to fight f9r you because you are to big of a sissy to fight your own battles then do the reat of the nation a davor and get rid of your anamials because a dog will act how his or her owner wanta them to act I have 13 different dogs at my hoiae and they are all great 3 of them have pit bull blood in them and they arnt all wanting to rip somones head off in leas I aay something because they protect there house and there family

  46. Duchess says:

    I have a friend with a pit and he is the most gorgeous big BABY LOL He is strong so when he comes to me I gotta brace myself lol, but all he wants is petting, loving and to show love. GREAT dog! You can tell how a pit is raised by looking at the owner. If they are a puffed up jerk head then I don’t acknowledge but if the owner looks and seems friendly I will look at the dog, acknowledge it and smile. I used to have a doberman growing up (once the feared breed of the day), sweetest thing EVER but she once perceived a threat to my sister and bit a friend. The friend and my sister were playing and going for the same chair, our sweet Abby saw someone going after one her girls so she reacted. It wasn’t vicious and she didn’t tear back and forth, she bit him and when she was called off, she let go and retreated as she saw we were ok. EVERY dog has the protection do humans, but if you treat them with hate they will become hateful.

  47. carre says:

    The pit bull’s ancestors hail from England and were brought to North
    America by English immigrants. These descendants were bred from the
    bulldog, which some breed historians believe originally served as a
    “gripping dog” for hunters of large game. (The term “bulldog” does not
    refer to the American Kennel Club’s English Bulldog. This more recently
    developed breed serves as a loyal companion rather than a working dog.)
    Later, bulldogs were likely used as butcher’s dogs and helped control
    large livestock. Eventually, these dogs were bred to participate in an
    inhumane blood sport called “baiting.” Spectators found it highly
    entertaining to watch bulldogs pitted against bulls, bears and other
    large animals. During these violent events, one or more dogs were
    expected to attack another animal, biting it around the face and head.
    The dogs usually maintained their grip until the animal became exhausted
    from fighting and loss of blood. After animal baiting was banned in the
    early 1800s, people began pitting dogs against each other, and the
    cruel sport of dog fighting was born. As it grew in popularity,
    enthusiasts developed a lighter, more agile dog for the fighting ring.
    Some people bred their bulldogs with black and tan terriers, creating
    dogs who were only 25 to 30 pounds. Others may have simply selected
    smaller bulldogs for breeding purposes. These dogs were the forebears of
    the present-day pit bull.

  48. Chris Taylor says:

    Perfect! Every one of them is true!

  49. pit bullssuck says: Full of facts about pitbulls. Stop sugar coating these killers.

  50. Lori Zurat Wolfe says:

    Actually the pit bull was bred for cattle that’s how it got it name they were trained to steer them in to the pits for the ranchers an if the bulls didn’t follow them they would jump on there backs an bite them in the fat part on the back of the neck. Which is why they have strong jaws and no they don’t lock their jaws either. The real dog that was bred to fight is yhe Chinese shar pei these are fighters but just like the pits have been good family dogs also my sister has 2 shar pei an I have 3 American Stratford terriers hate when their classified as pit bulls or red nose or blue nose there is no such thing as to these that’s just color as we are black an white. As for celebrity terriers there is so many from spuds McKenzie to the rascals to even more. The terrier group is so big from your little jack russells to rat terrier all the wsy to the Stratford an American Stratford so before you judge these dogs look at the pets your around everyday because one might just be a terrier relative. .

  51. Jennifer Kralick Bouchard says:

    They give a “mean” hug too!!

  52. Marcynda Knapp says:

    A Family Pit Bull Viciously Attacked And Mauled My Cat With No Provocation. It Resulted In Him Losing His Life. I Used To Love Pits, Now, I Will Never Allow My Children Near One And I Sure As Hell Won’t Allow One In My Home Again.

  53. Jack says:

    i am a delivery driver. the kind that wears brown and brings your parcels to your front door. i absolutely love dogs, pretty much all breeds but it depends on the dogs personality. while at work i’ve been barked at, and approached by all kinds of dogs. it kinda comes with the territory of the job, i’ve only really been scared and chased out of a yard a couple times, and both times it was a pit bull. i don’t really care about all the arguments about what these dogs were bred for, or that its not the dogs its the owners. blah blah blah, its all somewhat correct anyways. but here’s my take on pits, i like them, a lot. well, most of them, like i said about the personality thing, and quite a few of the pits that i have met are a bit neurotic and unreadable. And all the talk about how loyal and protective pits are is completely true, but that however is also why they can be so dangerous, i mean it makes sense that when someone approaches your house your dog wants to protect it and it’s family, but maybe, and this is just my opinion, they’re a bit overprotective, and over-enthusiastic and that is probably why they’re the leading dogs for bites right now. think about it.

  54. Chihuahuaking says:

    Pit Bull Terrier
    The Pit Bull Terrier was created by breeding Old English Terriers and Old English Bulldogs together to produce a dog that combined the gameness of the terrier with the strength and athleticism of the bulldog.[6] These dogs were bred in England, and arrived in the United States where they became the direct ancestors of the American Pitbull Terrier. In the United Kingdom pit bulls were used in bloodsports such as bull baiting, bear baiting and cock fighting.

  55. Pit fools says:

    Good grief you all are annoying. Want to know the most annoying dog owner? A pit bull dog owner. They feel the need to crusade about telling everyone how great and harmless they are. Personally I don’t care how “harmless” they are, their owners are douche-nozzels. Now THAT’S a stereotype we can all support.

    • Dakota says:

      Don’t you think you’d feel just as strongly as they do if you had something you loved that people were trying to have banned? Maybe you’re just the douche-nozzle…

  56. Jackie Miller Thomas says:

    I had a pit, he was rescued and WAS dangerous at one time. but sent him to school and became the one of the best dogs I ever had and very very protective over me. But because of what happened to him before I got him he didn’t like men all that much. there were a few exceptions. When I was a child my sister and I was bit by a Police German Shepherd. I ended up getting a Shephard several years ago and trained her to be very protective over my daughter. My husband went to spank her on her butt and the shepherd grabbed his arm. Didn’t bite him but grabbed his arm. I will be getting me a Shepherd in the near future. I would get a pit but because of all the regulations and fees I can’t afford it and my homeowners insurance would go up which is totally unfair.

  57. Will Sauls says:

    To be honest they were bread as game dogs. They were use to bait wild bear and boar until game baiting was made illegal. Then they were used as pit dogs because of their determination and high tolerance for pain. It doesn’t help these animals to bicker about what one person did that was wrong. Support the breeds future so it’s grizzly past can die and open way for a brighter future for these dogs.

  58. mike u says:

    I think the breed needs to be phased out. Yes every dog has it in it to freak out and bite people, pits however are just so damn good at it. Brian and Ryan are correct they were bred for fighting, even the good ones normal people have that they claim would never hurt a fly…until they unexpectedly maul a child to death. I feel justified saying they need to be phased out because most pit bulls end up with owners who cant keep them properly and control them and tnat hair trigger gets pulled in their brain and tragedy ensues, and its never the irresponsible owner who gets hurt its always an innocent human. Also a dog kept properly can never be 100% controlled and with pit bulls they were bred to be powerful, dangerous killers its just to big a risk. One more thing if I may, a lot of people claim they were not bred for fighting, but if thats so, why is that their claim to fame? Why do the dog fighters usethem for that? Time to face the truth.

    • Phylicia says:

      Any dog can snap. A German Shepard, a chihuahua..any. Pits just get a bad name because of bad people. I think closed minded people like you should be phased out.

    • Alex Upshaw says:

      You do realize that German shepherds, Chows, and Labs are more known for biting people than Pitbulls? You do also realize that the reason pits have the “fighting claim to fame” is they have a high pain tolerance and bad people exploited that fact? Pitbulls also have a genetic disposition that makes them want to please their owner more than anything. Other than spouting off the same ole mindless dribble that most media brainwashed clowns resort to, do some research and come back when you have actual facts not just hear say.

      The truth is you don’t have an actual opinion on the matter of you own that is based upon knowledge.

  59. kry says:

    They weren’t originally bred for fighting but they were used for bloodsport because they r so loyal to there owners and what people fail to realize is if a fighting pit is aggressive to humans they will actually kill it because it is No good a fighting pit is only aggressive towards other animals or dogs do ur research that is why a fighting pit can be rehebilitated because they r not human aggressive! And in the early 17 -1800s they were called the nanny dog because of the patience they have for people and children and their protective nature and also it isn’t how u raise them it is how u train them but No dog is born aggressive just like No human is born aggressive or a killer! I work in pit bull rescue and I have done my research and know just about all their is to know about them I won’t claim to know it all because No one does!

  60. Cherubella J. Elliott says:

    I own three pitties and every one of these reasons is very true! If you can’t handle or return unconditional love that knows no bounds DON’T own a pit bull

  61. Noel says:

    Our pit was a mix .He was the most loving dog.
    He took a bullet when I was home sick from work .Someome (two men) broke into my home with a shotgun. They came in and my dog bit one of them as they entered and the second guy shot my dog. Although my dog was seriously injured he chased the two out .
    The guys jumped over thr fence to flee.My dog was hurt and couldn’t jump the fence. He tried
    To dig under…I owe my life to him.
    On the softer side. I took care of an infant for a friend who was a single father.
    At night I would have her in the bassinet while I fell asleep on the couch. When the baby would wake up for a bottle My fog would whimper. As I got up to make her bottle my dog got up on the couch and put his paw into the bassinet and licked her till I came back with her bottle. My dog was a loving loyal dog for 15years. RIP BONES

  62. MikeeK says:

    For all you Michael Vick haters, the guy now does admit that what he did was horribly wrong. There is no longer any PR benefit for it but he is still talking to inner city kids about how horrible dog fighting is. The ASCPA thinks his turnaround is legit.

    I wonder if you think there is any possibility for redemption in life for people or just for dogs? Do you really want to live in a world where 10 years later people only ever remember you for one chapter in your life that you now regret?

  63. Robert Amo says:

    Well said :) here’s my baby

  64. Nancy Tobias says:

    11. They will turn on a family that has raised them with kindness, caring and love, when they least expect it!! That’s also a sad fact!

  65. cozmo says:

    Idc what Michael Vick spent in jail or paid for outside of it.. he should not be a aspca rep. ever. any human who thinks its ok to treat any animal this way , is nothing but a sick twisted, f$*&!!!! He’s not sorry. he’s still trying to make $$$ From it….not cool.

  66. Sharon Chaffee says:

    So what have we as human beings learned from all this ‘debating’? Really, the only thing that matters is what is in your heart and how you treat all living things. It’s so easy. Work for the love, not the hate.

  67. ka says:

    I love dogs and I do understand that pitbulls are very loyal family dogs and that they have a bad rap due to shitty owners. However, they are territorial dogs and although they may be great with the family that they are raised around they are not the same way around outsiders. Just because your pitbull is wonderful to your children does not mean that they will be the same with your neighbors kids as with any dog. My neighbor had a black lab that played with the pitbull across the street. Both dogs played with her kids in her yard and got along fine. One day she took her dog over to the neighbors for some reason or other and the pit bull came out onto the porch sniffed her dog and went straight for its throat and killed her dog. These two dogs got along fine until the lab was on the pitbulls territory and then things changed. I dont blame the breed I blame the owners of the dogs for their utter lack of understanding of the temperment of the breed and for being so naive in their thinking that any dog (not just a pit bull) would have the same trust towards outsiders as they do the family they are raised in. Dogs are not people, they don’t rationalize and think. They are animals and operate on instinct. Hound dogs hunt, Terriers kill small vermin, they do what they have been bread to do for centuries and you cant breed the territorial part out of a pit. Pitbulls were bred to protect the family and that is what they do. They will not react the same to others as they do to you. Just because you pitbull and your bulldog get along doesnt mean that you can bring your friends dog over to the house to play. A dog bred to protect does not understand when your friends or their kids come over. Any dog can bite and dogs bite people all of the time the problem is that a bite from a pit is deadly. A bite from a lab might rip your face off but a bite from a pit will rip your head off. The strength of the breed and its jaw power is insane and deadly compared to your average dog. I had a pitbull and it was the sweetest meat head dog ever, and super gentle. She loved cats, kids, my friends dogs, strangers, etc and then another dog got in my yard and she shreaded it. It’s the job of a dog owner to protect their dog from harm and from doing harm. Understand the breed of dog you have and dont set the dog up for failure. Of all the reports of pitbull attacks they are never towards the member of their family they are always attacks on someone else. A dog should never be left alone unsupervised with children anyway. In order to be a good dog owner people need to realize that dogs are not people.

    • Aileen Miles says:

      That could happen with any dog when an outside dog just comes into its territory, especially if its not used to living with other dogs.

      When we adopted our golden/greyhound mix it took several supervised, both dogs on-leash visits to get our hound/boxer mix girl to accept him in her house. And *she* was used to living with other dogs, having been raised in a multi-dog household since she was a puppy.

  68. Drew Stewart says:

    Actually…they were indeed primarily bred for blood sports and pit fighting. Although I agree if raised properly as with any dog breed they are sweet, loyal and loving dogs. Their history is what it is.

  69. Amanda Dixon says:

    If it ain’t pit it ain’t shit so glad more people are finally catching on and BSL will go down if we keep fighting and getting the word out about how pttys really are.

  70. Hannah Case says:

    OMG stop arguing who CARES they are precious, sweet, HIGH energy, cuddle bugs, loyal to the end, and HAVE to lick your face no matter what. WHO cares about the rest stop arguing you all sound like your in a pissing contest, seeing who’s penis is bigger. LMAO grow up!!!

  71. Catherine Jennings says:

    The top 10 reasons are so correct. We have 2 pits, one is 7 and the other 4. The 7 year old will lick you to death and the 4 year old has earned the nickname “Mr Wiggles” because he wiggles so hard. Our first pit was a big baby also, but when he was 5, he was diagnosed with cancer & in 2 months time, he was gone. I LOVE pits and with me being disabled, I still would have them.

  72. steiney says:

    Oh, man! That list really made me smile and giggle, thinking about my little Pitty B. He’s passed now, but he definitely fit all ten points!

  73. ToniaMc says:

    I know, I shouldn’t get into this, but, here’s the truth. All dog breeds have the potential to have a ‘killer’ instinct. I called it seeing red when it happened with our Daisy, who was part pit, but mostly had spent her early years as an outdoor dog. She was generally calm and well behaved, but she was horribly aggressive towards Cocker Spaniels and once she started attacking, could not stop herself. Responsible dog breeders test puppies for this tendency and cull puppies who exhibit it. However, since pit bulls became the breed for dog fighting, they were not culled for this. In addition, like some other breeds, when they became popular a lot of folks who were NOT responsible breeders started breeding pit bulls and didn’t even know to watch for this type of aggressiveness. The result is that, while most pit bulls are very sweet, loving, loyal pets, they do have a higher than average risk of having that killer instinct. We watched Daisy shake my mother’s dog by the neck until she was dead. Like so many other people, we ignored the warning signs of a serious problem until another pet was killed. If you choose to take a pit bull or any dog into your home, you need to learn the warning signs of unrestrainable aggression and always be careful when introducing new people or animals to your dog. Never force contact if the dog or the person seem uncomfortable. It’s also very important that a pit bull live indoors and be included in the daily life of the family. Pits who live indoors are not much more likely to bite than any dog. Most pit bull attacks involve dogs who live outside on a chain or in a kennel. I don’t know why this is, but if you’re looking for an outdoor dog, a pit bull is probably not a good choice.

  74. Jazzi Abear says:

    It’s completely true! I have one, he’s an awesome dog! He has his own couch and his best friend is a Siamese cat!

  75. Jim Discount says:

    I am seriously sick and tired of this propaganda constantly being spouted that Pitbulls are a safe breed and it is always their owners fault when attacks happen.
    Dogs of all breeds, and dispositions attack for seemingly no reason sometimes.

    It just so happens that when a Pitbull attacks is significantly more dangerous and aggressive than a Collie.
    Last year I saw an otherwise calm Golden Labrador bite someone out of the blue, I’ve never seen that dog do that before, he is otherwise a super chill dog.
    Dogs are unpredictable, you can train a pitbull all you want but you can’t say it will “NEVER” attack someone.

    I am not opposed to people owning these dogs, but I think there needs to be a procedure, the person needs to be licensed, there needs to be certified training, and the dog needs to be muzzled in public.

    • eric says:

      You’re talking out of your ass.

      Many dogs can be significantly more dangerous and many pit bulls aren’t nearly the same size and shape as others.

      Your statements are rooted in ignorance, plain and simple. Anyone who knows dogs knows what you said is dumb as hell. I just wish you could comprehend how stupid you are, because you would hide yourself in shame and never post on the internet again.

    • Dakota says:

      That comment was almost as stupid as that mullet. I think you’re the one who needs to be muzzled. Nobody is saying a pit bull will “*NEVER*” attack someone. You even said all dogs are unpredictable. You can train any dog but you can never assure it won’t snap and attack anyone, so should all dog owners be licensed and trained and all dogs be muzzled in public?

  76. Megan says:

    Mine is a.) afraid of the dark so when I take him out at night I have to stay near the house so I can jump up and down like an idiot when the motion sensor light goes off, just to turn it on again – b.) he chases flashlights and laser pointers – and c.) our other dog is the size of a football with legs and they play together all the time.

  77. susan says:

    To be owned by, and to love a pitbull is to be with the BEST canine possible.

  78. Lea Roberts says:

    Mine is the biggest baby shes bigger then my boxer mix and my boxer whoops her all day long. I ask my pit to wake the baby she goes to my daughter an licks her facr til she gets up. The dog cather put my dog back in the yard an guess what with no catch pole. Just dog treats lol its all about how u raise em. Raise em like kids an raise em good an u got great protective loyal to the bone babies.

  79. Amanda Sager says:

    I have a pitbull. He is the best with my children. I couldn’t ask for a better dog.

  80. sara says:

    Excellent description. They will also save your life if your house catches fire. M girls have three. Couldn’t ask for better dogs. They are wonderful.

  81. Kareem J. Lanier says:

    Why are we talking about Mike Vick? Did you know that teenagers are being sold into prostitution in this country? Or that people get beaten and then their video is plastered all over Facebook? Really people.

  82. Cheyenne Sedlacek says:

    I clicked on this thinking I was going to get a bunch of stereotypes, but silly me! I started reading them and everyone of them sounds like my 3 girls.

  83. Jessica says:

    In 2013, the stats for Pit Bulls add up to this- There were 31 fatal attacks on humans in the US in 2013. Of these, 22 are “Pitbull” type dogs. This does equate to about 70%. HOWEVER, of this 22, 12 of these attacks were from dogs that were proven to be Resident dogs, dogs that are chained/tethered in such a way that prevents human contact/socialization, and of those 12 attacks, 7 of these attacks involved multiple dogs. 2 non-resident dog attacks involved multiple dogs. So this leaves us with 8 other attacks. 1 attack listed actually states the victim “died from a heart attack 1 week after the attack”. Slightly ridiculous. So down to 7. 2 other dogs had very serious bite histories on people already, and very clearly should have been put down long ago. Down to 5. 4 out of these were unattended children with dogs, and no one is even sure what happened, they “heard screaming”, or some such. I mean, who does this? leaves Children alone with dogs? That’s a effing golden rule of dog ownership, don’t effing do it! Clearly, we have a serious MORON problem in the US. The last Pit bull attack I have not covered was an 8-yr old Pit that did kill a 2yr old child in front of the babysitter that had shown no history of aggression. That is very sad. There was also an attack by a German Shephard on an adult woman, this dog also had shown no history of aggression. Dogs come with inherent risks underneath. ALL breeds. So do kids. School shootings take a lot more lives every year than pit bulls, yet I don’t hear anyone lobbying to ban children.

  84. Guest says:

    You are all wring they were bred to be hats!!!

  85. Willy Byers says:

    You are all wrong they were bred to be hats ya idiots!!!

  86. King Robert says:

    This goes for about any dog.

  87. Yulia Kachalova says:

    ??????? Such Truth!

  88. Cindy Miears Brookins says:

    I have been raised with pitbulls all my life I love the breed. We use to have a huge problem in town with pit fighting. .but in the last 15 years it has since slowed down almost to none.we still have the ones in town that raise them to be viscous killers.i think they should be arrested for animal cruelty for the way they raised them.Pit bulls are a very loyal breed they will do what they are told.if there praised for being mean then that’s what they will do.If they are loved and praised then they will love you back.I have a 9mth old blue Staffordshire and she is my world and very spoiled and loved.and tho she is protective over me.she is very friendly and loveable. She is also pet friendly I don’t have to musel Her when going on the vet or to her favorite store petsmart. It’s time the discrimination and persecution of the pit bull comes to a end..

  89. David Hardy says:

    Lls yes!

  90. Victoria Bubis says:

    We have a pit bull for years she is our dear doggie girl. Kind,
    attentive, loving and the best friend of my small Granddaughter!!!

  91. Harold Collins says:

    I can’t believe all of the Bull-sh$#@@ comments. The guy messed up, paid his dues, and corrected his behavior. He did do time. He fu%$#ked up. He is human. Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. period…

  92. Deborah Park says:

    The only dog bite i ever got was from a
    golden retriever!

  93. Carolyn D Boutilier says:

    Pitties are my favorite breed. Never met a pittie I didn’t like. Cannot say the same for humans.

  94. Cindy Daugherty says:

    SO will mine, and NEITHER is over 7 lbs

  95. Ike says:

    I have a pit rigback mix and she is the most loyal, smart, and awinspiring dog you will ever meet. I have always loved pits and even after I have been attacked by them 3 time, I am a cop and often they are used to keep us out of places, I still love them whole heartedly :) thank you for this list it made me chuckle

  96. Jim Rogers says:

    All the above is also true for Rottweilers.

  97. Lesa Sherwood Salvador says:

    I am not saying MV is right or wrong.. mostly wrong.. but are any of you fighting this hard against child abusers? or those who kills babies and children and get away with it? Seems were are will to show deep seeded hatred against someone fighting dogs.. but not many are as willing to go help fight for a child caught in a sex ring or being beaten to death and buried in their back yard! What has our country gone too?

  98. Aaron Will Sr. says:

    Explains my Maxie

  99. Jameson Buonvino says:

    Vick WILL get hiz!!

  100. Dale J Whaley says:

    I met this pit bull named Sasha when i was young and im still young but 5 years ago i got my pup ruckus. A red nose. He would never hurt a fly Only a bad guy.

  101. Beth Kielt Mueller says:

    All dogs are born sweet and gentle…most will stay that way. It is all in the way that you train them and love them. The bad rep that many dog breeds get is because many of these types of dogs have been abused or trained to attack. It is all in the way their owner takes care of them. Elbie…they say that German Shepards are the worst dogs know for their biting people….but, if they were raised the right way, they will most likely not bite.

  102. Ruth Andrews-Vreeland says:

    I come from a pit-bull loving family … back a few generations! My great-grandfather owned several of them, and they were all a big pack of goofy, fun-loving, loyal nannies for my sweet Grandma who was born in 1906. NOT ONCE did they ever harm her or anyone else, and she ADORED the breed the rest of her life. Now my husband and I own a sweet, beautiful pit bull named Boaz (who is 90+ lbs.) He is the greatest, most affectionate, gentlest dog I’ve ever known, but then … we treat him with great affection and gentleness! Both of our sons own sweet pits as well. By the way … we live in New Mexico, and the dog with the worst “biting record” in our county is a chihuahua. Go figure!

  103. Tracie Land says:

    Absolutely! I never imagined that I would ever own a pit. My very first dog I had was a pit. I miss my pit Patches. I had her 10yrs. I lost patches a couple years ago, I have her ashes and she goes wherever I go. When I die I have told both my boys patches gets buried with me. It really upsets me when I hear people talk bad about pitfalls. It doesn’t matter what breed of dog you have its all in the raising of the dog. Any dog can turn on an owner and any breed can be mean. It’s not the animal it’s the owner that raises the animal.

  104. Nicole Shouse says:

    I had my baby girl Layla… Got her a 4 weeks.. Just recently had to give her away because we are moving.. My baby girl stole my heart.. I have 3 kids and she was amazing with them. I hate that people stereo type these dogs..

  105. Joyce Burgess says:

    There way of being mean to you is they lick you to death haha

  106. ENK92 says:

    My pit bull Bocephus is 3 years old and he was raised with my daughter who is also 3 years old. He will follow her around the house patiently waiting for her to sit down. After she finally sits he will lay down directly behind her just incase she decides to lay down herself so that she can use him as a pillow. My daughter can pull his face, ears, tail and whatever else she can think of and all he has ever done is lick her. They are my proof to the world that it is all about how you raise them.

  107. Lee Lamberts says:

    ALL dogs are territorial by nature. Even my 8-pound chihuahua would take a nip out of a finger when, for example, I got close to her food dish.

  108. Stephen T Pospichel says:

    Michael Vick should have been banned from sports for life. Look at history, Pete Rose was banned from baseball for life for gambling, where is the justice in this. Any child that looks up to him, I feel sorry for. The man is disgusting and has no right to be a public image for children to see and follow. The NFL should be ashamed for letting him play again. I for one will NOT watch or support any team he plays for.

  109. Karen Lee King says:

    We had a lady in church one time talk them down and call them evil. I tried to tell her differently but she wouldn’t listen. So many people out there that are so misinformed about these beautiful dogs.

  110. Dyann Murphy says:

    When we first got out Pit puppy I was worried about him being aggressive, I looked on line and it said to test them when they are eating, try to take their food away, I got on my knees and he was eating away and I picked up his food bowl, he turned, looked at me, and licked my face. I knew he was a keeper. :)

  111. says:

    i have one that shows up on my porch every morning and whines until i take him and my dog for a walk not mine but belongs to a neighbor who does not walk with him.

  112. Ruth Marie Rice-Janowicz says:

    It seems funny to me that this has turned into a debate about some prick(and that is saying it nicely)that doesn’t even deserve to be talked about. It was about how sweet and loving a pit bull is.

  113. Wyatt Bergeron says:

    What a beautiful sentiment towards one of the worlds NICEST dog breeds!!!

  114. Wyatt Bergeron says:

    If I keep talking about them I will break down and cry and all of you that knew Chevy will know why.

  115. Brittany Fleming says:

    OMg just because we all love pits doesn’t mean we can rewrite history. THese dogs were first used for war and bating bulls!! Get your facts straight!!!!! Only later were they bred for family “use”

  116. Connie Butler says:

    If he would take some of his money and open a rescue just for pitbulls he could probably exonerate himself a small bit. Otherwise he will walk around with that chain around his neck because people don’t buy any sincerity he may show.

  117. Tony Franco says:

    Who cares what he went to jail for, he is still a
    f——g scumbag assmuffin! Anyone that hurts a dog, human, or any living creature should die a horrible painful death! My 2 cents……..
    Peace out

  118. Bethany Cronk says:

    I have a pit/boxer mix and i love her to death and everything on that list is her through and through she is one of the most loving dogs i have ever know and very mild tempered as are most of the pits or boxers i have meet it is people who train them to fight that are the problem not the breed themselves

  119. Tara says:

    My husband and I were some of the people that said, “I will never have a pit bull in my house”. Years later, we decided to foster a litter of puppies and see how my then 6 year old daughter would handle caring for a puppy. We ended up keeping one, my parents adopted one and one went out for adoption that eventually came back to us because the people were idiot losers (sorry, that is what they were). This litter was PitX. Ok, they are not
    full-blooded pits, but you can definitely see the pit in them. I would NOT TRADE THESE DOGS FOR ANYTHING. They are the most awesome dogs, with personalities that abound anything I have ever seen. They are loving, protective, smart and funny. I have friends who cannot believe that we actually have a dog that has pit in it, but all they seem to do is listen to the media and the naysayers. They really are awesome dogs, and I did laugh reading the list above. The muddy paws in bed, and having to wash laundry with them is the story of my life, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything!!!

  120. FukkG oogle says:

    Nothing wrong with pitts that can’t be fixed with a bullet.

    Definitely the breed with the most delusional owners, they were bred to fight and kill… is anyone debating that or disagreeing. Not guard.. but fight.. and kill..

    Now people think they are great pets with small children? Delusional..
    Not every dog should be killed.. just sterilized so the breed no longer exists in 15-20 years. Best course of action.

    • Atheism For Peace says:

      shut the fuck up you ignorant lout.

      • FukkG oogle says:

        I’d prefer not to… people need to be educated and informed of the best course of action to eliminate these dangerous animals from our society :)

        Claiming pitt’s were bred as working dogs, as nanny dogs to take care of kids??
        That’s not wishful thinking or ignorance… that’s malicious , that some fool might believe that.

        All terriers were bred to kill varmint or other animals in general… hardly working dogs.

        Pitts were bred to viciously kill anything they could – in particular other pitts dog fighting for money.

        IMO – that’s what the dogs are meant to do .. it shouldnt be illegal, surprising, or frowned upon to make these dogs kill each other.. so long as we don’t breed more it’s moving in the right direction.. less fighting dogs, less people, and especially children being mauled by these vicious animals.

        • MrBlitz says:

          Hey dude… Hunting, fighting, and killing varmint is work u Moron.. Lol police use Pitts as drug k9s firefighters use them, hunters use them, farmers use them, sounds like they work a lot bro… rather than being ignorant take a history lesson..
          Pit bulls wer bred to fight. Dog fighting was legal and very popular. So they bred a dog that would be able to kill any other breed of dog in the pit. With that being said history teaches us that back then the dog handlers would stay in the pit with the dogs and if ever a dog turned to bit a person that dog was put down and / or never bred with. So ya your rite they were bred to fight . Not attack ppl to fight other dogs when they are told to. Now that that’s ancient history these dogs can be used for hundreds of working dog traits. But saying that pit bulls are working dogs isn’t right it is exactly rite! If u train them they can do anything and they do it 120% and that includes giving love being sweet and protecting my family wile learning every little trick I teach him. 120% Your saying that the best working dog of all time is not a working dog yor foolish.. I take in 4-5 pits a month for rehab / rescue and do you know what I do with the bad apples? Nothing bc there aren’t any.. Your way out of order it goes think then speak. Try that next time

  121. Meggerz Tidwell says:

    I think the hidden reason for banning pit bulls is to slow or put to a stop to the people who do use pit bulls for dog fighting. Think about it, if the poor breed were to be free of any bans, too many “BAD PET OWNERS” would have free reign and miss use the breed. Human kind is to blame for this. Not the dog. Poor babies.. ????

  122. TBird says:

    Yes they will. BUT, always understand they have a uncontrollable urge to put things in their mouths and shake it. They do it naturally. So always keep keen Eyes on them around children please. Ive raised five I do know.

  123. Robert says:

    Hey look, a look of cute things pits do. Hey, did that person just mention Vick?…. ATTACK!!!!!!

  124. Cory 'Bugsy' Goodrich says:

    I find pits have a strange obsession with alternating between intently sniffing and licking people’s ears. I’ve met quite a few pits that had obsessions with ears! It’s…interesting

  125. aj says:

    Like this said never trust a pit bull gosh I hope if I ever get one they don’t steal my spot on the couch

  126. Danielle says:

    I love my pit bulls they are more faithful than any man I have ever been with…

  127. Rachelle Worth says:

    OMG people shut the fuck up…you turned a cute funny joke in to a damn arguement over micheal vick!! Who fuckin cares what he went to jail for…lets all just agree he went to jail!!!

  128. Glenn Owen Green Jr says:

    PLEASE for the love of everything STOP calling them “pitbulls”. They are American Staffordshire Terriers or amstaffs. If we get away from the word pitbull perhaps we can erase the stigma of what is assumed when dealing with the breed.

  129. zeke says:

    Love all dogs but bull mastiffs are my first choice

  130. says:

    My two pittbulls are the best babysitter’s they are gentle and will lick any adult to death if you give them a chance. And keep your spot warm when you go get a beer

  131. Jessica Donovan says:

    I love mine and she is great with kids and everyone she meets. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her.

  132. mattie pagan says:

    I have 3 children. And all 3 of them have pits in their homes. I was frightened at the beginning because of the bad reputation these days have. That is all it is a “bad reputation” . Pits are lovable just like any dog. They are wonderful with kids and family members. Dogs are what you want them to be. Please be good to your dog. They will watch over you no matter how little or big they are.

  133. Glen Rabideau says:

    What would happen if there was a movement started to call them by their actual name; American Staffordshire Terriers.

  134. Blake Pit Harr says:

    You stop profiling my dog as dangerous, then I’ll stop profiling young black men as thugs. Until then I will continue to PROVE every day that my APBT service dog is more respectable and mannered than most of your children. Thank you, good night.

  135. Nick Legitspit Buziak says:

    Never owned one but I want one so bad. I’ve had many friends own Pitts. And I know those dogs would tear up anyone unwanted or breaking an entering. But other than that they’re so relaxed and happy. My one friend also has a 2 year old and her and the Pitt Bull are good friends. That dog is sure damn protective of that baby too, love it. I love strong loyal dogs.

  136. Romeo Cologne says:

    What are all these Michael Vick apologists doing on a website dedicated to the love of Pitbulls? TROLL ALERT!

  137. jana says:

    I was waiting for my bus after work, and a couple of 20 somethings came up to same stop with a baby pit. And they were already teaching it to attack! I was furious. I walked to the next stop because I couldn’t stand what they were doing.

  138. Brian Kelly says:

    The aspca has an official stance that the pit bull is inherently more aggressive than other breeds. The modern pit bull terrier is a direct descendant of the bull baiting dog. There’s imperical evidence that the pure pit is more aggressive and territorial than other breeds. The breed should be unlawful to own. Some counties are considering making it unlawful to own the breed.

    • Brian Kelly says:

      Before you haters crawl out, I love dogs, but how many children need to be bit before something is done. Never hear about a lab biting a child. Yeah yeah yeah. …. But it’s not the dog it’s the dog’s owner. Maybe. Maybe not. But the breed is problematic to communities across the nation.

      • No one says:

        Caesar Milan, the freaking Dog Whisperer, got attacked by a lab. One of the worst dog bites he’s gotten. But the media doesn’t talk about that because labs are supposed to be the ideal family dog. It’s all the owner and how the dogs are brought up. There are plenty of pit bulls and other large bully breeds that are just like the publics view of labs, the perfect family dog, great with kids and not aggressive. But because of the muscle mass and their intimidating look they’re looked down upon and used for horrible things like dog fighting. The breed shouldn’t be banned. The people who contribute to the dog fighting and the negativity towards these dogs should be banned from owning them.

  139. Darryl Catay says:

    Dog Lovers who constantly get on the High and mighty kennel podium and rant and rave about Mike Vic Really need to GET OVER IT ! There are better ways to serve and support Our animals friends and companions .Instead of trolling about Vic, why not donate some time at your favorite rescue ? How about instead of writing about how you ,(unlike Animals) are not capable of forgiveness, foster a dog or cat, and then write about the Positive things that you are doing in this world to make a difference Do this , Instead of complaining about things you have absolutely no control over! Say like Micheal Vick’s conscience or lack there of !

  140. Lauren Riley says:

    Love this – so VERY TRUE traits of this dog. Thank you for posting <3

  141. Maddy Cureton says:

    I smiled the whole time I read this thinking my pit puppy :)

  142. TheDoctor Tardis says:

    This sounds exactly like my lazy turd of pitbull (and I mean that in an endearing term). I couldn’t imagine how life would be without her.

  143. LostinStatic says:

    Much clickbait, such wow.

  144. Rose Marie Burtness says:

    Pitts are amazing

  145. Stephanie Amos says:

    Now it is a felony for animal cruelty. That include dog fighting.

  146. John says:

    There WERE pit bulls in the UK, they were fighting dogs as the name implies. They all are Stafford shire terriers. I have know a number of these dogs and all were excellent affectionate loving animals. I wish people could understand there are people that abuse them and make them into vicious dangerous animals, it is not the dof it is the owner.

  147. Nancy Forrest says:

    I never knew pitbulls were supposed be mean, cause my mom had a sweet little brindle girl and she loved everyone, then I was told they are mean !

  148. John Reed says:

    I LOVE my Pitty!!! Best dogs ever. My opinion on the conversation is this

  149. Tommy mccoy says:

    Any dog can be vicious. It’s all in how u raise it! We use them for hunting wild hogs. They will take a hog down one minute and the next lick ur kid to death. All in how u raise em’.

  150. Jackee says:

    Shit just got real…. Lol ^^^ ????

  151. Julie Neff says:

    AMEN they are the most loving, sweetest, loyal, funny, stinky farty, beautiful furbabies ever. I know I have 2 myself.

  152. Shelley Click says:

    Love my grandpuppy Brin. Trust her with an infant!!

  153. Leroy Alexander says:

    Why al the comments about Vick, he did the time that the system thought he should……we may not agree but Vick did not sentence himself. Blame it on the system that failed……

  154. Robert Woods says:

    Yeah. Pit Bulls are totally harmless. I hear all the time how Cocker Spaniels eat peoples faces off and kill babies and old peoples.

  155. jen says:

    I was attacked by a St Bernard when I was 9, still bear the scars, and to this day can’t trust the breed, I’m still scared to death of them

  156. Melissa H says:

    Bottom line? Michael Vick should have served more time than he did, and shouldn’t have been able to play football ever again. Football was how he could afford to finance the dog fighting ring to begin with. I boycott every football game he is in from airing on my TV, and will NEVER purchase anything with his name on it.

    According to Helele Shepsky, (Below) :

    “Now he has a new sportswear line coming out called “V7″…

    Please boycott the stores who sell this line of clothing”.

  157. Nathan says:

    to all pit bull owners: you own a pit bull and are 100% biased, everyone thinks their dog is the nicest dog in the world too so stop saying that.

    The bottom line is that there are a lot of scum pit bull owners out there, and paired with the fact that pit bulls can be extremely aggressive and vicious dogs, they cause death. Simple as that. They literally maul people, and kill them. I have seen plenty of cases of “he was the nicest dog ever” until BOOM the dog kills a child.
    (I know the dogs that have good owners are mostly good dogs, but not always)

    Conclusion: yes its probably mostly the owners fault, there are a lot of idiot put bull owners. But we can’t disregard the fact that no other dog kills or mauls people like a pit bull does. Other dogs are bad sometimes too, but the pit bull is by far the worst.

    • MrBlitz says:

      Look- do you think the scum bag owners who’s dog kills there kid are going to admit that they are bad owners? NO! So of course every story sounds the same best dog ever till he or she snapped rite?

      My local paper did a story on the last 12 fatal dog attacks in my area and when published all of these articles said pit bull kills person.. But the article they recently published actually got it rite .. They investigated you know like reporters are supposed to do and found out that not one of the dogs out of these 12 were actually pits . They ranged from bull terriers to bull dogs to even mixes with lab in them but the paper called them all pit bulls … Why? For the same reason the media called trayvon Martin and micheal brown Angels.. Bc it sells!! And before you call me racist just know that I’m black lol

    • Cheryl says:

      SMH, they do not “literally cause death”. Ignorance based on media manipulation. Not all dog attacks end in death. That’s such an ignorant statement. And ANY dog can be “vicious” at any given moment. It’s the owners, how they are raised and supervision. Of ANY dog. I have 4 dogs, two pit bull mixes, a rottie mix and a border collie mix. I guarantee that if any of them were to attack it would be my neurotic border collie who has PTSD from a previous trauma. Point is, even if she did attack, she’s got a “reason” as do all dogs, whether you can see or understand the reason. Until you’ve experienced a certain thing, try not to make generalizations like this. It just makes you look stupid.

  158. Queeta says:

    I was bit by a hamster when I was younger. Those “disgusting looking” things should be banned!!!

  159. Devildog says:

    I’ve owned 2 pits and a German Shepard. Never was I once attacked or even bit by one of them. I’ve been chased by more labs and other “docile” breeds then an “aggressive” breed

  160. Jill Caren says:

    Please refrain from using vulgar language and creating personal attacks. This was meant to be a fun and whimsical look at our pit bull friends – not an opportunity to hurt one another. All comments that are filled with cursing or attacks will be deleted. Thank you.

    • m says:

      My brother, about 8, walking home from school, 1960 perhaps, would throw rocks at a fence just to hear the dog bark. One day the German Shepard was out on the lawn. My brother did not provoke the dog that day, but the dog ran after him and bit him in the ass.

      My parents found out about the harassment and told my brother he got what he deserved. Remember 1960ish when parents actually disciplined their children. My brother got a spanking and a consequence.

      Morale of the story. Treat animals with love and respect and that is what you will get back in return, no matter the breed.

  161. Jennifer says:

    Pitt Bulls have a bad rep but it is due to the owners than the dogs. They can be the best pet to the right person. I recently watched the cites Pitt Bull and our dog hated it. The fights between the dogs was scary. Unfortunately I came in to brake it up and got bit in the arm. I will forever have the scars from that event but realize it was my fault and not the dogs. She was the most loving dog.

  162. Meg says:

    Well I would just like to say as someone who has had may types of dogs I will say the pit boxer mix I had was the est dog ever. My brother in law had his face halfway tore off by a GOLDEN LAB! Not to mention I have a scar in the corner of my left eye from being bitten in the face by a GOLDEN LAB! It is all in how u raise the dog that makes them. When I was a baby my dad’s black lab bit me because I got in her food but u never hear about the other types Of dog attacks. It’s sad because of the actions of horrible people that a breed of dog gets a bad rap and the media feeds into it. Smh

  163. Meg says:

    Oh and also when I was a kid a friend of mine jumped a fence and into a back yard an was mauled but 2lab chow mixes so to say that only pits maul and kill people is redicules. You just never hear about other dog attacks because the media vilifies pits just like they tried with rots and dobermans but in all actuality there have been more deaths and maulings by labs and other breeds of dogs but you never hear about them. Do your research! And stop listening to the bias media

  164. Jess Salyer says:

    my twin sister had a pit bull-blue healer mix for over 10 yrs and raised her son and this puppy, Troy right along side each other. BEST damn dog I ever saw!!!! My older brother had a Doberman way back when,, and his own dog turned on him one night when he came home…. When I lived in Wyoming my next door neighbors brought home their newborn daughter and within 2 weeks,, the first time, they said, when the dog was left alone with the baby,, the dog killed her!! They said the dog was jeleous of the attention the baby was getting from his owners!! Do u believe that!! Why do u think police use Dobermans?

  165. MrBlitz says:

    Media and their lazy reporting caused this .. If a reporter shows up to a dog attack and the dog has a big head they write a pit did it .. What’s the difference in hating all black people bc a few of them have committed crimes?? A dog ban would work as well as a gun ban … It would create a black market for these dogs and would get terrible whoever wants to ban a breed of dog is just an idiot

  166. Victoria says:

    MY GOD! This was supposed to be a cute fun post for Pitbull lovers. 1 person obviously bored and uneducated , stumbles across the post and decides to bash ALL and pitbulls, because some ass who wasn’t a responsible DOG owner didn’t control his dog! Out of that comes this crap storm of debates on everything from dachshunds to Vick the sick prick! Justice WAS IN NO WAY served for all the dogs that jerk tortured and murdered…period! I personally follow a number of the pitty survivers from Vicks hell. I see the struggles and health issues they’re enduring and still they are so happy to be loved FINALLY by caring compassionate people who hae took them in and given them safe loving homes. As for the whole dachshund b.s. Google a search for “2 dachshunds kill a 1 month old baby out of JEALOUSY” see what comes up there! I love my pitty. She’s a loving, intelligent girl a good Stewart for her breed. She loves people and other dogs. Plain and simple, she just loves! Dont bash something you don’t know crap about. And a big Thank you to all for ruining a cute post by your arguing and cruel b.s! Peace out!

  167. Lunora says:

    In all of my history with dogs – I’ve had Pit-Bulls, a Rottweiler, Great Danes, Dachshunds, a Terrier Mix, Coton De Tulear and a Bichon Frise/Shih Tzu mix – the only one that bit me was the Zuchon. She drew blood a couple of times.

    The Pit-Bulls and the Rottweiler thought they were lap dogs, and gave ‘kisses’ all the time. Even when playing – when my brothers were wrestling them, they never bit. Hell, my cat scared THEM off of the couch. It’s all about how you raise them.

    If I ever get a Zuchon again, I’ll get it as a puppy, so that I can train the damn thing myself. I’ll never trust ‘training classes’ again…

  168. Wendy says:

    MEAN…I tell ya…Yep…I have a pit bull I found in a box outside walmart in Janurary when he was 3 weeks old…I had to bottle feed him and care for him just like a mama…he’s sooo mean…he has to be sitting on my lap at all times, steals my blankets and SUCKS on them…he follows me around ALL THE DAMN TIME where I’m practically tripping over him, he constantly has to have his head in my lap or my hand has to be touching him cause he LOVES and Craves Affection…he PLAYS with our kitten (friendly) and let’s my little kids lay on him, he’s HORRIBLE because he wants to be soooo close to them when sleeping he’s practically ON TOP of them…an whenever my son has an asthma attack or one of my kids are sick he will SIT BY THEIR BED ALL NIGHT JUST WATCHING THEM…the nerve of this PIT to be soooo loving, such a big baby and a protector…hmmm what was I thinking bringing this spoiled pitbull Jasper home? Oh yea…we loved him, spoiled him and cared for him and he does ALL that in return and more!! You don’t know love and loyalty until you raise a pitbull…they are the BEST dogs to get…he’s like my child…I wouldn’t part with him for ANYTHING!! I Love Him!!

  169. Tommy says:

    Owned 9 pitbulls over my 36 yrs of life. Never bitten, ever. Worked 3 different pitbull rescue shelters and never bitten, ever. Been bitten by Chihauahas, Dashunds and a German shepherd. Never a pit. It’s how they’re raised and treated. Anyone who thinks otherwise is ignorant. I live this life with them and always have.

  170. Evan Soldatelli says:

    “yeahnoIdontthinkso” is a true full blown Ass Clown. Get a Pit and see what true love is all about! What a closed minded DOUCHE!

  171. Evan Soldatelli says:

    Sorry Jill.

  172. Dan says:

    It’s a great list. and pretty funny and true. It’s sad that under the list people have ruined it by saying for terrible the breed is. Any dog can can be aggressive or mal-tempered if put into a situation where they are brought up to be on the feral side. I’ve been bite by more small breed dogs then I ever have with a large breed. I’ve worked at peoples houses on their cars and been bite on the legs by their little dogs that they said “don’t mind them they are sweet”. Yet every pit bull or rottie huskey lab I’ve ran into sweet as could be. The internet and social media has hurt us as society more then helped us. We spread more hate and anger then good things like this funny post.

  173. Brenda says:

    These dogs are like humans. If you raise a child around drugs and abuse, then they will more than likely grow up using drugs and abusing. If you raise them in a loving home then they will more than likely grow up being a loving person. The same goes for these dogs. You raise them right you will have a great companion for the rest of their life. They are loyal and loving.

  174. Gina says:

    We’ve had our blue pit girl since she was 12 weeks old..! She is wonderful with the kids, she loves the babies and wouldn’t let anybody she didn’t know get near one of them.. She is gentle, kind hearted, gets her feelings hurt easy best cuddle buddy best friend, she is a part of our family.. BUT she wasn’t raised to be mean and aggressive and jump on people or other animals, she want raised to fight..! That’s how pits get a realy bad name, it’s the owners teaching the dogs to act this way.. Pits are really loyal and loving babies..!

  175. Naylet says:

    I can’t support nor contradict this article, but I’ve been a dog (and cat) rescuer my entire life. I have had researched about dog breeds to know about their behaviour toward kids, adults and other pets (just to know if I’m safe to leave them share the same space inside and outside home) and I’m really sad to tell you that there are certain sort of dogs I’ll never dare to bring home, just because I can’t/don’t want to take any risks to have an aggressive animal at home. Never heard of anyone killed by a golden retriever, or a border collie for example, but the statistics of fatalities caused by pit bulls talk by itself. I knownit depends of how do you rise them, but there are dogs that by nature are stronger than others and require a bit more of exercise and training which I can’t provide. Pit bulls seem to be the breed more involved in fatalities, so… not offending any of you that have and love this kind of dogs, I will never bring a pit bull home.
    One of my many sources of information:

  176. Colleen says:

    I have a dachshund & a pit bull lab mix & Layla (the pit mix) loves to try & get ginger (dachshund) to play yet she never does. Ginger is more aggressive than Layla & Layla loves kids & playing with new people. Ginger on the other hand hates kids & new people

  177. Quinie Leary says:

    Pit bulls are not even listed among the 10 most aggressive breeds for dogs. That means there are 10 MORE breeds more aggressive than them. Most of them small breeds, with dachshunds and chihuahuas topping the list. Every pit bull (and rottweiler, another commonly discriminated breed) I’ve ever known, as they are several of each in my family and owned among my friends, have been loyal, loving, calm, sweet and wonderful family dogs. I live in a large apartment building that allows dogs, but favors small breeds, and most pet owners who reside here have chihuahuas. All of them I know and deal with on a regular basis are very aggressive and unfriendly, barking wildly and snarling fiercely at anyone who passes or comes near them, and they can not share the outside space with any other people or dogs. The few pit bulls in the building however, are all very calm and friendly and have no issues with other dogs or residents in the building…including the children. We have a rescue dog we adopted from the shelter two years ago…a senior beagle who was SEVERLY abused and she has extreme PTSD. She can not be outside with most other dogs or people when we potty her…and she is TERRIFIED of the chihuahuas and the jack russels who live here. She bolts with fear the second she sees and hears them. However, she tends to be much more stable when the pits are out there because they are quiet and calm and give her space and respect. As do the owners. I love ALL dogs, even the small breeds. I just recognize that a dogs behavior often relies on how it’s raised and conditioned, and when you want to talk about breeds who are prone to hyperactivity and aggression, it falls to the smaller breeds, not the pits. It’s a common and frustrating misconception and I wish people would educate themselves better. Breed discrimination like what the pit bulls face, is no better nor any different than racism.

    • ocia says:

      I am sorry that your beloved dog has PTSD from abusers in her past I deal with the small dogs on a daily basis and I know especially the jack rusells are a very hyper breed from owning one and that the chihuahuas can be very snappy also from owning one and pits usually stay to theirselves unless distracted or approached to play or even by command to stay away from other animals not telling u what to do or anything but have u thought about trying to introduce her to the smaller breeds easily that way maybe over time she won’t be so frightened by them

  178. Mary says:

    My six hit almost every point on the list but maybe 2-3 cause we don’t let them on the bed and they like to bark at visitors it’s only when they go up to the dogs that the slobber fest starts. My momma dog startled my neighbor right after we moved in she got loose and went to help him under the house he just looked up and seen her chain and face after he seen the smile and waging tail he knew she was a big sweety

  179. Kristin says:

    Although I’ve never owned a pit I’ve always known what great dogs they all (all dogs and all breeds truly have the potential to be great). Horrible prejudices about them still exist. We adopted a golden retriever-border collie mix who was a stray in Tijuana. We’ve done a lot of socialization and training with her, but it has been hard for her to trust strangers. Sometimes on-leash she lunges and growls at strangers, but she doesn’t look threatening because she’s 42 lbs, yellow and fluffy and most people just laugh. I always think that we’re lucky she’s not a pit, because then stupid people would be telling us that we have an aggressive dog that needs to be put down. It’s all perception and misplaced fear.

  180. ocia says:

    I agree with it is the owner not the dog it is the owner to I have been around rots all my life my and pits for nearly ten years now and so far I have only seen one attack and it was my daughter because she was in the same room as the dogs puppies thank god ,y daughters uncle seen what was coming and threw my daughter in the air above the bed and got the dog under control yes my daughter had marks on her cheek but she didn’t break the skin my daughter has also been bit in the face by a jack Russell and he did more damage than the pit but the way I feel about it if they would put steeper punishments on the owners maybe we wouldn’t have so many attacks or make it to where everybody with a dog needs to show proof of training through a licensed trainer and for the ones that abuse animals never ever let them have another animal the rest of there life and if they do throw them in the slammer and throw the key away

  181. Rylee says:

    The only dog I’ve ever been bitten by was a beagle/Australian Shepard mix that I had known for 7 years. Neither of those are supposed to be aggressive breeds, but ahe bit half my lip off. And she wasn’t raised in a negative environment, she just has an aggressive side to her. I’m the third person she has bit. I know plenty of pit bulls that are the nicest dogs you’ll ever come across. It doesn’t matter what breed the dog is, and not even necessarily how they were raised/trained. All dogs have a wild side, and can be aggressive.

  182. Jenny says:

    Our bullies KILL! They kill their blankets so we have to keep replacing them, they kill their dog houses so we have to keep replacing them. They kill limbs & fallen branches… absolutely dreadful!!! Love them to no ends. I would most certainly put my 7 month old baby with them than with our shitzu or other small mixed breed. My oldest daughter was attacked by a GS. He tore her up. Thankfully I was able to get to her & get him off of her before he did too much damage. He was actually going after her neck when I got him off. She had meat hanging from her arms & multiple puncture wounds. I cant even remember how many stitches. Even though she is autistic, she still isnt afraid of all dogs, she still trust our bullies.

  183. Dboucher says:

    Pit bulls are not naturally aggressive. They are naturally more extreme though. This means, if they are treated with love, part of the family, they will usually be more lovable than most dogs. If they are treated badly, taught to fight, beaten, etc, they will usually be more aggressive than most dogs. So the pit bull is definitely a dog that will be extremely more of what it is given and taught in life. This isn’t my opinion, it’s a fact that I learned then noticed it was true from my own dogs. This is coming from a person who has a Labby and a pitty in the family.

  184. Miranda says:

    At 7 years old I witnessed my 5 year old brother being attacked by a Chow. Luckily, he only had to get stitches in his upper back and left arm. The dog could have done much worse. Because of that incident, I will never own a chow. But that does not mean I have anything against the breed. I believe that animals are much like humans. Sometimes the way they behave us due to lack of discipline or upbringing on the parents/owner’s part. But in some cases, animals and humans alike, there is no amount of correct raising or training that can be done to change another beings’ physiological wiring. That is why we have people whom were raised “properly” that turn into sadistic maniacs. And also why sometimes an animal can attack for seemingly no reason. Yes, the way you raise your children or dog highly affects how they turn out. But we cannot blame certain breeds or specific people for the actions of a few. I personally love pit bulls. My brother-in-law had had them since him and my sister started dating 14 years ago. My husband has had them and they were all so loving. With people they were very familiar with and those that were strangers. Sometimes things happen that are out of our control no matter the lengths we take to prevent negative outcomes. We need to have a little more love and understanding verses blind hate. Towards each other and our fury friends.

  185. Timmah says:

    Are pitbulls evil? Well, a recent scientific study learned that Adolf Hitler was 1/4 pitbull. You be the judge.

  186. Arianna says:

    My pit bull, Enzo, is a spoiled, whiny, terrified baby. He loves to sleep, he loves to eat, and he loves to lick people. He will bark at EVERYTHING. But that’s just to tell people “I’m here! Give me treats! Pet me! Give me attention! Let me lick your face!” He will piss all over the place when we take him to the vet. He will not go up the stairs by himself because our smaller dog (Yorkie) will guard it. He is the biggest baby I have ever known, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything. I have met one pitbull that I have been wary of, and that’s because my dumb as hell grandma raised it improperly. Not to be a killer, mind you, but it was raised away from people and always caged up and locked outside. Anyway, pitbulls are loving, caring dogs, and they should be treated with a lot more respect and much less stigmata than they are now.

  187. B says:

    I had to beat the hell out of 2 pits that got out of there yard off my bengal cat a few years ago. Cost 1800.00. At the ER vet And still dont mind them.
    bad owners are to blame for all dogs! Been attacked by a few chows before and had to dispatch them. Again bad owners

  188. Cecile says:

    My Ziggy is mixed brindle. He has to bark for me to make the big cat move from the doorway so he can get to his food bowl. When he sleeps on my bed I get the -1/3 that’s left. We have a visiting cat ( my nephew’s) in my room right now that is a biter and scratcher so the dog is using the futon for his bed. We had another one that got cancer and had to be put to sleep a couple years ago. She was very mellow until the last month of her life when she killed one of the cats. I think it was from the cancer affecting her.

  189. Brittany says:

    I absolutely live dogs and ive been around all different kinds from chihuahuas to great danes. And pit bulls are by far my most favorite breed. They are so beautiful and loving. I finally got my first pit bull puppy a month ago and I couldn’t be more excited!! My mom has had a fear of big dogs since she was a child but put bulls are the only large breed of dog she could tolerate to be around. They are strong and comforting and every item on that list is more than accurate lol

  190. James says:

    I had a blue nose bully for 2 years.she was the sweetest dog I have ever owned. The only reason I had to give her away was because I lived in town and she didn’t get along with other dogs. She slept with me at the end of my bed and barked at anyone who would come near me that she didnt know. But once she got to know you she loved everyone. I miss her very much.

  191. Rayetta says:

    I hate to hear about wounds and injuries. If you have a car wreck, are all cars bad?.. And if you are the only one involved….who is to blame? Do we destroy all cars because of all the motor vehicle accidents? People are imperfect…And dogs are animals..that are loyal and respond to the way people treat them. Destroying all because of a few, that is a judgement process that has regressed.

  192. Bobby says:

    There are bad dogs and bad owners from all breeds and levels of society. Around small children, no dog should be fully trusted. To do so is saying that the dog is worth more than the child’s safety or possibly even life. All dogs should be loved until they show themselves as unworthy. As humans, we should be dog smart, not dog loyal.

  193. Bobby says:

    I have had dogs as pets all my life. I have also had 4 dogs as dog guides. These guides have been breed, raised and trained for the job. Even after 70K worth of the above, even after loving and learning to trust, one must at all times remember that a dog is still a dog and that the dog and the setting and situation should be analyzed on a consistant basis. Any breed can be a good pet, while all is right. The problem is when something goes wrong, then a larger more powerful dog is simply going to be able to cause more damage.

  194. Rich says:

    I had a pit bull for 10 years. She was the best and brightest dog I have ever had trained. She would not let another man in my house unless I was home. She would not let any unknown person in my yard unless I was home. She did not attack any living being unless told to do so. She almost died saving my daughter from a venomous snake. In the end, the lawn mowing crew let her out and chased her through our neighborhood. Another family found her and fell in love, so I visit often.

  195. shannon says:

    I was attacked by a pit bull when I was maybe 11 and almost had my lip ripped off. I’ve been around countless pits since Then and have NEVER had a bad experience like that one. I truly believe some dogs are just born aggressive. But it’s not fair to bully a whole breed because some dogs act out. Idc what anyone says. Pit bulls are very loving. Every breed has bad seeds. Just like people.

  196. Mary says:

    My sister has a Pitbull-lab mix and she is such a big baby! Still a puppy and a little play aggressive but that is it! She doesn’t bite or anything like that but doesn’t realize her own strength. Such a sweet heart though, I love dogs and was raised around them and the only dog I was ever afraid of biting me was a golden retriever. Not my friends Rotweiler or Pitbull, not a Black or chocolate, cocker spaniel, German shepard but a golden retriever! It is not the breed, although some have more tendencies to become aggressive but definitely the training. Cats are like that too, an owner has to take care of the animal and recognize some need more work and attention than others. They are like children and need to learn! (: Don’t take on an animal you cannot handle! Wouldn’t buy a horse if you couldn’t care for it so don’t buy a dog if you cannot!

  197. Alice says:

    I’m a 50 year old grandmother who always had a huge fear of pit bulls because of publicized stories and the stigma that was forced upon them. Since then I started liking them when my ddaughter got one …. I was terrified at first for my 2 year old granddaughter but when I saw the gentleness and loyalty of these dogs I was amazed. I now have one in my home and I would trust him alone with any child more than I would some humans. When I get home from work every night he wraps his paws around my neck and licks my face with such love and gratitude that I tear up every time. One New Years Eve someone shot a gun outside and his first instinct was to run where my granddaughter was sleeping and straddle over her on guard to protect her. It was that moment that I completely went from a hater to a lover….. Not to mention how carefully he plays with my little cockapoo…. If you give them love and affection it’s guaranteed you will get it back 10 fold.

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